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  1. MOT changes May 2018

    Logic says that the MOT is a certificate of roadworthiness, at the time of testing, so I if it fails it isn’t fit for the road.
  2. New Hilux Review

    Can’t imagine why you would be. The problem is that you’ve been using it, driving on gritted roads. It can’t be the manufacturers fault
  3. New Hilux Review

    My Mitzi isn’t much worse than that, after 13 years
  4. MOT changes May 2018

    I think ours are around £60-70, maybe a bit more, and I don’t think that’s over the top.
  5. MOT changes May 2018

    A fair idea, as we’ve two small garages, a MOT Centre and an auto electrician in the estate at work. Those garages wouldn’t charge anywhere near that (and I’d only be paying trade price on parts with them). Whenever they do stuff for me, I also add a decent wedge on top for a drink. Mates is mates, but they’ve still got to earn a living. I should have have been clearer, the lad I bought the car off asked if I’d done the glow plugs recently and said that was cost when he owned the motor, at the main dealers.
  6. Theives

    You sound like a woman Felix
  7. MOT changes May 2018

    I was told that a set for my L200 was around that. £40 a set off of the internet and less than an hrs work. At least Dick Turpin wore a mask
  8. Another Validation 'Refusal'

    So basically it’s a case of revoking the original order and creating a new one?
  9. MOT changes May 2018

    And if they are, change garages.
  10. MS460 clutch springs.

    Ive told that breaking springs is generally down to the clutch/drum being too worn, and causing excessive stretch of the springs
  11. MOT changes May 2018

    Can a VOSA inspector issue a statutory prohibition notice for ‘lesser’ faults like sills and seatbelt mounting points?
  12. Making the news today....

    Hatfield’s and McCoys come to Cornwall....
  13. Theives

    Getting Warmer Eggs, definitely in the ball park
  14. Erupting bark on semi mature ash

    Ring/target cankers. Have a search of Nectria cankers of Ash
  15. Theives



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