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  1. Hi Might be worth excavating to area of root damage, the root might not be deeper than you think, if your lucky. If not repofile the carriageway over the area, might have the watch the levels to avoid puddles etc. Kbi flexi pave works well for footpaths
  2. Been looking at hydroseeding recently to, its currently covered in brambles, is it best to herbicide treat it first
  3. As already stated roundup type product applied to the new growth, in the past I have ground out the stump and ecoplugged any large remaining roots
  4. Try Acorn environmental group, based south birmingham/redditch
  5. Hi there Is there any standard specifications for plant spacing when do landscape plans? Thanks T
  6. Yep, thats what I had to get, our building was deemed low potential so only required 1 dusk survey which didn't find anything. I'm told the reports are reviewed by the LA's ecologist
  7. As far as I know you have to licenced, the outcome of the report gives a risk level, think based on the British standards and from that follow surveys made be needed. That's my understanding of it
  8. Well out of 4 other companies i contacted they got back to with a day, while the only other company that got back to was 7 days later. A dusk/dawn survey was also required. So yes and bat report is a bat report but just found them easy to deal with, and the fact they actually wanted my custom
  9. I had one recently for barn conversion, used Arbtech who did a great job. Think they are national to
  10. tree77


    Yeh, I agree its not the best way forward, even though have done this to there own trees. Thanks all
  11. tree77


    Thanks all Some useful points, although its annoying that the council can pollard there trees, for the first time but we can not, there literally at the side of there street trees. But thinking on, and as stated I should really advise the customer on why it might not be best for the trees in question. Tree
  12. tree77


    Yeh, they haven't been pollards before, but neither had the street trees until last year, all of similar size and age
  13. Hi All I have a customer who wants his 2 lime trees pollarding, but they area covered by an area tpo and the TO has refused the request, even though the trees are along his boundary with the highway, and the council have recently pollarded all the street trees here. Is there any justification in him pollarding, or requesting this to keeping line with the street trees, there all same age and similar size before they pollarded them. Any help would be appreciated thanks Tree
  14. Hi All Can anyone recommend a building architect in the Stoke area, or any one that could do building plans, for a planning app if the measurements where provided please. Many thanks Tree
  15. Hi All What software can I used to do landscape planting plan? Needs to be to scales and show the plant spacing etc with a list of quantities as a key Many thanks Tree


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