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Mick Dempsey

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You actually want a list?




I know it's ironic coming from me....

But if you're in any doubt about a word, don't use it, think of another way of putting it.


Yeah, well at least it'd make fun reading albeit it a childish one.


Fair point Mick & I'm loving the irony :D

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Funny thing about religions.....They always seem to start off with the intention of bringing people together, convincing everyone to adopt the same values and social norms. Which is nice, for a while. Until people realise that they can't have wars with each other anymore because they're all "on the same side" - which then necessitates a schism and sectarianism so wars can happen again - which is really what humanity is all about. Nothing like a good war to get the heart pumping. Deny it all you like, but our ancestors were open and honest about it. Genes is genes I say. Hell if it wasn't for me worrying mum, I'd strap on my army surplus vest and go help out the Kurds against Isis.


Same with politics. There will always be haves-lots and have-lessers. Party politics is about keeping the other side in check. If the politics isn't about money, then its about "values" which is just watered down religion.....


When it comes to middle eastern muslims killing each other because the other side are the "wrong" kind of muslim, thats really just ancient clan war in disguise.


American Dems v Reps is simply the continuation of the civil war, but with more civility.


Worlds a simple place...when you're Haironyourchest....

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