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  1. Well, it's not a problem for me to leave it to you sober purists in the UK, brother. Jomoco
  2. Funny, I was sure a few of you called for them to be prosecuted for butchering their trees? Perhaps it was just the arbs givin property owner's what they want bein persecuted? Jomoco
  3. I gather a few of you don't believe in a property owner's right to do whatever the heck he likes with his own trees? Jomoco
  4. It's all dependent on species, and whether that species is in its natural environment, or a manmade one, being force fed copious amounts of nitrogen fertilizer? Erythrina caffra in a manmade environment's a prime example. Here in SoCal they either get whacked back every year, or they fall apart each summer. It's a commercial reality. You purists? Obviously ain't been around long enough to realize the stark difference between the natural world, and the manmade world's realities n limitations. Jomoco
  5. My container established seedling transplants have been few and limited. But what little hands on experience I've had? Have made me a believer in gently washing away the soil of a gallon container sapling, and planting on a conical mound, with the roots arranged radially, in a hole wide enough to accommodate them in a straight line. Amateur observations admittedly, but a well intentioned attempt to mimic nature on my part. Jomoco
  6. I used to look down my nose at fellow arbs toppin n pollardin trees indiscriminately too. Unti I read a UK study confirming that estate plane trees pollarded their whole life, actually lived longer lives than their unpollarded brethren in the wild. That many commercially maintained trees are maintained within bucket reach as a cost saving economic expediency, sustainable on a 2-3 year cycle. Jomoco
  7. I was stopped in my tracks performing CalTrans freeway removals with all the bells n whistles, because of baby crows occupyin a hawk's nest, by a CalTran's biologist unable to distinguish fledgling crows from fledgling hawks. Over two months until we could remove that tree n bill the state. Jomoco
  8. Container grown seedlings, unless planted very skillfully? Have a tendency to not develope lateral support roots as vigorously as natural seedlings. I have guyed enough container grown Torrey pines in the process of falling over in commercial settings to confirm it's a manmade problem, and somewhat common. Good stuff Mr. Humphries, very educational, as usual. Jomoco
  9. Here's a time trip back to my childhood that indirectly led to me climbing trees at age 14 residentially, and shortly later commercially. I mimicked Fowler snatchin a Condor out of a cavity on a vertical cliff face, here in our local mountains, but stealing an owl egg, rather than a live condor! The egg was successfully incubated n hatched later by one of my accomplices' parents, who raised and kept the owl in a 12X12 foot enclosure. The year 1972, my age 12. [ame] [/ame] Jomoco
  10. Spent my entire teenage life slaughtering n chippin pigeons n doves in the 70's. If it's a sin? I'm toast! I don't fool around with raptors anymore though. I've even saved a few by handin em over to bird doctors a few times, who were kind enough to call back later to inform me the birds had made full recoveries and had been released back into the wild. Indicating I'm not completely evil..... Jomoco
  11. Fantastic read Ty! Thanks for posting it. I was gettin worried they'd leave the wasp symbiotics out, till about halfway through. Good stuff. Jomoco
  12. Hang in there brother Gary. The same little bird rockin out on Bernie's podium? Whispered in my ear that the next few years'll be transitional. Jomoco
  13. I got no beef givin it to leprosy victims who take it willingly. God bless em they certainly merit even minor cures of short duration. Jomoco
  14. It's grey it's grey.......since she went away..... [ame] [/ame] Jomoco


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