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  1. Joel77

    Anyone bothered with 4x4 double cab tipper?

    Only 4x4 tipper that would fit everyone in and still do a days work is a landrover Defender 110 or 130 or ditch the 4x4 and get a transit or iveco crew cab tipper can’t see any jap crew cabs being of any use as a tipper the body would be tiny and the over hanging would look like a pull
  2. Joel77

    I want a Landy Tipper (Am I insane?)

    You’ll need to buy a HCPU then if your not able to build / convert a body yourself then find a firm that can its as long as it is short, obviously building your own body lets you chose the design & spec you could also streacth the chassis from 110 to 130 or even 140 etc this is is the good thing about defenders, you can modify them 😉
  3. Joel77

    I want a Landy Tipper (Am I insane?)

    I run a couple of defenders ( cherry picker & HCPU tipper ) I wouldn’t say there unreliable in fact I’d say there totally reliable ( simple ) there not the most comfortable vehicle but there not ment to be, there a ruff rugged work horse I will say a 30 mile journey feels like 300 and I wouldn’t replace my iveco daily with one but there ideal to run along side it diesel wise there ok Do you need one or want one ? I do jobs where only a 4x4 is needed but 90% of my work is normal trucks good image and customers seem to like them mine have winches and insa turbo special track tyres so when off road they don’t get embarrassed
  4. Joel77

    Oak mantle prices

    Between £25 / £50 from a local oak frame house builder or like said railway sleepers
  5. Joel77

    Loading big wood..Domestic arb..

    I use a transit tipper with a tail lift & iveco daily hook loader, just drop bin off and the boys can roll big rings straight in to it both trucks work well, obviously if there’s access the bobcat or Digger would be used Next tool on the list is hiab with a grab
  6. I work nights on the railway, we use head torches, the best ones we’ve found so far are Hope R8 hope are like snap on they fix them free if they brake
  7. Joel77

    Stihl MSA 160T Top Handled Arborist Chainsaw

    I’ve been using battery saw for a wile now battery is fine and lasts ages don’t forget if you up a tree for an hour you might only use 20 min of trigger time
  8. Joel77

    Little helpers

    My boys come on jobs with me especially if there's any machine work, one of boys is mustard on diggers & bobcats but there all very capable really
  9. Joel77

    What type of MEWP and why?

    Iv got a defender it does most of what I need it to do I love the speed of the set up easy to use and move about can tow a trailer or chipper etc a firm i contract for had a tracked mewp on a trailer personally I didn't like it towing on trailer set up takes longer the mewp i want next is nisssn cabstar I love the height & out reach and at a good price 2nd hand
  10. Joel77

    How often do you use a mewp?

    I own my mewp and use it often and wouldn't be without it, speeds up jobs and I do get other work for it
  11. Joel77

    budget tipper advice needed.

    Iv got an 03 plate transit arb tipper in yard with mot on it it's a bit tatty but ready for work £1200 Essex
  12. Joel77

    Jap 4x4 Trucks - Dyna,Canter, Atlas etc

    Are there any ex army trucks available in NZ might be worth a look, I Spose it would be agg bringing a motor over from Oz The Oz army run heavy duty landrover defenders some are 6x6
  13. Joel77

    Jap 4x4 Trucks - Dyna,Canter, Atlas etc

    In NZ it's got to be crusier or patrol surly ?
  14. Joel77

    Transport a tow behind chipper on tipper trailer

    That's not a problem, just put a 12v winch on trailer and carry a scaffold board same length as your ramps ( for jockey wheel ) to make loading easy
  15. Joel77

    Tipper that tow 3.5t

    Your right trailers need to be loaded right and towed at right hight, but most people ant got a clue but pull it off if using a heavy vehicle Put a donut in a pick up with an Ifor, there's your ideal combo for crash


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