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  1. struie

    Buying a new Sawhorse

    hi logs,looks the very same as the forestmaster,which i have,the f/m i think is a bit cheaper, only one thing with the f/m is its abit low for me,at 5ft 10in. i put a couple of height extensions on the cross bars at the bottom to bring it up,around 10in or so.after that no probs with the old back.regards struie
  2. struie


    she certainly has gone downhill since those days spud,maybe too much partying,haha.
  3. struie

    Bad tree work

    baldy beech perhaps,ha.
  4. struie

    Peeling and pointing on site

    doing a bit of fencing just now andy,domestic,well, dont get me started on stabs and boards,they can be a bloody disgrace,not blaming t/p i think its the mills these days,as fast as they can ship posts etc out,spend ages eyeballing them for a straight one,so i think you may b on a winner mate.best of luck with it,my dad n i had a good wee buisness with larch posts for the private mines, mind you that was years ago.each one was inspected before purchase,you didnt get away wi shoddy shit back then.good luck n long may u prosper.
  5. struie

    squashed chainsaw,husqy 357xpg.

    well he comes back next week,will b putting these points across,rather firmly,me n that old saw been through a few trees together. thanks again guys.
  6. struie

    how to deal with an employee

    not these days mate.
  7. struie

    Builder Cuts Down oldest Red wood

    by the watsits,then stand back n throw dog sh;; at him.twat.
  8. struie

    squashed chainsaw,husqy 357xpg.

    ouch,that would break my heart,again.
  9. struie

    squashed chainsaw,husqy 357xpg.

    thanks for all the feedback troops,i seen the one on ebay, the perp is in ireland just now,so,will speak to him next week.will keep u all updated on outcume , stay safe,and thanks again to all.regards.
  10. bit of a dilemma here guys. was on a job last week with a digger op,bringing down a sitka,and small birch.anyway the sitka came in at around 3ton or so,down it came,no probs,untill the digger op said he did not have his saw with him,he asked to borrow one of mine, the wee bell started ringing, as i had to climb n reduce the birch,leaning over a 6foot fence,i let him use the saw,the last thing i said was not to cut the bottom limbs supporting the sitka,i would get them when i came down to fell the birch.anyway he trapped the saw under the sitka,well it is now u/s,squashed,knackered.do i take payment of the saw when new,700 pound ten years or so ago when i bought it,or settle for a second hand replacement which i dont really think i want to.would appreciate advice here.regards struie.
  11. struie

    how to deal with an employee

    and tell him to keep on pedaling.
  12. reference previous posts on the free wood,was having a laugh, ok
  13. i right stubby lad, Its free wood.??????? aint it.
  14. hi steve,used hydro hotel tip site yesterday,had phoned jason,head gardener,no probs at all tipping a couple ton sitka.easy access.  not sure how to get your pint to you mate,paypal shut down just now,they were trying to hack in to the account the other day,sister in spain at the moment,its her account,will sort u out when she comes back.all the best mate,stay safe. regards struie.

    1. Steve Bullman

      Steve Bullman

      Hi mate, good to hear it was useful for you! If you could leave a review on their listing that would be awesome, cheers 

    2. struie


      ok mate,no probs.

  15. struie

    Chainsaw refresher, a scam?

    we will be refreshing the driving test next, mind you some of the driving standards these days leave a lot to be desired.


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