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  1. Gary Prentice

    Engineering solution for wall, being pushed over by tree.

    Cavat is the method mos commonly used in he circumstances you describe , as well as used by LAs in TPO contraventions where trees have been removed. I-tree is more as a aid or tool used in planning and strategy for green infrastructure.
  2. Gary Prentice


    Bishop has to move forward diagonally!
  3. Gary Prentice

    Confirmed TPO

    Does that mean that they would be unable to prosecute contraventions of pre-1996 TPO's?
  4. Gary Prentice

    Engineering solution for wall, being pushed over by tree.

    It's anybodies guess as to what would be required to repair/rebuild the wall until it's demolished and the foundation revealed. Taking into account the cost of tree, and possibly sump, removal there may not be that much difference in retaining the tree and using a suitable engineering solution to account for future growth - which as the tree is fairly mature isn't likely to be that great.
  5. Gary Prentice

    Engineering solution for wall, being pushed over by tree.

    Trees provide many ecosystem benefits: air pollution removal , current carbon storage, carbon sequestration, stormwater reduction etc. These can be assigned monetry values, with mature large trees providing the highest benefits. They also provide less tangible social benefits such as 'well-being', reduced crime levels, connectiveness to nature etc here's so much information and research into he positives of trees/green infrastructure that I don't know where to start. Have a search of i-tree to start with
  6. Gary Prentice

    Engineering solution for wall, being pushed over by tree.

    No way you'd get highways to pay to build it!
  7. Gary Prentice

    Confirmed TPO

  8. Gary Prentice

    Sugar application

    Are you researching for a college question or for a real tree? If it's for a real-life tree, have you considered a woodchip mulch using cherry or hawthorn? Both of these species are sugar rich/high and, I believe, achieve the same ends but over a much longer period of time.
  9. Gary Prentice

    Engineering solution for wall, being pushed over by tree.

    If you're throwing environmental costs into the equation, then to get a true cost/benefit analysis you need to include all the social/economic/enviromental benefits that a mature tree in an urban setting provides.
  10. Gary Prentice

    Sugar application

    Try searching using 'Glyn Percival' as a keyword. You may struggle a bit because IIRC sugar solutions aren't a one size fits all type of thing. You may have to be tree specific in your search to get the information that you're after.
  11. Gary Prentice

    Confirmed TPO

    Excuse my ignorance, but what does JR mean? TIA
  12. Gary Prentice

    Confirmed TPO

    That LA has sure had some bad luck!
  13. Gary Prentice

    Confirmed TPO

    That was my argument at the time, but who can afford the High Courts? I had evidence that a planning officer knew that the order hadn't been confirmed, in the form of a memo to legal at the time of the second application to fell asking that it be confirmed. TBH it felt like a cover up. Even involving a local councillor and explaining how the planning office/department had acted went nowhere. Whatever happened, the LA were just going to serve a new order! The client's wife was ill and they gave up due to the stress of the situation.
  14. Gary Prentice

    Confirmed TPO

    I may never have been!! Previously LAs could confirm an order at any time rather than, as now, within six months, although the tree was not protected after six months from the date that i was originally served. I know of one case where the order was confirmed eight years after serving. And to make matters worse the LA twice refused consent to fell when the tree wasn't even protected!
  15. Gary Prentice

    Confirmed TPO

    Every order that I've seen the confirmation is included within, either on the same page following the signature authorising the temp order (section 201) or on the following page. The model form (https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/tree-preservation-orders-guidance) shows it as following. It would make sense, as the confirmation is the endorsement of the order, that it's all part of the same document rather than written as a separate one.


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