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  1. Vespasian

    Battery/electric vs Petrol

    I can't see bio fuels being produced for ten dollars a barrel which is what it cost to extract Saudi Oil.. though to be fair there is the refining costs on top of that.. plus distribution costs but that applies to bio fuels I suppose... anyway, I suppose with an high crude price we might see parity but if crude prices drop off a cliff it becomes uneconomic overnight.. You can turn the taps off at an oil well but you can't stick millions of acres of crops back in the ground.. well I suppose you could.. but you know what I mean..
  2. Vespasian

    Battery/electric vs Petrol

    you'd be lay on settee with a duckdown quilt thrown over you if you lived in this thing I have to put up with.. I might as well live in a barn.. its one plus is its cool when its scorching outside..
  3. Vespasian

    Battery/electric vs Petrol

    I was quoting haironyourchest
  4. Vespasian

    Battery/electric vs Petrol

    The problem is, for america to do well it needs to sell to other countries.. and if those other countries are deprived of oil.. they go bust, they can't buy.. america goes bust... don't matter if america was self sufficient in oil it still has to police the world one way or another...
  5. Vespasian

    Battery/electric vs Petrol

    I lived off grid for eight years. Minimal solar setup, 100 watts of panels and 120 AH of storage or so. It was fine for charging a phone and a few lights. Its when you want serious power for washing machines, kettles, cookers, water heaters, power tools and so on that the problems arise. Even a site generator won't easily boil a kettle (it will but not good for the gennie) You're talking massive output for water heating... something tells me the people promoting living off grid are hiding something..
  6. Vespasian

    Battery/electric vs Petrol

    Though you have a point about the hidden costs of oil, it doesn't hide the fact its still cheaper to suck it out the ground than to grow bio fuels from crops... The thing about bio fuels is you need an awful lot of land to replace only a small percentage the fuels we get from crude oils.. I suppose in Africa early in the last century it might of made sense to make the argument about growing crops for fuels.. population would of been a small percentage of what it is today... the numbers of cars only a couple of thousand.. scale that up to todays population and it ain't possible..
  7. Vespasian

    Battery/electric vs Petrol

    I'm sure he knows all about batteries and whats being experimented on.. thats something that doesn't concerns me.. I'd be more impressed if he worked on upcoming battery technology.. I'm sure he's a bright fella as well.. having read his page and a couple of others from his site i get the impression he ain't no numpty... still, its all a bit pointless if he works on the periphery of the battery powered technology industry.. I want you to link to sites that deal in new technology that suggests a great leap in battery technology is being made.. I've looked and can't find anything that suggests any tipping point has been reached storing energy into batteries.. Thats because they've reached their limits..
  8. Vespasian

    Battery/electric vs Petrol

    well thunderfoots vid covers topics we've been over were as your mate just runs a battery monitoring business.. he doesn't mention any science on that page you linked to.. its just a sales pitch for his business... in fact I'm gonna go back and read that link see if I've missed something relevant to the subject we're talking about..
  9. Vespasian

    Battery/electric vs Petrol

    still haven't explained what new battery technology he's working on.... how he intends to win a noble prize by breaking the laws of physics... meanwhile I've just watched thunderfoots latest upload, turns out his latest vid covers a lot of issues we've been talking about..
  10. Vespasian

    Battery/electric vs Petrol

    damn you eggs, I had to get off my couch to read that.. If your friend doesn't work inventing new battery types I can't see what your point is... he might have something that monitors batteries but its not the same as making breakthroughs in battery technology.. I did try to read your link but lost the will to live within a minute... so gave up...
  11. Vespasian

    Battery/electric vs Petrol

    It means my spell checker fked me up.... I can just about make out the words from were I'm lay down on the couch so balls ups are part an parcel of my threads.. though I do check here and there to see if that damned spell checker hasn't done me over again.... I could move closer to the monitor, but lying on the couch is much more comfortable, so I ain't moving closer in on a chair...
  12. Vespasian

    Battery/electric vs Petrol

    Its not my opinion you should be taking note of, its experts in the field of thermodynamics... I'm just passing on his opinions.. and he's a nuclear physicist. Your friend might live off grid, good for him.. but if its that good why isn't everyone else doing it?... might I suggest because the economies of scale of a power station is much cheaper than having a micro power station in every house..
  13. Vespasian

    Battery/electric vs Petrol

    I was making a point, that not everything improves over time.. something better is found instead.. much like we don't go to work on a horse these days....
  14. Vespasian

    Battery/electric vs Petrol

    I'm basing my opinion on good science not a gut feeling.. not to mention thunderfoot knows what he's talking about.. he doesn't work in the nuclear science industry for nothing.. he knows his stuff... if he suspects battery power has reached its limits I have to agree.. because he explains why it can't get much better due the laws of thermodynamics... you can't keep squeezing energy into an ever smaller mass, because that means it becomes ever more unstable... its not something anyone will ever get around, because its not something that can be done...
  15. Vespasian

    Battery/electric vs Petrol

    I'm sure the fella you spoke to is very well informed.. as I'm sure he believes battery technology will improve.. But thinking it is not the same as seeing the evidence...


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