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  1. struie


    Hmmm mabey think about renting a Panda for a few days from Edinburgh zoo,cheers forestgough never thought about that.
  2. struie

    Making the news today....

  3. struie


    not to many pandas round peebles Dan, haha.cheers mate.
  4. struie

    Chainsaw boots n trousers needed

    ken what they say about foresters wi wee feet, wee socks.
  5. struie

    What's the best old 4 x 4 ?

    hopefully me to stubby.ha.
  6. struie


    Thanks nepia,first time i have had to deal with it, its only small,but was a bit anxious for the blades, Kwikchip 160.and for round the young apple n pear.thanks for your reply mate.
  7. struie


    Anybody chipped Bamboo,or used the chips round young fruit trees. cheers struie.
  8. struie

    Advice - Leylandii

    i have hand winched the tops, and sections of THE WEED OF THE WOODS out,bloody bitch of a :tree:
  9. struie

    Down scaling

    dont think she would see them.
  10. struie

    Week end climbers

    any in Scotland?
  11. struie

    The Wee Chipper Club

    got the hopper on mine to the blacksmiths to get it wider and deeper,used to drive me nuts getting the sprouters in to chip.
  12. struie

    occupational health of arb

    100 per cent agree with you on on the migrant issue jack.
  13. Hi Steve, you could try the otters or badgers angle,up near glasgow rolls royce were trying for new test beds,but it got knocked back,i think it was for otters in residence,but i know for a fact their was a badger set in the vicinity,dont know how that would go in your area regarding the badger murders with TB outbreaks down south.
  14. struie

    Leyladii cut down

    gallon o petrol,n a match.
  15. struie

    The BIG C .

    so sorry to hear that mate


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