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  1. I Bought a weibang pro roller 56 in August 2017 it did the beginning of last summer ok. I notice when new it was great at wet collection but it's not so good recently and I clean the collector bag from time to time. At the end middle of last summer I took it to local dealer for service to keep with up warranty conditions and they had it for three weeks in June. In September the drive belts were messing about. All though they did not look worn they kept slipping the drive felt lazy under load it would stop. So I orderd new belts this did not help a thing. There is also a roll pin on the drive sprocket for the roller this snapped a few times to. Easy fix if you have a roll pin to hand but a pain in the bum. The bearings in roller had worn out by this time so I took it back to dealer. They did under warranty however I only picked it up last Week The 15th of February. I used it today and it was messing around on with the drive slipping. I know it has a larger split roller, longer warranty, gets more work done & maybe slightly better finish than Honda roller but after having a bad experience I would rather a Honda or Honda style Machine because they are simple and less is best & while webianngs on the ramps Honda is running lawns. Wonder if you guys have had any bad experiences with bang bangs ?
  2. Hi I have had the stihl HSA 86 for about 14 months. Usability is great cuts as thick as petrol does a lovely clean cut on most types of hedges easy to use battery lasts long when machine new I prefer than petrol well for the first 12 months anyway. My major dislike is after a short time its on its way out. The advantage a petrol has Is durability. All petrol hedge cutters I have used have a gasket for the gear box so dirt does not enter the can & gearbox. However stihl have not botherd with this one so it wears out far quicker making petrol a better choice. In use it wears the battery down quicker overheats and discharges batteries very quickly. I do not want to buy another one for this reason. Do you boys have any advice or experience with this machine? Maybe I could change the parts but think they would be too expensive. I like the look of echo as they have a 2 year comercial warranty however only make one battery hedge cutter. Maybe back to petrol lol.
  3. I have owned both. If your just moving tools a van is probaly better. If your dealing with cuttings and bulky materials fencing or lose soil etc. You simply cant beat a pick up. Tool security I made a 2 meter wide box that you can hide a strimmer and long reach hedge cutter in mowers ride on back I only like Transit single cab size. A hilux type is way to small for me. Trailers are a pain in the arse for me cause i have a lincence that only allows 750kg single wheel trailer and there hard to park. Advantages of pick up. Cuttings do not stink in open air Skys the limit Easy to clean lose soil off. Load lose material with machine bucket. no container rain just natural rain lol. nice working height. very robust you can hit a gate post unlike a box van theres no crease down steel panel. ladders & long posts esier to load I have one roof bar on cab then bar on top of dropside body. no side door 3 dropsides so access all round body remains tidy as you get to sort through tools every morning and evening as I secure tools in lock up at night. easier to wash and polish than van as only have wings, doors bonnet to worry about. Also no large roof to wash which I struggled with on van My one turns in to flat bed as you can take dropside posts and dropsids off. I move a large shed like this. Sign writing completed by cargo on display ( mowrs look good on back) cab warms up & cools down quicker no rattly bulk head my old van grass cuttings cam past bulk head and messed up cab. Only as high as low roof model helps on low barriers and trees bashing roof a problem with old high top van. And still more space on pick up. Dissadvantages Tools have to be regularly moved on and off out of site of theifs. shopping gets wet as dog eats it if placed in cab lol sing writing not as bold. As you can see I love my dropside pick up it really works for me. I am. not sure its for every one but after years of van ownership and now owning a pick up for over a year I just love it never would consider a van again unless i was a different trade like a plumber or carapenter. All time i am working outside a pick up does it dor me. Yes tools you have to keep a sharp eye on but never had any trouble however you cant be too careful.
  4. I think the Weibang looks really good its nice to see a competertor in the roller mower market. I currently run a kubota 21" Roller its a good machine however the roller / gearbox system is a weakness. I can apriciate they wear out but to charge around a 3rd of the price of a new mower is unfair. I have been through some roller bearings too. I am typing this on a xaomi ( Chinese smart phone) and its brilliant. The carburettor on my German Stihl tools says Zama made in China. As long as the parts are cheap and readily available i think they will be great. I am looking at buying the Weibang dedicated mulcher the kawasaki motor is ment to be good and has a large tank so you just keep walking from dusk till dawn.
  5. its holding throttle open and pulling many times. I also left compresion tester for 10 minutes to see if it would hold presure and it did. I also use the compresion tester on a bunch of engines allways seems acruate. Is this engine end of the road or could I get piston & rings at senciable cost & run again?
  6. Had this machine since November 2014 so its 22 months old. I love the high power, light weight & useability but its a bitch to start & will not hold revs. Compresion test said 60 psi. I took the barrel & piston off and its clean with no obvios wear. I run good green stihl oil through it. I just expect it to last longer the unit is still in very good condition. It has been used almost every working day but its only 22 months old. Any one else had poor show from new Stihls?
