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  2. kav

    Today's milling

    Yeah i was well chuffed, she is building her portfolio and wants to do as much varied stuff as possible. Had a great day milling and by the time i had dinner the video arrived👍
  3. PeteB

    Greenmech 16-28 to hire

    I cannot think of one on a hire fleet to be honest. Neil Holding in Cornwall has one and he could chip for you? I'll see if I can find a number for him later and pm you.
  4. David Cropper

    In Desperate times...My Silky saves the day!

    Certainly seems to be a good bloke. Bring him back.
  5. Stubby

    In Desperate times...My Silky saves the day!

    He is a kind person that's for sure .
  6. David Cropper

    In Desperate times...My Silky saves the day!

    I for one would love to see Jon return. First time I read one of his postings, I was completely lost. After getting used to his style, I enjoyed his views. Seems to not have a nasty bone in his body, something sadly lacking on Arbtalk recently.
  7. lux

    Any engine dead stump grinders out there?

    Not engine dead but there is a cheap dosko for sale in Thursley. I think someone has cleaned up all the old 1st call trees kit and is selling it. It’s on Facebook marketplace. I take it danequip can’t help with a used part either ?
  8. Conor Wright

    MS661c for milling?

    Been milling with a 660 on a 42 inch bar for a good few years now. It does the job but its stressful on the saw. I'd go 880 if the option presented itself.
  9. Rough Hewn

    Today's milling

    That's a great video Kav. [emoji106][emoji106][emoji106]
  10. Big J

    Game of Thrones - spoilers alert

    Well that was a bit underwhelming...... 😕
  11. Dan Maynard

    squirrel attack

    The other part, last year's removal of dead material doesn't sound like it would make any difference at all, it's when you remove live material and hence reduce leaf area of the tree it matters, which is what the squirrels have done. A vigorous sycamore would just sprout back from 15% reduction anyway.
  12. Today
  13. timbernut

    squirrel attack

    Squirrels can definately kill a tree live had a couple of 8” dbh hornbeams completely bark stripped by them, apparently this is done, mostly, by juveniles in the spring. Don’t really know about sycamore though except we found some with little rings of bite marks around diameter of them on the trunks and presumed it was the grey devils. Also sycamore well in leaf around here.
  14. Mick Dempsey

    Last years drought and damage to mature trees.

    I’m in the UK obvs, but the beech for instance, is it a garden tree in that it’s sitting in a lawn? I can imagine a woodland beech rooted in shade would suffer less from drought than one in the middle of a lawn. Just musing.
  15. kav

    Today's milling

    A friend of mine came to site Saturday and made the cool video for me!!https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1qHB9e7rccaer0u0WeBHKUYFOE41sByvv?usp=sharing
  16. kav

    Saw milling directory

    Yep all done👍
  17. Yesterday
  18. Sambo

    who uses the Haas Velox ?

    Which foot is the Velox designed to go on? What do people find most convenient/effective?
  19. silky fox

    In Desperate times...My Silky saves the day!

    What you need now Jon is to create one thread where you can post anything you like and just add to it.It allows everyone to share Arbtalk and keeps other threads on track.It,s simple and keeps it personal to you.Ok?
  20. So I've got a few bits of kit here I'm looking to shift! All nearly brand new - came from my first venture into SRT but now I've ordered some different gear. If anyone's interested message me and make me an offer! I was thinking somewhere about £20 for each ascender but the other stuff?... well enough to cover postage plus a beer maybe would be great! Many thanks From Sam!
  21. gobbypunk

    My first mallet

    Hi how much for a 8x5 square of it please Thanks Mark
  22. One of our mature Beech trees in the garden shed its leaves by August last year and is very short of foliage this year. We’ve also lost a large Rowan and I’m thinking another Beech is on the way out. England was as dry as us in parts of Scotland but I’ve not heard of many tree losses on Arbtalk. Am I mistaken?
  23. Sambo

    who uses the Haas Velox ?

    Works really nicely below DRT too - just twice the peddling!
  24. diggaboy

    Win a year's supply of Aspen fuel at the Arb Show 2019

    ...still holding it apparently!
  25. david wood

    Whats the weather like near you?

    hey jon welcome back! yeah cold up in aberdeenshire too, stove on all day yesterday
  26. billpierce

    MS661c for milling?

    If you have the option of an 880 for milling, I'd use that everytime. I have used my 660 for milling once since I got one. I run an 084 and an 880 double ender on the mill no probs. I think your new 880 and old one will be totally fine and miles better than a 88 and 661
  27. Alycidon

    Cordwood Wanted Buckinhamshire

    Welcome to the forum. Questions, How are you going to cut it down to a usable size ?, do you have access to a processor and tractor or are you planning to cut it up using a chainsaw and splitting axe ?. If so by the time you do that it would probably be better to pay someone a bit of profit and have it delivered either fresh cut and needing seasoning or ready to use. There is not a lot of money in firewood believe me. Doing things that way you get to keep all your fingers etc. Think about it, if an Arb guy is taking a tree down there is a whole queue of people wanting the timber especially if its decent quality. The home owner, next door, his mate or kids. Its not that often that tree surgeons have timber to take away these days although when they do its usually a lot. A A
  28. Dan Maynard

    Sachs Dolmar 133 Bar Help

    Believe Martin near us fitted a Stihl bar to his big Dolmar but he has a mill to do the slots.
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