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  1. thetoolnut

    660 oiler

    I gave it a blast of compressed air when it started acting up on me, the gear moves freely as well. I'll strip it down and give it a clean when I get a chance, ????
  2. thetoolnut

    660 oiler

    An update on my oiler issue, I purchased a H.O oiler on Ebay from America. I fitted it and test fired the 660, oiling perfectly, ?? Obviously the original oiler was faulty. I'll hang onto it and strip it down when I get time. If I can get it working it would do on a smaller bar. Thanks lads, ???
  3. Try to talk the client into removing them and planting something nice instead. Failing that get a hoist if there's access. Failing that you could use a SRS system with a big shot to get your line in. Use a B.A and then you'd don't have to climb up thought the dirty bastards. A ladder is an option but it would need to be tied off to the tree and you'd need to be tied in twice as per industry best practice. Add an extra 20% to the price because what ever way you look at it Lelandi are feckin horrible, ????????
  4. Thanks, I'll try to get another picture.
  5. Thanks, I'll try to get another picture.
  6. Outstanding, apologies for the picture quality.
  7. This might be a better picture, ??
  8. Another one for you gents, Thanks, ????
  9. Afternoon gentleman, anyone know what this is? Thanks, ????
  10. That's the job, like I always say 'house's are for women, a man needs a workshop with a bed, toilet, shower, wood stove and a small kitchen'. ?????
  11. Indeed, the older 261's were notorious for it. Dry needle bearings apparently, according to my local Stihl dealer they should be greased at the end of every Day. Easier with the out board clutch's on the 550/560/562. I grease all my needle bearings at the end of every job.
  12. Ah good man, plenty of time for rec climbing now so there is, ? Sycamore is nice to climb especially when it's mature. It's a great time for experimentation with new systems. She'll be glad of the heat from that timber if we get a cold snap. I'd be handing her the maul and I'd be telling her to get cracking with the splitting, ?????
  13. thetoolnut

    660 oiler

    Thanks, top man, ?
  14. Any idea why they go lads? Dry needle bearing maybe?? Or are they just weak on the 562, ?
  15. thetoolnut

    660 oiler

    Indeed, anyone who has a newish 390/395/3120 has the last of them.
  16. thetoolnut

    660 oiler

    That's a nice saw I'd say, I've used a 395 in the past. A bit of a pig in my opinion, it lacks the graceful lines of the 390 and 660/661. Function or form?? Both are equally important in my book.
  17. thetoolnut

    660 oiler

    Did you ever hear of a pin on a 660 oiler that if modified can increase the flow Spud?? ?
  18. thetoolnut

    660 oiler

    I turned my 660 on it's side, clutch cover facing up with the bar on my right. I turned the adjustment screw all the way to the right (clockwise). Going by your picture above that should be fully open. The Stihl oil pump adjustment screws seem to be counter intuitive. One would assume turning the screw hard right would be closing off the flow. I prefer the oiler adjustment on my 372, I give it three or four turns anti-clockwise and it oils a 24" Oregon powermatch with full skip chain no problem. Far be it from me to be throwing petrol on the whole Stihl v Husky debate! ??
  19. thetoolnut

    660 oiler

    Yup, I remember reading about that somewhere. It might have been the Arboristsite.com.
  20. thetoolnut

    660 oiler

    A modded 390 would be nice! I'm expecting Husky to come out with a 590 and a 595 shortly.
  21. I climb mostly MRS with the older Z.Z and a H.C setup. That said I have an SRS setup that I use to access larger conifers and some broad leaves for pruning jobs. I use a B.A with a running Bowline with a yosimite tie off coupled with a R.W setup. I agree with your caution re: the B.A. I wouldn't use it on a rigging job for example. It's hard to beat SRS for access and then switching over to MRS to work the tree.
  22. Not bad now, thanks, ? How are you keeping? The new Z.Z with the Chicane looks the tits, apart from it looking a bit clunky. Haven't had a chance to use one yet, another shiney bit of kit for my list! ???
  23. Petal have a new Z.Z out which is compatible with MRS and SRS. There's a review of it in Arbclimber issue sixteen.
  24. Yup, ? I have my eyes on the 3001 with the winch, ? Those porta wraps are old hat, just like those double locking snaps the yanks use on Lanyard's, ?


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