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  1. But there does seem to be, or it's being suggested that there is, some link between Chalara and colonisation by other pathogens. Whether Chalara in basal shoots opens the door to other fungi or what is still being debated atm. There's lots of reports of trees with only slight foliage colonisation that are really unsound due to unexpected basal delay.
  2. If I'm understanding you correctly, I think this might be more to do with core strength than the actual harness. And I'm not be derogatory before anyone starts. Some harnesses with low points of attachment seem to require a bit more input on the part of the user to maintain an upright posture and allow you to easily tip feet up if you just relax yourself. (you won't fall out of a correctly adjusted harness - don't worry) I'd encourage you to persevere with what you've got, if that's what you have got, because when you start climbing everything feels odd anyway, the whole experience, so the quicker you get used to your gear the better. Then you can start to focus on the 1001 other things that you have to do and are going on around you. Good luck.
  3. I prefer them roasted with wine, stuffed with Quail eggs and red squirrels..
  4. That sounds like a decadent repast. How do you cook them and what do they taste like? I won't accept 'chicken'.
  5. Sorry Edward, but I'm a bit narked at the moment after a of refusal concerning an elm that was refused despite actionable damage to neighbours property as well as damage to the applicants. At a site meeting I demonstrated that there was no engineering solution available, at least in my knowledge of the usual options. Even should there have been, it was almost certain that a solution would be short lived before damage would reoccur. I also pointed out that it would be unfortunate that if after spending a small fortune, the tree died. The TO wouldn't be moved. He wouldn't be moved, Appeal it! (AKA, pass the buck) Six weeks on the tree is half dead, due to DED. After submitting a 211 notice, the LA served a TPO on an elm the owner wanted to fell. Four weeks later I looked at it again and it, as well as a 2nd elm on the site, are exhibiting DED symptoms. I submitted for the tree contractor, so I'm away from the situation a bit, but I simply can't be bothered much more. Let them confirm the TPO, I don't really care.
  6. It's the way of the world, unfortunately. A few yrs back a highway tree failed and hit a couple of cars. I think there were two deaths. HSE took the LA to court, as the agent of prosecution, after it came to light that the council didn't have any procedure to carry out safety inspections on highway trees due to lack of resources. I believe that that authority now have six additional TOs/inspectors! We deal with trees daily and most of the posters here understand the benefits and associated risk of them. Sadly everyone else give them little consideration unless they are causing them a personal nuisance. The general thought is that they are environmentally a good thing but when it comes to spending money or allocating resources to them it's a different matter.
  7. Could you use an online 'file format change' program to change to whatever they do accept?
  8. ml:ml printer ink is more expensive than vintage champagne. I was given an slightly older printer that accepts generic cartridges. Problem solved, A black cartridge is <99p, the four coloured ones about two quid.
  9. There's nothing like a fatality to secure additional funding to the tree management team. Otherwise tree management takes a poor second place to binmen when the public purse is light.
  10. Oh! Why would you? Although being generally supportive of the TPO system I feel that it isn't always administered fairly. A landowner has an object on his property that they don't have absolute control of because of the amenity that it provides to the public at large. Is it fair that should the owner want/need to remove it, that then the council just fails to implement some of the safeguards out in place to ensure that the owner gets the opportunity to do so? The LA concerned doesn't, AFAIK, notify 'interested parties' when even serving a TPO, allowing those who may be affected by their decision to voice an objection and then continue to control the situation as they see fit without allowing others any say at all. Is there any wonder that so many appear to be against tree protection, if it's administered the way it is?
  11. I find it concerning at the lack of publicity about ash dieback, by LAs, to the general public. Human nature being what it is I think that a lot of tree owners will delay removing trees and allow them to become dangerous before taking action. I was reading the Tree Councils 'action pack' recently, which provides information for LAs in dealing with the disease. It's a good resource, highlighting how to go about securing funding, educating the public and the experiences of other auhorities who are already dealing with the first outbreaks. I did a search to see what the metropolitan Manchester councils were doing to raise awareness and deal with the problem (that's just starting to become apparent in mature trees here). Absolutely nothing. The only thing online are a couple of web pages from around 2014.
  12. Has no one noticed the monsoon like rains that have been occurring over the last few years ffs. When it rains for an hour and that rainfall fills a bucket in he garden it's raining somewhat. I blame global warning.....
  13. There are reports gathered from some of the early experiences of contractors/LAs dealing with Chalra/ash dieback infected trees that deadwood on them is extremely brittle, more so than usual for ash and that some trees even with mostly live crowns are suffering from basal decay (particularly on sites with very wet ground conditions). I think that the jury is still out as to relationships between the various fungi involved, but it sounds frequent enough to be worth closer attention.
  14. Can anyone point me in the right direction to understand what LAs are obliged to do when dealing with tree works apps? A local authority appears to work more or less as a dictatorship. A single TO determines an application. Applications and notifications aren't publicised, so neighbours only become aware that, for example, trees are being felled when contractors arrive and 660's are broke out. I'm submitting to remove a 19m dawn redwood, situated between and damaging the driveway of the owner and the drive of the neighbour. Long story short, I know that the LA will want to retain and will pretty much ignore any reason and/or evidence provided to support its removal. Going on to appeal, subsequent to a refusal, is too long winded and here is also no guarantee of a successful conclusion IME. Neighbours are supportive of the trees removal and are preparing representations in support of that. If a council officer, the TO, has delegated powers, do representations/objections to an application force a hearing by the planning committee? I'm thinking that it's more likely hat I'll get a more 'objective' determination if the decision in front of the committee rather than a TO with a 'retain at all costs' mindset. Thanks in anticipation.
  15. Is that meant to be an insult?


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