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  1. Nasty, I once ripped the pad of my left thumb open with my Zubat. I wasn't even climbing, just wanted to show my hand saw to a friend of mine. The saw was new so still a bit sticky in the sheath, it wouldn't come out so I grabbed the sheath above the lip and pulled out the saw and sliced myself open with it. Five stiches, nerve damage and serious embarrassment! Not one of my finest moments.
  2. thetoolnut


    I'm looking for some climbing work in Norway, Sweden or Finland in September.
  3. thetoolnut

    Working Holiday

    I'm thinking of travelling to Finland, Sweden or Norway in September for a two Week working holiday. Yes I know! a working holiday is a contradiction I'm willing to climb or work on the ground for food and accommodation, thanks.
  4. thetoolnut

    572 users - experience

    Any timeline on the 562xp mark two Dave??
  5. thetoolnut

    Climbing helmets

    I was referring to the top and side impact ratings being compatible with groundwork and climbing on the Protos.
  6. thetoolnut

    Climbing helmets

    I have three helmets, i'm happy enough! [emoji16] As far as I'm aware and I could be wrong but the Pfanner Protos is the only Arb helmet rated for climbing and groundwork.
  7. thetoolnut

    Anchor system

    Pulley saver all the way!
  8. thetoolnut

    New harness time

    I'll be getting a M.B next Month, I'll post a quick review after a few climbs in it.
  9. thetoolnut

    Andrew Cervino Quick Step boots?

    The Andrews are the tits!
  10. thetoolnut

    New 2019 Sequoia harness

    I've been looking at it as well, looks like the waist and leg loop buckles have been improved. Also I see that the lower dees are bigger and more user friendly.
  11. thetoolnut

    Felling spikes

    Outstanding, thanks.
  12. thetoolnut

    Felling spikes

    I tried forestandarb, couldn't find it. Any chance you could post a link? Thanks.
  13. thetoolnut

    MS 660

    Sound Dave, I'll pop the fuel line back in and see.
  14. thetoolnut

    Felling spikes

    Outstanding, thanks, [emoji106]
  15. thetoolnut

    MS 660

    Interesting, thanks,


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