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  1. Tree mortgage reports are fairly straightforward, site map with trees plotted, tree details/distance from building etc, soil type base upon the British geographical maps, any previous history relating to property/damage. Lots of cavats of whats not included,covered. Just make sure you indemnity insurance covers you.
  2. I've seen lot like this, never known fully the course but generally they continue to decline and we remove the tree.
  3. Hi All Just looking back at previous posts as I'm interested in looking at various wood/fungi samples under a microscope. I tried a few years ago but with out much look. Think the problem was that I wasn't slicing thin enough. What I was hoping to do, is to take some core samples at look at them I have a old but reasonable microscope like the one in the pic, is it worth trying some polarising lens, or is it over complicating thing. Not had much look with taking photos yet either
  4. a sunnto clinometer is fairly cheap and easy to use
  5. hi, ive added a few photos of the tree, sorry there from Google street view
  6. Hi all Just wondering if any knows what tree this cone come from please. Its about 25cm long. No pics of the tree though
  7. tree77

    PTI Help

    From what I remember there wasn't any misleading questions and it was all covered on the training beforehand. Just make notes in the workbook provided and highlight sections that the trainer says might be in test. The disease ident is straight forward as its open book. Sure you will be fine
  8. From memory, before WPD took over, working for Central Networks it was only 2m on 11kv. But they distances are the safety/vicinity zones, within that there's the live zone. Safety distances are there for a reason, and unfortunately we all estimate distance differently so better to be safe than sorry. The starting point should be using proximity zone 1 and 2 which is what NPTC use (exception of UA's) and than take advice from network operator.
  9. Otiss software is ok for condition surveys. I have used it for 5837, seemed limited on what you can do
  10. Yep looks ganoderma. Difficult to say cause of action but its not always a automatic fell, depends on extent of decay. We have many as highway trees, we try to retain as we can, we some times reduce the crown but that can make things worse. We do change our inspection regime to be more frequent. Unlikely to be unsafe to climb but again without seeing it hard to say. A photo showing the crown might be helpful to


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