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  1. budget tipper advice needed.

    Iv got an 03 plate transit arb tipper in yard with mot on it it's a bit tatty but ready for work £1200 Essex
  2. Jap 4x4 Trucks - Dyna,Canter, Atlas etc

    Are there any ex army trucks available in NZ might be worth a look, I Spose it would be agg bringing a motor over from Oz The Oz army run heavy duty landrover defenders some are 6x6
  3. Jap 4x4 Trucks - Dyna,Canter, Atlas etc

    In NZ it's got to be crusier or patrol surly ?
  4. Transport a tow behind chipper on tipper trailer

    That's not a problem, just put a 12v winch on trailer and carry a scaffold board same length as your ramps ( for jockey wheel ) to make loading easy
  5. Tipper that tow 3.5t

    Your right trailers need to be loaded right and towed at right hight, but most people ant got a clue but pull it off if using a heavy vehicle Put a donut in a pick up with an Ifor, there's your ideal combo for crash
  6. Tipper that tow 3.5t

    I wouldn't recommend using a pick up truck as a heavy towing vehicle there too light on rear end and normally end up facing the wrong way on the motorway when they failed to power out of a snake Of course you can load the bed with waight to help stop that happening but then you look like a tug
  7. Tipper that tow 3.5t

    100% agree, Iveco Daily will pull heavy loads with ease all day everyday
  8. Using personal truck for work...What's a fair price?

    Swings & Roundabouts I'm in Essex & working on LUL so can be as little as 60 miles or sometimes 120 But Iv also got 3 guys in the van at a fiver a night 😏
  9. Bobcat vs small loaders

    Bobcat, mustang, CAT, jcb there all reasonable pricked skidsteer 2nd hand and attachment fit all from a few houndred quid I like the look of the jcb robot as it's got a side door
  10. Using personal truck for work...What's a fair price?

    I get £40 a day for Peugeot partner van and I average 100 miles a day It adds up to a nice few quid at end of the month How meany miles are you doing ? Is it worth it for say 15 miles !! I'd hit them with £50 a day for a 4x4 & towing Like said diesel is one thing but services tyres repairs mileage all takes it toll
  11. I would of thought any chipper that goes on an 8x4 plant trailer will go in your box trailer with the spout off There only about 4&half foot tall
  12. Bobcat vs small loaders

    His drove in a hole ??? Next time it's wet I'll Video my bobcat crusin tro mud no problem Have you actually got or operated one ??? Pound for pound you won't beat a bobcat / skidsteer Iv operated the twist steer machines and there pretty impressive good but in my eyes look a bit toy town and I don't like perching on top but feel safe tucked inside a skidsteer The op can afford to buy a bobcat out right and the attachments are very cheep and available for bobcats
  13. Bobcat vs small loaders

    Iv only got normal tyres on my bobcat it flys tro mud might need a few shunts every now n then but I'm impressed with it in the mud Also front wheelie,s avoid damage to grass and saves the tyres on concrete
  14. Bobcat vs small loaders

    In the summer I can't say Iv noticed any damage to grass with bobcats, i recon most machines will damage grass in winter/wet etc I only tend to take mine to site if it's a clearance or loads of gear to move about most domestic jobs loaders are over kill I Spose at the end of the day it's down to money and if you've got the work for it to earn it's keep
  15. Bobcat vs small loaders

    Iv got a bobcat it's main job is in the yard but it does go out to jobs it's got pallet forks, 4 in 1 bucket, muck grab, aurgur, it's about 2 tonne easy to move about Wouldn't be without it


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