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  1. Gary Prentice

    Queen to cut down Windsor trees

    Clearing out a sawmill/timber yard in the late eighties/early nineties, most of the beech timber seemed to be going for pip props. If it wasn't of good quality, then it would go to firewood... How times change.
  2. Gary Prentice

    Overhanging branches

    Thanks for that OSL, that's the one I've been looking for.
  3. Gary Prentice

    Queen to cut down Windsor trees

    Maybe they can salvage enough good timber for a couple of longboat, just to sink the unwelcome weekend crews?
  4. Gary Prentice

    Put it back!

    And how did you're answer go down then?
  5. Gary Prentice

    a morality tail?

  6. Gary Prentice

    Signs you're approaching middle age....

    Jeez.. Thought this was going to be a repition of Matelots post
  7. Gary Prentice

    Good news

    He could have bought it back cleaned and sharpened. Then he'd really be a great bloke.
  8. Gary Prentice

    Staged tree reductions - Your opinion

    Don't be coming into a proper tree thread and starting your name-calling and trolling antics
  9. Gary Prentice

    Update on some elm porn

    I can't believe how much elm just went for firewood twenty years ago. No one wanted it. When I worked for the LA I felled a stem that was burred to around 4m. I arranged with my manager to plank it at cost for a local wood turning club, but there was insufficient interest to do it.
  10. Gary Prentice

    Staged tree reductions - Your opinion

    Stop felling stuff. There's no more work for anyone once they're gone Mark
  11. Gary Prentice

    Staged tree reductions - Your opinion

    sh.... keep it on the down low
  12. Gary Prentice

    Staged tree reductions - Your opinion

    Using woodchip, the sugars released by the breakdown of the chip itself will encourage the right type of fungi for tree itself, rather than throwing some 'works for everything' spores that are often not even viable anyway. Sorry not of fan of mycorrizal inoculations, I don't believe we understand the relationships involved enough to be able to produce anything that isn't largely snake oil as yet.
  13. Gary Prentice

    How best to preserve a Bog Fir rootplate

    I'm not sure that that would be much of an issue. I've some cypress root that was growing between the bricks of a small brick planter. I bought it home and threw it on the window sill. Full sunlight and a radiator below. I can't distinguish any ill effects of rapid drying apart from a few minor cracks originating from axe wounds incurred getting the root out.
  14. Gary Prentice

    How Bad?

    quite possibly, but with a full load that would be a puller, compared to a transit with the equivalent volume - which would (probably) be O/L but wouldn't look it.
  15. Gary Prentice

    What is best for this tree??

    I think that pretty much exhausts the money making opportunities for this one. Jokes aside, that's not a bad idea, to poison before felling.


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