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  1. Same as Stihl then- oh well - it must be catching
  2. Didn't mean to upset- forget it and my apologies. My comments on meglomania still stand. If you ever watched Rome on TV you'll empathise. It's political.
  3. Steve. You run a great website and I applaud your charitable giving efforts. But, it was obvious to all that you sided with stihls position and that was against your members interests. I can't say it any other way- we all need a check now and then:001_rolleyes:
  4. will all those who stood by stihl in their decision now stand up and say sorry. It was the policy of a meglomaniac. Glad they got taught a lesson. We've spent £4.99 on stihl products since the embargo. About £3000 in the 6 months up to it.
  5. They taste like well.... sex:thumbup1: hence the high price It's OK it's paleo
  6. I wonder who challenged them- obviously not the dealers
  7. break down your bill- most companies don't care how you itemise so put £100 labour, £350 materials Pay 20% on the labour and either set it against PAYE or reclaim at the end of the year on your tax form. Somehow, I think you will be paying tax this year especially if it carries on like this.
  8. Is it only Huskies that do this? Someone I work with had this issue and the dealer said the mix was too oily even though we use measuring squirters. Seized up couldn't fix. Scrap
  9. What do you think about doing it on a mountain bike (1980's marin) on road? I've been asked if I want to team up with a born again biker I'm fine on the flat but hate hills/ headwinds. Perhaps I just need to get fitter

    <p>Hi John</p>

    <p>thanks for the offer but my Yard is full</p>

    <p>and ive been just putting my conifer on the bonfire (The softwood is taking to much needed room)</p>

    <p>Thanks for asking ,all the best Dave</p>

    <p>ill ask about see if i can find someone, is it cos your over Dover way?<img src="<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/thumbup.gif.b5b8dbbabb9f02d00f8994927509a585.gif" alt=":thumbup:" /></p>



    <p>Hi </p>

    <p>Rich was saying you did a lot of logs and we don't other than selling truck loads of unprocessed stuff.</p>

    <p>We've got a couple of loads of conifer that as you know puts people off. It's yours FOC if you have any use of it. We'll even drop it off.</p>

    <p>Let me know </p>



  12. Rich- I'm sure you read or know my situation. Trust the health professionals and massive recent improvements in treatment will get you through. Coupled with a positive attitude I'm sure. I'll be in touch. Talking to others who have been through it really does help.
  13. we;ve probably all done 'reductions' we wouldn't have been proud of and sometimes it's the only way. I'm sure you are chuffed to have climbed that tree and been able to reach all the branches. Sometimes you are continuing someone elses work and sometimes you are at the mercy of cyclical maintenance or customer specifications. but it looks awful 2 years down the line. Not at all like a free growing tree. Best to take the advice given on here - it will make you a better arborist. Have a chat with your boss/ read some books on the subject and read through this forum and you'll start to understand. Plus I won't have to drive round all winter cringing at 1 year regrowth on basin cut trees.


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