  7. The Kubota Roller I use for premium mowing on lawns close to the house. Far out paddock areas & rough rutty paddocks where roller can not do it & etesia does it well but is just a little slow as 460mm blade feels small. I am so pleased with the mulching abilty of the etesia I wonder if the Stiga 53 was as good & faster as 70mm wider. I have used the Honda versa mow it was good in bone dry late summer grass however the etesia made it look terrible & the heavy twin blade system sapped power. The over alternative is a ride on but there expensive, pain to load, thirsty & maintenance hungry. I also considerd toro turfmaster but heard there only good in bone dry too. Damp & duey etesia still cuts the mustard but in wet you can forget mulching the grass becomes to heavy & does not flow round the mulching system plus sticks like glue to everything.
  8. I have two mowers this year Etesia pro 46 & Kubota 21 Roller. Both are great. The Etesia mulching realy impressed me so good at mulching and everthing else. I have some big lawns that are too rutty for roller & to big for the 460mm cutting width of Etesia. I was considering a fast 4 wheel mower to clear thtough ground where finish is not esential. Also I hate stopping to empty grass box every couple of minutes & just want to keep going. I realy want the big 53 Etesia mulcher but its to expensive for my mowing budget this year. I was looking at either a Stiga pro multiclip 53 or Husqvarna Biocut 53. The viking I have heard sucks. I thought I would post on here to here word on the street.
  9. Iam looking to replace my Honda 537 its very tired & as a domestic Honda machine performance is way off what it was out the factory. Its not a bad mower been very reliable I think the (versa mow) twin blade mulch lets it down it saps to much power & terrible in the wet. Mulching is poor too. Its very good on all terian & collection is good in the dry & leaves a nice finish. I think the gcv 190 is just a bored out 160 & its a bit rough use alot of fuel too. I would not have another as its not lasted & its not consitant enough in all conditions. Iam going to get a etesia pro 46 soon great on small lawns great pick up in wet & dry & durable. I also used a viking 248 not realy upto the hours i use it for its to be expected at £250 new. I was pleasntly supriesd how much quicker a smaller mower is on a smaller lawn. I need a larger 21 inch say for bigger ground. Iam a bit confused about the market. The best one is the honda hrh 536 very expensive however.
  10. Just after a mower that can cover ground fast & process material fast, long thick grass & gives a nice reasonable finnish on large low grass areas. I dont want a ride on as i think there alot of messing around for my jobs. 2 acres is biggest I do. The Turf or Time master looks impressive. I have never found mulch/collect/side discharge mowers to be consistant more a poor jack of all lawns. But 30 inch deck walk behind with simple economical 180cc engine sounds good. I would like to here of peoples exeperince with them and find out if there up to the job.
  11. I could not afford a tipper unfortantatly I wish I had a tipper. I am guessing it was only loaded around 500kg so twin wheel axel is probaly not needed. Regards crew cab I think there good if you need to run 4-6 boys around most of time its just me. I personaly think crew cabs are big clumsy things with small load beds this model if transit is a MWB so its great for turning in tight spots & remains a large load area. Also crew cabs are a broken window away from your tools might as well be in the open air. It was me & my mate who loaded the truck we teamed up that day to clear bank of brambles, budlier's hollies, ash trees ect. My first large scale clearing job with dropside & I could not be more happy ( unless a tipper ). I also think the brambles, prycanthia & dead srubs would hard to put through a chipper. I just took this load to compost site emptied by hand there was alot of vegatation there : )
  12. For this reason a pick up is far better for me. Using a van I would have to chop it up small & place in builders bags I would have taken ages & ages. I guess tools are better locked in a van every other reason a pick ups better. Easier to load, turn on drives, cab is completly seald from cargo, materials you just chuck on. No doors to get blowen around in wind. Better for country lane driving my old van eiuld get scatched to bits from over hanging hedges. Roofs lower, ladders much easier to load. Lots more space the skies the limit, well power cables & bridges i guess is limit lol. No container rain either. I would only use a van if I was taken tools to & from site & no materials. Fencing or tree cuttings & vegatation pick up all the way.
  13. Myne was second hand so maybe it had a hard life. I remember chainging the belt. I am not sure if I did it right but I remember having to take engine out. There was lots of plastic guards in the way around chute area that wanted removing. Also I rember having to take weight of engine while holding the plastic guards & metal bracket all in line this took ages to locate you needed to be an octupuss. Iam sure a pro machinary mechanic could do alot beter than me very difficult for an experinced D.I.Y. like myself. In machinary i find simplicity the key to sucsess I guess the Americans or Germans dissagreed. I deffently found changing the gearbox on a Kubota/Honda easier just not cheaper in parts.
  14. I had a John deere for a while. It was the 21 inch roller R534KB somthing like that. It had the kawasiki engine I forgot to mention this one. I cant think of one good point. It was long & heavy. Throttle cable kept faling outa of location? Vario drive was awful full power it was to fast & low power you had to push it. Blade was very heavy motor was no more powerfull than hayter 56. I did not keep it long as I hit a scalfold clamp on customers lawn this bent the crank shaft & game over. I cant be sure as could not conduct a fair test but I would guess hayter or honda would survive such a event. I would not be looking for another Johny Queer!


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