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  1. The number of staff members that patients interact with is scary, once you take into account nurses, catering staff, domestics and cleaners. As a patient it's better not to begin to calculate how many people all of these have come into contact with outside of the hospital.
  2. Ain't that just business as normal? Seems like every week there's an announcement about the tasks the police are insufficiently funded/staffed to do anyway. Am I the only one who finds it odd that one force is flying drones around the National Park checking that people aren't walking hand in hand and dyeing lakes black to discourage visitors while others are are announcing this? Managing P/ups in breweries comes to mind.
  3. What meds are you on? Can I have some, please? Chemotherapeutic treating my third relapse (in <5 yrs) Sorry, short on the other drug list that is being used to try treat my renal failure due to my cancer relapse . And you're more than F*ing welcome to have some!
  4. You just can't give up your trolling can you? Ignored!
  5. Jeez that soon got personal and aggressive, back off fella! I take it that you are are an expert and qualified in everything that you speak about on the forum then? I'm not a virologist, but have done enough study and research in plant pathology ( particularly in trees) to realise where must of the current threats (Microbiological, viral, bacteria) etc actually from and how the the native populations (flora and fauna) have evolved with them. Globalization changes the scale and rate of evolution of diseases to levels that are difficult to comprehend. Who would have proposed that ash dieback would have decimated this countries ash trees in less 5-6 years. I don't know why I'm even attempting to debate this with you, I've enough of my own personal and health issues to be going on with than to be baited by you. I'm out.
  6. You've dropped your foil hat again 😂 Not been a virologist I'm in no position to even debate the the whys and wherefore's of this virus, I just accept it's here and we are having to deal with it. Or rather that we should be in a sufficient state of preparedness to deal with it. (or better than we am)
  7. And therein lies the problem. Beneath all of this the real truth is probably close due to successive governments across the world cutting funding. the CDC lost massive funding not many years ago, and in the UK continual different governments have reduced funding in an an atmosphere of ' it's not really needed, it's unnecessary to maintain staff numbers, equipment, medication, supplies, what have you just in case. Well guess what?
  8. I can't see why anything would really change. The environmentals shouldn't change because it's a long term issue in comparison with a 'short term' health pandemic. Would it really make help to improve the economy, of the country as a whole, to ignore or put aside everything this spring?
  9. Wonder if it'll get better or worse when bog roll becomes unavailable
  10. I've only just around o reading about this and, for once, tend to agree with you. With something established it's understandable that in time people will catch and survive it, become immune. and eventually the disease has no more recipients tha can catch it because they are already immune. But initially there has a be maximum death rates of those whwo can't develop immunity. Individuals can become immune by recovering from an earlier infection or through vaccination.[3] Some individuals cannot become immune due to medical reasons, such as an immunodeficiency or immunosuppression, and in this group herd immunity is a crucial method of protection Once a certain threshold has been reached, herd immunity gradually eliminates a disease from a population.[5] This elimination, if achieved worldwide, may result in the permanent reduction in the number of infections to zero, called eradication. Accept that the above is a copy and paste wiki paste job, but there are plenty of references to follow to make your own minds up. Theoretically it works, but to make it work rapidly and far faster than naturally would you need to jettison those that will always be a transmitter. Morals and ethics aside, is this he start of a long and slippery slope where votes/finance/power decides who lives and dies to suit the best spin or sound bite on todays news cycle? This whole fiasco has been badly managed from day 1, with historic cut backs across some of the wealthiest countries, now it's biting our arses are they just looking for some face saving short cut to plug the hole in the dam until sometime crops up to create some breathing space/ It probably doesn't even matter what they think we will be believe because we're learning to accept everything we here without question. Where did I leave my foil hat again?
  11. Bit short sighted Saul, should have least waited unto see if she could/did make a fortune flogging them for loads of money. You never know what works and now may have missed a marvellous money maker yourself!
  12. There's a few here much more involved with orchards and fruit tah me who would/could answer this better than me. I've very rarely seen fireblight or silverleaf up here so it's never really worried about. I suppose that in areas where it's more prevalent more effort could be put in the achieve higher temps during composting which I think changes things. Like a lot of things trees will manage and adapt a lot as long as they're growing unstressed in other areas. Shigo used to write about stress and strain. when we try to grow and manage trees towards the limits of their natural habitats we create stresses/or strains that are close to what the tree can cope with They'll survive (just) but won't flourish and the it just takes a little more push, another straw to turn into deline/failure or death. We too often try to do things half-cocked for any easy solution without considering the holistic approach and look at the whole damn tree. Simple answer, mulching benefits soil water evapouration reductions, dought strengthening, soil structure etc etc probably outweigh the disbenefits of not mulching


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