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something I’ve noticed on my recent travels is the amount of people sleeping rough, especially in bigger towns and cities, then yesterday I was listening to an article on the wireless about the government wanting to fine people for sleeping on the streets (I’m fairly sure most people don’t choose to live outside in the pissing rain?). We’ve a massive housing crisis, blame it on government, migrants or whatever ya want, I just think fining people who are on the bones of their arse is a bit strong, not that the fine would be paid! Your thoughts?

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8 minutes ago, Mick Dempsey said:

I notice more and more rough sleepers every time I come back. 

Stacks of them when I visited a mate in Chester, loads when I went to see our kid in Stoke. Less than 10% of the Uk is built on yet we have a housing crisis. Where does it end, people living longer, immigrants, and ‘we’ are miles off building enough houses? 

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They don’t all appear appear to be homeless out there, some are professional beggars, a group living in flats were being dropped off in the morning by taxi, some have props such as sleeping bags and I know of one that keeps a suitcase and sleeping bag out of site behind a wall when not in use and tents not in use for long periods of time, there is a housing shortage for sure with house building not being kept up with growth in population. Some are unfortunately trapped in poverty for various reasons and I can’t see that changing any time soon. 

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Population increase but also...


The large number of second homes etc increases each yr


Also there are  less council houses available  every yr,  right to buy etc...



Homelessness increases....



Where will it end no idea but maybe gradually get more like USA where they have huge homeless shanty towns in some places.


No UK politcal party seem willing  to tackle the issue.



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1 hour ago, Mark Bolam said:

We need less people not more houses.


Building on arable or pasture?

How’s that going to work out in the future?


It’s not rocket chemistry.

No, not building on arable or pasture, there is absolutely no need for that. There is plenty of buildings that stand empty that could be redeveloped and plenty of land that’s pretty much useless to landowners that could be repurposed.

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