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Making the news today....

Mick Dempsey

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Seems like confirmation that our worst fears about govt corruption are true, not theoretical by any measure.


911 truthers were right.


The whole PNAC crowd belongs in jail.


America's about to elect another PNAC true believer, whether Trump or Hillary wins, the PNAC course will be scrupulously adhered to.


Leaves me feeling like a cornered rat with teeth bared.


Chilcot n 911, a catalytic catharsis, overflowing the dam's of denial.



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You should watch Newswatch on Saturday morning on the BBC.

They explain and are often brought to task about scheduling and priorities.

There's plenty of other news agencies Al Jazeera and Russia Today on your tv and on the Internet for example who will give you a different slant on events.

Just saying "we get fed what the Man wants" is nonsense.


Understood, that's why I referenced the phrase masses of asses.

easy-lift guy

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I like to read the news ordinarily. not as easy to spin it to you when you're reading about events..


And if I take an interest in a news item, I'll really get stuck into the subject..

I mean it might be that I need some ammunition to argue on the subject an I don't want to be making a fool of myself by talking on a subject I know nothing about...


Take this Turkish coup, I wanted it to succeed like a man wants to see his lottery numbers come in.... But as soon as I realized that Erdogan was loose on some holiday Island I was livid that these plotters might have ruined things before they'd even got out the traps...


Another thing I've come to realize is, it might just be to late, seems the Turks might have crossed a tipping point and are now as Islamized as the rest of the middle east...

Might as well side with Assad and fight the lunatic fringe of Islam from its birthplace...

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