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  1. Do you need to go to your safe place?
  2. If it was on Facebook or Twitter, it must be true
  3. Doesn't it just illustrate the state of desperation that is being reached, to uphold the will of the majority of the population, that he will try just about anything to get it done. MPs preventing exit should be ashamed.
  4. Goes without saying that all politicians are liars. What do you mean, if people kick up, that they are wrong uns? Having been thoroughly betrayed by our elected representatives who have blithely disregarded the the outcome of a democratic referendum, isn't it time to 'kick up'?
  5. My missus never uses top gear, no matter what the mph, and never has DPF problems EDIT: Other problems, most certainly, but DPF no.
  6. Frustrating isn't quite the word I'd use. It would be nice to imagine that the public would remember just who ignored the referendum when it comes around to voting time. Once we're out it doesn't really matter if you originally voted to stay or leave, the important issue will then be that a huge number of MPs failed to stand on the single question that the electorate answered. Democracy was overturned and everything possible must be done to ensure that Parliament remembers who they actually represent and who ultimately employs them.
  7. Lucky you Edward, the last Landscape Architect I met just wanted to deny that I was anything but a tree -feller. When I pointed out that raising the soil level 4 m around a ailing/decaying late mature Horse chestnut wouldn't do it any good and it would be better simply remove it before it killed someone, (or crushed the owners Range Rover, he's attitude was 'well, it would be an easy tree for you to fell'. I kinda had a idea something was amiss when I got the blank look on asking where the trees RPA was marked on his plans...
  8. Come over t'hill, Lanc's lads have long arms and shallow pockets, not t'other way round.
  9. We tried Edward, God did we try
  10. Going by the AA annual conference that I went to, I'd say that they, or some of them, drink anything they can get their hands on
  11. Stuff that, it's your money.
  12. That's a relief, when @Stubby stopped singing his praises of his 'Spud-ported' saws, I thought he'd died or something Glad to hear that he, and you, are both still going strong.
  13. A posher version of arbtalk (sorry Mr B). Runs on an email format, someone posts something and responders reply on an email that everyone else then receives to read. UKTC = UK tree Care Members are mainly TO's, planners, consultants and the like. It's a lot more, shall we say 'academic' than here (not wishing to offend anyone like ) with no focus on the best chainsaws, ropes, and such like. Actually there's quite a few people who reside both here and there. And there's a lot of industry 'names' that post every now and again. They do generally work with different tools than us here, pens rather than chippers and saws, different people in different parts of the same industry.
  14. Not much profit when something wipes almost the entire species out, is there? Sorry, I know I'm preaching to the choir. I suppose that in the future our kids can visit Bedgebury to wonder at the range of conifer species there, it's unlikely that they'll be much elsewhere if Nurseries, timber growers and the like continue as they are.
  15. On the plus side, it does mean that there's going to be an awful amount of job security around for a few years. Said (almost) entirely tongue in cheek. Being pragmatic, just accept it as evolution. tolerant trees will reproduce and in a century or two they'll be back. In the meantime, other pests and diseases will come along, affect particular genus's (?), species or families and the cycle will continue. Maybe we all need this as a kick in the pants to remind us to diversify, broaden the palette of what we plant. Heresy I know, but forget 'we should plant natives, plant what grows FFS and as many different species as we possibly can. Tell the landscape architects that we don't just want rosaceous species on new residential sites, no avenues of cloned trees. Tell the FC to revisit their grant scheme specifications. The world is changing oh so rapidly, so must we.


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