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  1. That sounds like what I’m after. Any pictures?
  2. Sadly I don’t have a log burner. I want to make a cupboard in the garage but unsure in what type of heater to use.
  3. Evening, has anyone built a drying cupboard for wet/dirty gear? What sort of heaters have you used and are happy leaving them unattended overnight? The Mrs patients is starting to wear thin with trousers in the hall way in the rad. Thanks
  4. Morning all, Thanks for the comments. I have ordered enough to replace all of them when they arrive but was after one to get me out of trouble until the arrive. I have looked at L&S already. i think I’ve managed to track one down now. Thanks Mike
  5. Good morning, I am after a clutch spring for my 562. Everyone I have contacted is on back order with no idea as to when they’ll be in. Has anyone got a spare or a broken saw with one on? It’s the newer spring (no2 on diagram) part no 502 16 47 01. Mann thanks Mike
  6. Hello all, I am new to splicing and would like a book or books with the common splices in. I would also like a book with a guide to whipping. Any recommendations? I have completed my first splice just need to know how to whip. Any info or links much appreciated.
  7. The switch may have failed? We had the same problem with ours at work.
  8. Great more winds! Got back from Scotland last night helping out SSE. Absolute carnage! Suppose best get ready again!
  9. Medicated shampoo such as head and shoulders works well.
  10. Have a look at the Treeflex harness. I'm 6'3 and nearly 19st and find it very confortable, but I dont climb every day.
  11. I was told you layer it. I do a layer of corned beef then sliced potatos (boiled before layering) then a layer of onion do this a couple of times . Finish with potato on top and cover in cheese then pour some beef gravy all over. In the oven for 20 mins job done!
  12. Haha yea very odd mix. The mum was the jack russel. He should turn out ok hsw not looking to wierd YET!
  13. Mr Murphy Moose! 16 week old Labrador x Jack Russel.


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