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    Kearsly.nr Bolton. in Greater Manchester.
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    hobbies are for pussies, I have interests of which there are many.
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    I have a gardening run, and do the odd tree, owt else I get asked to do?
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    Kearsley, Bolton, Greater Manchester..

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  1. Bit late in the day I think he left the building some days back....
  2. Funny because I just red through a few pages of the thread.. apart from good posts here and there it was getting to be about northern monkeys and such.. was that the quality you was looking for?...
  3. I dread to think you have a wife/partner in your life... your conversation is revolting.. did you go to school at all?.. brought up or dragged up...
  4. Who's said this the Deli lama.......
  5. I consider myself a contrarian more than a troll... a troll is a nasty piece of work trying to ruin some ones day... I'm inclined to propose an alternative point of view to spark debate on a subject... I don't set out to piss people off, unlike some of my troll's who seem to get away with murder..
  6. would that be like that tee shirt thread you started, the one you told me to stay off?.. funny how it died when I left it be.... how long would this one of gone on without my contribution to keep it rolling along?... two pages?..
  7. I have a large troll following for sure.... luckily I don't mind half of em, including you these days... but, gotta admit my favorite is Ratty.. even I have to laugh at some of his trolling...
  8. I'll give you some advice, keep your discourse civil and they'll be civil to you..
  9. Know's................................ know's what he's talking about...
  10. Can't you find another thread to get stuck into if this one is not to "your" taste.. I'm about ready to start over on the land thread... perhaps I'll see you there?...
  11. Can we moderate our language Egg's... I don't like to see that sort of thing..
  12. I'll refer you to bigtreedons previous post....
  13. You think so!!!.................... he can't even price a job up.. some boss..
  14. I have no clue?.. Thats rich coming from someone who can't even price a tree job up without begging for advice on a forum.. If you'd the brains you would of asked you're boss for his advice.. why didn't you?..
  15. OK how much is a decent qualified arborist to hire, only it seems to be the going rate going off a few posts on here...


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