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  1. Gary Prentice

    The beauty of the Tax System

    I suppose the only (small) consolation is that at least you're doing the calculating. Can you imagine how it would be if they were doing the figures and telling you what to pay? "Mr D, your gross sales were £X, send it to us"
  2. Gary Prentice

    the 'todays job' thread

    Recovery sounds like a great word. No matter what, keep on forwards. gws
  3. Gary Prentice

    Google has just freaked me out!

    Subliminal advertising Stubby.
  4. Gary Prentice

    Tougher Control on Urban Tree Felling?

    Oh yeah, the well known councillor who is an expert on arb and the environment. Sorry, cynical mood today..
  5. Gary Prentice

    Tougher Control on Urban Tree Felling?

    Chris, do you remember the L6 assignment on why arboriculturists need to be involved at the highest levels in planning, guidance and legislation? Why have a profession that specialise in urban trees and then fail to utilise that knowledge but ask of every tom dick and harry for input? Just another case where the profession needs to be elevated to a similar level of recognition as others.
  6. Gary Prentice

    Tougher Control on Urban Tree Felling?

    Sounds a bit like Brexit, consult the people, then um and Arrh & After a lengthy and expensive consultation do what the LA wanted to do originally. TBH I think it's just a PR stunt to say look how we're involving the electorate!
  7. Gary Prentice

    Tougher Control on Urban Tree Felling?

    Seems totally unnecessary as the council's own TO should be sufficient to protect and enhance the urban canopy. Until that is PFI's get involved.
  8. Gary Prentice

    Increasing unseasoned timber sales discussion

    Have you a link to more about all this, if you've written about it before on here?
  9. I'd have held out for a priority VIP delivery service too.
  10. And what makes you think that
  11. Gary Prentice

    Sister in Law stitched up by the coppers !

    Sorry Vesp, I don't post to be amusing. I imagine it's not much fun being pulled for your inconsistencies between posts and being badgered. Then again if you persist in trolling you can't really moan can ya? TTFN
  12. Gary Prentice

    211 notice details.

    Every time I get a refusal to validate because a planning officer wants something that isn't obligatory I fight it just out of principle. It's not hard to know the regs better than them, but they will argue the toss because 'they are the council' so must be right ! You need to be persistent to make them concede that they have no authority when they don't. If the department won't play ball you just go up the chain to you get it sorted. I had a great deal of satisfaction last year/year before with the head of the council. Keep at it because in the long run it makes things easier for yourself, not having to mess about with unnecessary info in apps/notices. Some of the developers and their planning consultants are saying that asking for more information, more surveys and reports or refusing to validate an application because of some spurious missing detail is becoming a common ploy to extend deadlines beyond statutory periods by understaffed planning departments. Just to spoil your day a bit more, I got an application determined in less than two weeks last month.
  13. Gary Prentice

    211 notice details.

    I'm not even sure that that would be a enforceable planning condition to start with. I wouldn't want to be waiting for a council officer (probably on flexi-time) to turn up around mid-morning before cracking on with the job. If they wouldn't agree to a pre-start date meeting, just to discuss the works, I'd politely state that on the day would be fine, but to comply with H&S regs you need a site specific risk assessment and Method Statement. Asking for a CSCS/Rolo card might be pushing it a bit. I don't know, but kind of think the need to oversee things on the start day might diminish a bit.
  14. Gary Prentice

    What's on your bench today?

    No, but I read that Mick Dempsey reckons he has a masters in bating! Thought that was another thread entirely...


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