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  1. I have dealt with them in the past, either by contacting asset protection or the online live chat has proven useful to. so areas seem quicker then other, costs can be high to, the last job we had a guy onsite and it was just over £2500. good luck
  2. I haven't got that one, but have a few others, I have read parts of it. I have reasonable understanding of subsidence, I took the subsidence module as part of my L6. Just thought that the subsidence workshop might be useful as it looking more at the non tree part, books are good but sometimes it makes more sense if someone going though it with you
  3. yeh I have kind of done the Tree life one, thought maybe as the subsidence forum is aimed not just at the arb worlds it might be a good insight. Tree
  4. Hi all, currently looking at some subsidence training and found a 1 day workshop run by the subsidence forum, covers a range of topics and looks useful. Has any one else attend in the past? I know the AA run courses to but this one looks more hands one so was thinking I might get more out of it? Many thanks Tree
  5. Hi, All though the wording seems strong on the letter, think its a fairly standard wording, I see it a lot when we receive claims against LA trees, but we choose not to take any action unless the actually provide supporting evidence, which the generally do provide. As a minimum we ask for soil analysis to confirm shrinkable clay, root analysis and engineers report which show the have rules out of course of subsidence. Level and crack monitoring is also sometimes provided. Is there any other vegetation which may have an influence on the subsidence? Your customers insurance provider should be able to help, as previously stated
  6. It is a poor clearance and doesn't look like they have the min statutory clearance either, well with in your rights to keep complaining if no luck go to the ombudsmen. Unfortunately some network operators are better then others.
  7. Hi, late response sorry, although its a transformer its also called a pole mounted sub station to. I'm surprised they didn't clear more as they look very close to conductor going into the transformer which is 11kv. They do have to maintain a statutory clearance in enats 43-8 though.
  8. Does the land charge show on the tile dead's for the property?,
  9. Thanks for all your help, will speak with the LPA, it may be the case as Edwards said, it may be confirmed just not stated. I know it's not been updated as the group TPO was under 1 owner, the area was sold about 10 years and now is over 3 owners. The other strange thing is that I can find the work application history but 1 row of the trees have been pollarded, about 6 years ago but no application record, also have missing trees to. Thanks again for all your help
  10. Thanks Gary Will have to spoke with the tree officer, seems odd that they sent me copy of the TPO document but can't see a date it was confirmed
  11. Thanks Paul, I have the a copy of the TPO document from LPA, just assumed it would be all as one document, but I have really seen many so unsure, I will try and speak with the LPA, just not the easiest to get hold off. Many thanks for your help
  12. Hi All I have been looking at TPO documents but not sure if this one has been confirmed. It states a date for section 201 and is dated with seal, but it's doesn't state a date when confirmed. It might be my miss understanding but thought it would state confirmed date? Many thanks Tree


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