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  1. Anyone using or used in the past the drawer storage systems or sliding floors for hilux pick up I would love some feedback on what is better drawers or sliding floor.i have looked at two checker plate drawer system and the decked drawer system from truckman
  2. Hi anyone out there have these storage drawers in there truck any thoughts.
  3. I am sure it was bad technique I was pushing myself up using just my leg big mistake on my part.
  4. Hi I bought myself a foot ascender to go with my zigzag and after a days use started getting knee pain anyone else had the same problem.
  5. Thanks it looks the dogs bollocks compared to the other fiberglass and Ifor Williams crap that's on the market.
  6. That's what Iam looking for just watched the you tube vid looks great did your dealer supply it or did you source it yourself.
  7. Thanks for your imput are those aluminium I was looking for them but could not find them
  8. Hi has anyone got a ridgeback hard top comercial for there truck the one with the side doors or something similar. I would like to here your views on it good and bad and any others of that style thanks. its going onto a Toyota Hilux and I am hoping to put roof bars onto it thanks.
  9. How strong are the fibreglass hard tops on Toyota's and other trucks I have been told they crack and work loose on rough tracks.Has anyone had that problem or is it just scare mongering.
  10. Yes I have climbed a few trees with a work mate who is qualified so hopefully it will help me on course.
  11. It could be not too sure I can go onto do the cutting part next if I pass the assessment.
  12. I Can do all those knots just need too practice them.
  13. Not at the moment been using a mates to see if it was somthing I was capable of but hiring from trainer
  14. Hi I will be doing a tree rescue course shortly i have limited experience and was wondering if there is anything I could or should practice before hand to make it less daunting.


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