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  1. Climber with cscs required for the week starting the 30th sept must have cscs and mewp ticket pollarding row of populars and other works on commercial site also will lead to Future works in berkshire please call 01189070454 or message and call 07826422707
  2. Looking to add to the team a tree climber or temp groundi need must have cscs card drop me a call or txt 07826422707 bennettstreecare.co.uk
  3. and unimog cherry picker would be handy if you have it
  4. hi guys do anyone have a rams template i can use for the avant loader and tracked p38 stump grinder so i can add to my rams paper works cheers in advance cheers paul
  5. See on woodland trust says it’s a shrub and on the rhs site says a shrub but can be a tree
  6. I see holly as a shrub not a tree now council have put tpo on holly in woods can this be done can I prove holly is a shrub what is your evidence to prove tried to do a poll but won’t let me
  7. Hi I would like to find out a woodland is covered by a tpo what can be down to manage it or remove these larch trees 30% mainly all leaning and falling over all over the place the soil/organic matter level has raised so much that trees have fallen over around 2ft diameter and the the ground level has raised so much over the yrs that you can’t see a fallen trees completely covered it’s not been managed for over 50 yrs tpo was put on in 1988 being the tree tree roots are so low in the ground would the tree root protection still count ? As I would like to get a avant in there and start clearing the bramble etc and remove fallen trees ? what grounds could I tell the la the trees need to be removed as they are really crappy larch and small spindley birch Further down the hill is chestnut and beech that do look ok any help or plans to manage the woods etc Why do the larch keep falling is it because the soil/ organic matter level is so high is so soft that you can dig a 2ft hole with a set of fencing spoons in three scoops ??
  8. hi does anyone know the going rate for getting a hedge 500m run transplanted and replanted within a few meters
  9. Old pole saw clutch broken and needed one brought new 103 now seams longer but the shaft is not round and square ish take it Stihl dont want us to put the hedge cutter on it what can be done what have others adapted or are the new hedge cutters square and heads will fit ??
  10. Anyone on here do or know of who has one have a large area with small trees and bramble needs clearing 07826422707
  11. There not big stunps was willow hedges/ shrubs lots of small ones all about 1-2 inch two area unlevel ground best of with a small tracked grinder need doing sooner then later Message me for pics
  12. Tree climber to start soon as min 1yrs experice must be hard worker keen to learn team player friendy attude good rates of pay for right Candidate there can be weekends if wanted holiday pay new kit supplied please send over your details cheers paul
  13. Thank you for the reply guys throws a spanner in the works have you a idea the time scale to one granted
  14. Hi the father in laws own a few acres of land and 25-30 yrs ago planted Norway spruce trees about 4000 to sell in the end we have about 1500 50ft trees do we require a license to fell a large section of about 300 of these also is this Timber any good what perpose can it be sold for?


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