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  1. Whilst watching the new groundsman rake 'look at e, scratching around like a f***ing chicken" "Under every pony tale lies an arse hole" I'm sure there is more, we used to have a right laugh il remember them later on.
  2. Battery saws, well battery equipment in general. Saw, hedge trimmer, pole saw and blower etc, some days we dont use any petrol tools.
  3. That's my mates old machine. Nothing wrong with it he just upgraded to a big tp chipper. It will be a lovely machine for someone.
  4. 2 years or so I guess. Only because I find they go abit 'wire like' after a while. I do abuse mine though, pull over poles and lower off it often. I've never retired a rope because I've been worried about it failing, ropes are stupid strong, never gonna fail with me bouncing on the end of it.
  5. Hey guys sorry for the delay. All fixed, it was a worn ignition, as the chipper bounced about abit as the no stress kicked in and out it was enough to vibrate the key to off. Thanks for your help
  6. Mine never ran right from the day I bought it. Multiple trips back to the dealer then they kept hold of it for ages and delivered it back the day the warranty expired! Still wouldnt run, ended up chucking it to the back of the shed and buying a husky.
  7. It'll rev up normally and chip fine for abit then cuts out. My first thought was fuel but the fact it re-starts on the key and runs fine for abit confused me. Thanks
  8. My timberwolf 230 starts up and runs fine for about a minute and will then cut out. It'll start straight up again when I turn the key but then do the same. Over and over again. I haven't had a proper look yet but just wondered if anyone else has had similar trouble. Thanks.
  9. Yh sorry I realise that. Saws in the yard, I can look in the morning but was putting an order together tonight. Cheers anyway
  10. Just ordering up some chains but can't remember for the life of me what I need on my 395 with 36inch bar (see pic) As it's not a standard size it doesn't show up on the trusty f r jones guide chart. Anyone else run the same and remember the number of drive links? Cheers
  11. Would anyone be interested in these? Oak mainly I believe. Located in Somerset
  12. Cullumpton only 15mins away from me. Will bare you in mind! P.S - The mole valley farmers in cullumpton do the best roast pork roll 👍


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