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  1. tree77


    Yeh I did see that, get why they have added and if it saves a few questions on the interview its good. Downside they will ask more questions on other things maybe.
  2. tree77


    No worries, I have made a good start but time is running out
  3. Hi all Just wondering if there's any chartered foresters or arboriculturist with the ICF on here. Just looking for a little help/guidance with my critical analysis, please
  4. Would agree, completed the L6 a few years back and didn't need to buy many books, I found being a member Arb association and have access to there online library was more useful. Good luck all
  5. What about using an alternative material rather than tarmac. Flexi pave works well, although cost more, still cheaper in the long run
  6. It sounds like there's planty of room but you have a 2.4m crossing plus a raduis/transition kerb which adds another 1m or so either side which takes it to 4.4m total. I appreciate they use a different calculation to my LA and I don't know the dbh of the trees, but the bigger tree would a min distance of 2.5m and the smaller tree 2m. They also like to have the crossing Central where possible. Hope this makes senses, but basically it's close.
  7. With our local authority you only need a planning application if its a classified road, otherwise is just a vehicle cross over application.
  8. Have they given you the size/measurements specifications for the crossing. If you know the size/extent of the new crossing you will know how close to the trees it will be.
  9. Looking at the photo can see why it was refused, based on what we approve/refused within the authority i work with. Appreciate other houses have crossing close to trees but what would help your case if you have any recent examples to could use
  10. Hi I currently work part time as a tree officer but also work freelance. I'm based in the west midlands, lots of experience with Bs5837, condition suryvors etc. I have own inurances, trained PTI, L6 dip arb. Please drop me a PM for more details
  11. Another consideration would how do you value the tree, applying cavat value may mean that the tress value is greater than cost of repair.
  12. Hi The issue with the branches over the highway is fairly easy to resolve without removing tree, just pruning works. The issue with the drains, generally a case of repairing your drainage network to current standards, without seeing the report im sure it states a number of defects and lots of root engross via the broken pipe work, personally not enough grounds to remove the tree. The issue of possible subsidence to your property needs to be investigated properly, so structural engineer report, trail pits dug with soil samples taken for analysis, level/crack monitoring, normal roots found in the trail pit are also sent for identification to. Without having this level of detail it will be hard to justify the removal of a TPO tree. There's a few companies now who inject the soil with resin to stabilise clay soils and retaining the tree, Geobear is the one I know of, only seen it used on demos, looking promising though.
  13. Unfortunately if the tree owner is looking to removed the tree as its causing subsidence the local authority will need supporting evidence to confirm this, I'm sure they could instruct and pay for the reports/investigations etc or go just through your home insurance.


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