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    hobbies are for pussies, I have interests of which there are many.
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  1. Vespasian

    Making the news today....

    looks like I'm still on target with Boris.. Rory knocked out the running.. put up a good show for a first time trier mind... I suspect we'll be seeing more of him in the future... Back to Boris... they all might as well throw the towel in now.. like I said in previous posts. the fella's nailed on.....
  2. Vespasian

    Making the news today....

    If I hadn't found out that Rory Stewart was a government minister a month back.. I'd of wagered all I had on Boris.. as it is I'm now a bit uncertain.. I still think I ought to go for Boris but theres a niggling doubt that keeps telling me I might be proven wrong.. In fact I'd like to be proven wrong as I want Rory to win, on account of making a prediction about him yrs back.. On the other hand I want Boris to get the job only so as he can have the chance to fully redeem himself by accepting what will be a poisoned chalice to drink from.. He caused Brexit, he should be forced to fix it... As to an alliance of Gove and Rory, only just read about that on google news.. apparently Rory wants everyone to bail so as he can savage Boris on his own... If Rory manage's to get into second place, don't put all your money on Boris.
  3. Vespasian

    Making the news today....

    I see thing different.. maybe John Bolton does want regime change but Trump certainly doesn't.. He just wants to have Iran have a nuclear deal that he made and not one Obama made.. he had the Japanese Prime minister over there begging them to get in touch so as he could start on his Trump deal... Only what he don't get is the Iranians aren't playing ball.. in fact they're going out there way to tweak his nose.. its Trump who's gonna end up being humiliated if he ain't careful.. These limpet mine attacks can be carried out at will and Trump can't do anything about it, short of calling for a war with Iran.. and they know he can't afford to do that.. They want Trump to back down and remove the sanctions, seeing as it was he who put em there to begin with.. until Trump does, we'll be seeing more and more shenanigans from the Iranians..
  4. Vespasian

    Making the news today....

    I wouldn't rape her with your's... 😀
  5. Vespasian

    Electric Vehicles or EVs

    For the most part most politicians are clueless about the costs of transitioning from fossil fuel to electric.. I'll say it now, push to hard for a carbon neutral economy and we are heading right down the road to revolution... look what happened in France with the yellow vests if you want any evidence for that...
  6. Vespasian

    5G and is it harmful?

    Thats it, ain't gonna go anywhere near this stinking 5G..
  7. Vespasian

    Making the news today....

    How come its newsworthy all of a sudden?..... heard him say the same thing months back.. Then again, I don't remember it being said on Twitter and Sadiq Kahn making something of it.. Or for that matter some piss poor low rent vacuous journalist using it for clicks in the press...
  8. Vespasian

    Making the news today....

    Still zero MP's in Parliament..
  9. Vespasian

    Making the news today....

    He's been busy reading press cutting about the London Bridge Islamic murderers...
  10. Vespasian

    how to deal with an employee

    Can't make my mind up on this one after reading through the thread.. On the one hand I wouldn't have a stoner working for me if they paid me to work for me.. On the other hand if the lads pulling his weight on the job I can't see it being a problem... I think a word might be of use, tell the lad you like him generally but he's started to slip.. and if he doesn't pull himself together you'll be looking to find an alternative.. Sometimes its about the devil you know as well... could get rid of him and end up with a string of wasters in his place..
  11. Vespasian

    How was your day?

    heard somethin about some kinky sex games and put two and two together.. later came across a utube vid of someone confirming my suspicions..
  12. Vespasian

    How was your day?

    A lot of young men found hanged in their bedrooms are the result of em trying to do this extreme jerking.. Speaking of which, watched a vid of a radiio 4 pod caste were this female MP was telling of the extremes to which some MP's will go to get their vote.. One Danish MP took out an add on pornhub.. When you've finished jerking, come and vote for me...
  13. Vespasian

    Making the news today....

    My own take on the subject is the one taking the piss is our boy Harry... I like the fella but somethin tellls me he's attempting to mock the royal family by the life choices he's made of late.. explains why its been put about he's to be shipped abroad, out the way. As to Danny Baker, what a nob.. not to mention a liar.. I think he knew what he posting as much as Harry knows what he's doing.. both taking the piss out the royal family...
  14. Vespasian

    Making the news today....

    Every time the MSM lie, its another nail in their coffin....
  15. Vespasian

    Some Tree Surgeons Suck.........

    Not exactly, she's some overgrown bushes she wants tidying up so why I'm there I'll do the other stuff.. and, I never feel dirty doing someone a good turn. I tend to be one of those that understands the value of something and not just its price.. can't put a price on the look of someones face when you unexpectedly do someone a favour.. You might want to try it sometime, who knows it might even stop you feeling miserable for a minute...


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