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  1. good on you agrimog,for touching on how it really was,and is,the english have been thrown out of 99% of the colonies,now its our turn.this country, Scotland, has been brainwashed for far too long by the regime in london.India had the right answer to being suppressed for years.
  2. customer pulled it off,then called HSE.ha
  3. hi iwanp,give kim sparks a phone at danequip,they have kwikchip now,i have the 160,albeit i am waiting on spares from kim just now,but they are great for advice,and the pdf workshop manual etc,tel07733004710,or kim@danequip.co hope u get it sorted out mate.
  4. i see where your coming from now,that is really nice.regards struie.
  5. hello lazarus,why do u take the bark off the hazel shanks,do they look better,imake the walking stick too.cheers struie.
  6. struie

    New Addition

    well i had a mix of labs n springers,just loved watching them work,especially on grouse,you can see everything thats going on.i was very lucky with the keepering ,at 15 landed a job as kennel boy under a gentleman as my headkeeper,who has sadly passed.this was on monteviot estates,after around 4 yrs was given one of the home beats which their were two.i worked directly under the supervision of the second keeper jake,who sadly has also passed,after another year or so was moved out to one of the outer beats with a syndacate, but a couple of years later started getting itchy feet and joined up,to see a bit of the world,hmm canny say i was that impressed.lol.
  7. struie

    New Addition

    ps,sula is out with me on every job since she was 7weeks,lies their well out the way watching every cut,or should i say supervising.haha.
  8. struie

    New Addition

    as an x keeper 5 shires will be very keen to keep up with your shooting days albeit a bit in the future,but also with the wee fellas training,been thinking about a cocker for a wee while now,have a yellow lab,and she is brilliant,6yrs old now,a good all rounder, had english springers before,had to tie up a leg on the shooting days though.lol.
  9. struie

    New Addition

    keep us updated on his,and your progress,he looks a wee cracker.
  10. work jackets n a good pocket knife to me seems an endless search for perfection,oh i,and the ultimate all round waterproof boot, back o the hillux has quite a selection of jackets n boots,but hey ho the hunt goes on.lol.
  11. they recalled the 2016 model,i think,mine is one,they recommend checking the screw before,during,and after the climb.find out from your mate where he bought it,they should be able to advise n supply parts,or get in touch with art,mine came from clarks near dumfries and had to wait months for it due to a recall round that time,by the way just recently got the new zigzag, far superior n smoother,not so bulky.
  12. community service??no way, i enjoyed my 6months on it,
  13. could go on n on about who is not too clever to work for, i have found females too can be irksome?
  14. i stopped doing work for indians,very unreliable.


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