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  1. Can't you just use a couple of hinges? Can't remember the type (someone will know) but some just screw into place without needing to cut a recess to seat in the plate itself. I'm assuming that you're using PAR timber (planed all round) and the edges are true and square. Edit - love the clock.
  2. Traffic signals are traffic signals at the end of the day, it's not up to drivers to choose which ones to obey. Realistically, how difficult is it to phone the relevant HA to query why lights are there, if they seem to be unnecessary. Maybe it's the way of todays world, that we jump on social media to complain rather than spending a little bit of time (to every ones benefit)to try to sort a problem. Just saying When I had TM companies numbers on my phone it was infrequent to bell someone just to let them know their lights weren't working or were causing havoc due to their settings. I can't remember ever getting a narked response, normally they'd just reply with a thanks, they'd get someone down there.
  3. I got stopped once going through a temp. red light. I should have thought of telling the traffic officer that I didn't respect the red light, as a reason for ignoring it. Maybe that would have worked Jokes aside, I know what you mean, but traffic signs and signals are what they are ignore them at your peril. In an ideal world they'd all be fit for purpose.
  4. I've always worked under the maxim with any piece of kit, that if you doubt it's integrity it's time to replace it. Even if it's okay (that helmet isn't), you can't focus on what you're doing while worrying whether it will do its job as intended.
  5. You need to get out more to see what's going on in the rest of the world. The internet is 'alight' with complaints cos Cadburys advent calendar contained Bounty's behind the first two doors
  6. Funny how folk thinks it's okay to ignore a traffic signal, even though it's an offence.
  7. I think that's a very valid point DT. You would hope that where it's either evident, or can be shown, that a wood is under good management (such as this one) common sense would prevail and the owner could be left to get on with it (but I somehow doubt it)
  8. You'd probably have difficulty convincing the magistrate after plod took you in for an insecure load, with that pic.
  9. Now that's ironic. I wonder if the bows at Agincourt were European timber?
  10. Are there any benefits at all? I'm curious. In 'your' wood it sounds that your aims and objectives are all to the good and a SSSI designation would appear to be a handicap rather than an asset.
  11. How does the SSSI thing work? If the powers to be decide your wood fulfils the criteria, is it a done deal and then you are saddled with all the bureaucracy that it then entails? I'm asking because within the TPO legislation, the LA can decide that because trees are under good management, broadly along the same lines and objectives as the authorities own, they don't get involved unless the situation changes and the trees become threatened.
  12. Excuse my ignorance, but why?
  13. And I bet you'll know about that tomorrow.
  14. Ain't that strange? The harder you work the luckier you get!


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