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  1. deesideforester

    Arial rescue help

    Yes I have climbed a few trees with a work mate who is qualified so hopefully it will help me on course.
  2. deesideforester

    Arial rescue help

    It could be not too sure I can go onto do the cutting part next if I pass the assessment.
  3. deesideforester

    Arial rescue help

    I Can do all those knots just need too practice them.
  4. deesideforester

    Arial rescue help

    Not at the moment been using a mates to see if it was somthing I was capable of but hiring from trainer
  5. deesideforester

    Arial rescue help

    Hi I will be doing a tree rescue course shortly i have limited experience and was wondering if there is anything I could or should practice before hand to make it less daunting.
  6. deesideforester

    Pickup storage solutions

    It's looks like a great bit of kit and I am thinking it is worth the extra cash.
  7. deesideforester

    Pickup storage solutions

    Did you make this our buy it ready made. I am thinking along these lines but trying to work out the best way to store saw and fuel that's easy to get at like a section at the front that can be reached by opening the side doors of the canopy.
  8. deesideforester

    Pickup storage solutions

    How has everyone kitted out the back of there pickups to take there kit,so it's easy to get to.Lets see some pics factory made as well as home made
  9. deesideforester

    Views on pickups

    Thanks for your thoughts it will be a new set up I am after. I have an Ifor Williams hard top on my Rover but find it did not keep dust and road spray out on forest tracks and all the kit gets filthy .So don't think I will go that route again.
  10. deesideforester

    Views on pickups

    At the moment the hilux is what I am thinking of going for with a hard top with side Windows and roof bars for strimmers and pole saws as the back is shorter than the long wheel base land over I have now.did you buy yours with the hard top.
  11. deesideforester

    Views on pickups

    What pickups are people on here running and what do you all think of them.Also any views on available hardtops are the side doors and roof bars worth getting.I look forward to hearing your views.
  12. deesideforester

    Kindling price

    Looking to sell its the bigger nets we use not sure of the size at the moment I was thinking between £5 and £7 a bag what do you think.
  13. deesideforester

    Kindling price

    How much are loose bags of kindling selling for.
  14. deesideforester

    esse 990ch multifuel range

    Hi folks I have just ordered one of these after running a bosky 90 for the last 20+ years, it heated the house and domestic hot water and was not the cleanest range cooker so we are changing to an Esse. what I would like to know is how many radiators your esse 990ch is heating is it more than they say or less.
  15. <p>Hi am very interested I have all felling tickets and both wind blow with tractor trailer tickets. I was working at cragside felling some of the largest trees in the uk. Hope to hear for you soon my email is <a href="mailto:" rel="">jghately@gmail.com</a> Thanks john</p>


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