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  1. Riding The Crane Hook

    What's your personal opinion Paul? I can't help but find it strange that the practice is acceptable (not saying I wouldn't do it if the chance arose).
  2. Your Oldest Tree Book

    That's the one. Interesting chapters on climbing in it. I think I posted a couple of sections out of it a few years ago, about not being full of bravado when climbing trees
  3. Damage by spurs

    Can't see an issue, the intent is to encourage decay and habitat niches in those circumstances.
  4. Your Oldest Tree Book

    That book isn’t old, it’s younger than me!
  5. Your Oldest Tree Book

    John Evelyn’s ‘Silva,Discourse of Forest Trees. Originally published in 1776. Not a first edition but a much later reprint (unfortunately because the first edition is a beautiful book) Hartzig A pathology book from around 1890 A 1900s book on Arboriculture by a fellow called Seur or something - not got that to hand. i know, I need to get a life
  6. Which Saw bench

    SWMBO "What's that?" "Oh that old thing! I've had it for years, tucked away in the corner."
  7. L200 4wd issue?

    And you call me?
  8. Interesting Conversion!

    Be handy for site work, stick a V8 in it, lights and a number plate and drive it straight to site.
  9. L200 4wd issue?

    So if it falls off the jack the front wheels are working?
  10. I wish that NATO & some of the regional associations were a bit more 'open to sharing' than they are currently with some of their events. I often see things that I'd like the opportunity to attend but they're normally a closed shop. Anyone would think we were opponents and on opposite sides or something From my limited knowledge, I'd tend to agree with you.
  11. Personally I think shows are a bit different and don't attend them anymore. If I was still climbing/buying gear or we were in the market for a larger bit of plant, I'd probably go to something, but they become pretty much of a muchness and more of a social event. They seemed to be years ago a place for some cheap kit, but I imagine the cost of the exhibiting and internet competition/sale has put paid to that. Educational events can be pretty expensive, I know what I've spent and the miles that I've travelled over the last few years - it adds up. But the branch events (2 days in Sterling last September and this one) have been really good value, compared to the more national events like the AA Conference or those involving international speakers (Clause Mattheck). It would be nice to see a bit more support.
  12. You're excused Who run that? I never saw that advertised.
  13. Sadly a bit poor. I signed in late and there looked to be quite a few no-shows - I'd guess about 20-25 delegates were there in all. I found it a bit strange, in light of some of the recent criticism of the AA about the dearth of more northern events. I don't know whether it was the topic or what, for what appeared low numbers. The speakers are well known in the industry and the cost was very low, I think it was £30 +Vat for non-members. The demographic of the audience seemed to be more local authority/consultants than contactors or even students. I think that it's sad that some events don't get the support, which then discourages the Branches hosting more.
  14. It's a shame that some of these events aren't recorded or that technology isn't utilised to make them available to a wider audience. Glynn spoke about why particular single tree species of woodchip mulch seem to be beneficial to establishment and tree health. Hawthorn and cherry have high sugar content that attract mycorrhiza, willow because of the salicin and mentioned eucalyptus against Armillaria. Sorry, snippets of conversation keep coming back to me of things that seem relevant and requiring some reading.
  15. Huel

    I thought it was a bike.


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