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    hobbies are for pussies, I have interests of which there are many.
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    I have a gardening run, and do the odd tree, owt else I get asked to do?
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  1. Making the news today....

    Or perhaps unlike some, Matelot has looked at the evidence and found reason to be worried.. I certainly had an Epiphany in regards immigration.. I used to think it was a good idea, but over the years, by inches its dawned on me that maybe immigrants from certain cultures should be kept out.. well, their numbers kept low anyways.. But thats not even my main concern, my main concern is our falling population. Is it a good idea have a smaller population or not?.. I think it is on balance, but some think not, thus they import others to fill the gap.. its all about keeping the economy growing, and attempting to use the new migrants to pay out the costs of our older population through ever rising pension costs.. Well I saw we pay pensioners what can be afforded with what we have, even if that means less with a declining population base.. On the other hand, if its proven that we can't get by without an ever increasing population, then we should grow our population instead of importing a new population from ever rat hole in the third world..
  2. Is 35 too old to start a career as a tree surgeon?

    Everyones too old or too young to start anything.. its a bedblocker mentality.. If you want to do it, get on with it.. if you want to establish a business, then its gonna take about fifteen years before its fully established.. That said, the journey is as good as the destination, so another bedblocker out the way... good luck.
  3. Making the news today....

    I wonder if this moron in the vid has created any anti Islamic violence vids?.. Doubt it, wouldn't touch that subject because he's a feeble left wing coward...
  4. Cutting high sides of hedges (over 4m)

    Might be a good idea to get a scaffold tower, bit of pain moving it along but better than ladders..
  5. Bye Bye Brucie!!!

    I was packing my bags in Liddle the other day, it always reminds of the generation game when I do that, such is the speed of the goods coming at you and the pressure to get em packed an out the way, that it reminds me of the generation game when you had remember the prizes comin off the conveyor at the end of the show..the pressure was real..
  6. Making the news today....

    Unlike some I spend most of my spare time researching subjects.. I haven't watched a snippet of one vid, or read one article I've watched loads of vids and read and listened to lots of commentary, being as I sub to a lot of commentators on utube.. The most balanced opinions have come out the mouth of Ben Shapiro... A good analysis of whats going on and the history of the violence of the left..
  7. Making the news today....

    That video is from the Saturday, on Friday night the Alt right were attacked by the thugs of Antifar, they threw bottles of piss and worse onto the Alt Right protesters.. As to the scenes in that video, I've listened to reputable commentators who said Antifar attacked first on the Saturday.. that vid shows a snippet of the days events, not the violence leading up to it..
  8. Making the news today....

    If I defend your right to speak your mind, what does that make me?.. what cap should I look for?..
  9. Making the news today....

    Yes, but when people realize the Koran is a work of fiction, less people will take it seriously, less fundamentalists, less bombers..
  10. Making the news today....

    So, if you defend the right to free expression and assembly you're a clown?..
  11. Making the news today....

    True, but theres only one Koran.. thats the problem.. I was doing some digging the other week and it dawned on me that one of the best ways to undermine the power of the Koran was to expose muslims to the research of western scholars.. In that regards after looking at some very plausible evidence, it looks like Petra was the original setting for the story of Islam.. The more Muslims get to know the truth about how their books came into being the better, if Petra was/is the original Mecca, what else is in there thats B/S.
  12. Making the news today....

    You should address this point to antifar.. then again look at Stalin, killed a lot more people than Hitler ever did, near as well tried to exterminate the Ukrainians.. and everyone else who wasn't one of them..
  13. Making the news today....

    gittin a bit carried away aren't we!!.. We're debating the right to free speech and assembly.. and the threat of violence by those opposed to that freedom..
  14. The Wee Chipper Club

    well the greenmech chipper just moved the engine from in front of the chipper, it rested on a front plate to moving it onto the middle of the machine.. probably explains why they don't make much fuss when they come across copies of theirs..
  15. Making the news today....

    Were the Nazi's fascists? Yes.. what is a fascist?, part of what fascism means is the forcible suppression of opposition.. Thus antifar are the new fascists.. I don't know how you can argue against Antifar being fascists by the way, in everything they do and stand for they are fascists in any definition of the word...


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