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  1. Truck insurance

    why change a habit of a lifetime?
  2. Truck insurance

    PNC would probably show it as being insured though, so you wouldnt keep getting stopped

    Harsh on saws! Matty, you win the 'understatement of the year award' for that. I don't think I've ever seen two people try to pull a jammed saw out together
  4. Quality saw on eBay

    It must be true, it said so on the t'internet
  5. BS5837:2012

    first one on googling https://www.eden.gov.uk/media/3484/british-standard-bs5837-trees.pdf Someone's going get their wrists slapped by British Standards
  6. Quality saw on eBay

    Apparently Stihl running though see what what I did there?

    Dave will help you through it before the test (did mine with Andy), don't sweat it. A good part of the test is to answer questions in the right way- that information is provided on day 1. You have a practice session identifying problems and then provide management options. If youve worked that long and understood why you're doing what you're doing, you'll do fine.

    The i.d is an open book test
  9. Making the news today....

    Be fair Eggs, she's satisfied her peers that she's considered everyone's feelings and been PC. Isn't that more important than gratitude for the money raised? She wants king sacking in my opinion, but what do I know?
  10. Tree ID

    I've felled two in the last twelve months, and can think of a dozen I know the whereabouts of. Not that uncommon, and normally planted in the wrong place. Theres a nice one at Myerscough
  11. Left Handers Suffering Yet Again

    Fixed that for you.
  12. Left Handers Suffering Yet Again

    You don't need to be left-handed to burn holes in yourself, most of us have managed it at one time or another. See, this is what's wrong with the world today. a minority wants everything changed to suit them
  13. Fings wot broke

    What are the discs like?
  14. Quality saw on eBay

    And say that Stubby said you'd sort it
  15. Quality saw on eBay

    Think that saws been running a little hot..


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