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  1. tree77

    ID please

    Purple plum
  2. tree77

    Confirmed TPO

    Does the land charge show on the tile dead's for the property?,
  3. tree77

    Confirmed TPO

    Thanks for all your help, will speak with the LPA, it may be the case as Edwards said, it may be confirmed just not stated. I know it's not been updated as the group TPO was under 1 owner, the area was sold about 10 years and now is over 3 owners. The other strange thing is that I can find the work application history but 1 row of the trees have been pollarded, about 6 years ago but no application record, also have missing trees to. Thanks again for all your help
  4. tree77

    Confirmed TPO

    Thanks Gary Will have to spoke with the tree officer, seems odd that they sent me copy of the TPO document but can't see a date it was confirmed
  5. tree77

    Confirmed TPO

    Thanks all
  6. tree77

    Confirmed TPO

    Thanks Paul, I have the a copy of the TPO document from LPA, just assumed it would be all as one document, but I have really seen many so unsure, I will try and speak with the LPA, just not the easiest to get hold off. Many thanks for your help
  7. tree77

    Confirmed TPO

    Hi All I have been looking at TPO documents but not sure if this one has been confirmed. It states a date for section 201 and is dated with seal, but it's doesn't state a date when confirmed. It might be my miss understanding but thought it would state confirmed date? Many thanks Tree
  8. tree77

    Setting up as a consultant

    I use otiss to, does all I need to do, although cant seem add shade patterns though. I just use a Samsung tablet and use topographical plan provided.
  9. tree77

    Adjacent trees and birds

    Ok great thanks
  10. tree77

    Adjacent trees and birds

    I have a tree to remove with a pigeon nesting in it, once the chicks have flown the nest can I remove the tree before the reuse the nest or has the general license issue changed this? Many thanks Tree
  11. tree77

    TPO advice

    Thanks again Gary, been while since i been involved with tpos. Many thanks Tree
  12. tree77

    TPO advice

    Thanks Gary, Yeh, luckily the client has only just purchased so the removed trees would of been by the previous owner which would of been the NHS. I'm I right that I need to submit a TPO application to remove epicormic growth?
  13. tree77

    TPO advice

    Hi all Could you give me a little advice please. I have a customer who has a group TPO which states the number of trees and species in the group, the trees can be clearly identified, am i right in assuming the small/younger trees of the same species wouldn't be covered by the TPO within the marked area? Also TPO which created 1999 but recent changes means that the group TPO is split over 3 different owners plus 3 trees have previously been removed but no record or update to the TPO, is it just case of speaking to the local authority with these issues? Any help would be much appreciated Thanks Tree
  14. tree77

    Hcc student card

    not sure, may depend on what the course is and who's it with?. I attend part time for my L6 with tree life, but no student card, now taken on the MSc online and they have issued me with a student card. sorry doesn't help you much
  15. tree77

    Arboricultural Subscription Magazines

    +1 for the Arb mag also read the one that the ICF send out to


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