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  1. Gary Prentice

    Climbing dead trees ? Any bad stories??

    I live in a bungalow. Don’t like stairs🤪
  2. Gary Prentice

    Saplings (??) going berserk in drought

    Not that unusual a form for a maturing GW around here, we’ve thousands of them on waste ground everywhere.
  3. Gary Prentice

    Any clues what this is

    Looks more like Malus, with a lot of degradation of the sapwood. Fruitwood anyway, but not cherry.
  4. Gary Prentice

    Tracking decline with Google street view...

    Residents were claiming a developer had caused the decline of a tree near their compound a few years back - they were really in for him. The historic imagery showed the decline over several years and, IIRC, the actual utility trenching works which was probably the real cause
  5. Gary Prentice

    Which new saw?

    Fixed that for ya
  6. Gary Prentice

    Part numbers for old Husqvarna saws

    Don't know if these are Husqvarna part no's, but they look like it https://www.ereplacementparts.com/husqvarna-272-199701-chainsaw-parts-c-114486_114487_114853.html Try Dick Leigh at Whalley Bridge, he can normally get stuff http://www.dickleighchainsaws.co.uk/
  7. Gary Prentice

    Welsh Wood !

    Is Eggs building badger setts now then?
  8. Gary Prentice

    Anyone seen this video? One word- stumps!

    I think everyone needs a leaf blower ticket, just to be safe
  9. Gary Prentice

    Welsh Wood !

    Maybe they buried it after the photo was taken? Joking aside, I wonder if there is any actual published guidance on building an artificial des res' for relocating Brock and his family?
  10. Gary Prentice

    Bird nests

    Cat foods out for the stray cats, the foxes ignore it and stare through the patio doors until ‘their’ food gets put out.
  11. Gary Prentice

    Bird nests

    Our foxes only seem to eat cooked chicken. They even turn their noses up at cat food.
  12. Gary Prentice

    Identify this fuel

    For the win Stubby
  13. Gary Prentice

    Bird nests

    Just for you Ed,
  14. Gary Prentice

    Identify this fuel

    Manuka honey?
  15. Gary Prentice

    Making the news today....

    And there was I thinking that all your posts were taking the mick?


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