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  1. Briggs Spring & Cap Missing?

    Thanks very much Barrie - & thanks for confirmation re: part numbers - great vid too - cheers all - much appreciated. Tried a more modern carb but aluminium breather tube was too long- reluctant to take a hacksaw to the old girl
  2. Briggs Spring & Cap Missing?

    Engine type 92902
  3. Briggs Spring & Cap Missing?

    Old red briggs 3 hp vertical with metal carb and autochoke diaphragm is running erratically. Is this carb missing a spring and cap to fit in that hole? Are they 692206 & 690766? Thanks.
  4. B&S classic 35

    I don't know - it's how sit on mowers work and self propelled mowers drive via geared pulleys - not sure how much side loading is involved? One thing - the engine is designed to be used with crankshaft vertical. Question - is there enough mass in that small engine flywheel - not sure if the weight of the blade is factored into the design??? I guess the tension on the belt is the critical factor.
  5. Seized Muffler Briggs

    Yep numbers on SIDE of cowl - talk about short sighted. Put a decent welding rod in - not the leftovers from the Aldi welder pack - and hey presto - bob's your off exhaust. Cheers Barrie
  6. B&S classic 35

    It's a little brake shoe that spring engages / disengages with the edge of the flywheel - The mechanism includes the kill wire / switch too (from memory).
  7. Seized Muffler Briggs

    Great, thanks Barrie
  8. Seized Muffler Briggs

    Ancient Hayterette with Briggs. Everything has needed fixing. To get to valves needed to remove exhaust.Seized.Tried welding the lock nut on, just keeps spinning even after weld - not sure if it's a crap weld or odd metal. Any tips for getting it out from here? Also the head gasket was gone can someone tell me the engine series? Red 3.5 hp on hayterette - points / condenser age. No numbers on the recoil cowl. Thank you folks.
  9. Show us your website!

    Hi Ronald - impressive kit. 3 main things: The site is not written by a native English speaker so it's losing a lot of potential persuasive impact There are just too many words - it needs thinning / editing throughout - stuf like 'H... assures the highest quality, the best results' is filler - it falls into the category of 'I should hope so' - if I have to read too much of that sort of stuff I may just give up You're slightly overdoing the 'we' throughout the site - get the focus back to 'you' (your customer's problems) Hope that helps
  10. Show us your website!

    Hi. I would've thought the keyword stuffing in your Stockport site was actively working against you. Google penalise stuffed content & reduce ranking because it makes a bad user experience. I'd get it focused back on people (who make buying decisions). https://support.google.com/webmasters/answer/66358?hl=en Hope that helps.
  11. Ryobi Lawnmowers??

    Sorted - gut being followed - I'll go for something with a briggs - thanks very much chaps. Much appreciated.
  12. Ryobi Lawnmowers??

    Under pressure to find a second hand mower for mother in law - Ryobi OHV has popped up - my gut says no as I'm likely to be maintaining it - any advice?
  13. Satellite broadband

    Satellite is no good if you do any biz over Skype. Sent from my SM-N9005 using Arbtalk mobile app
  14. FS55 New Coil Backfiring through Carb

    Thanks Eric, Harry & Spud - good stuff - was asking this for my mate (although I would've bought the ebay special too) good to know - much appreciated.
  15. FS55 Strimmer 2006 Backfire through carb Replaced a 4140 400 1303a coil with a 4140 400 1308 from ebay which allegedly replaces it. Great spark with plug outside cylinder but only backfires once through carb when rebuilt properly and won't run. Is that a faulty coil?


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