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  1. I did offered him the job but he said he's not getting involved 😂
  2. Thanks Julian, what does this mean for me? Are you suggesting that council could still tell me what is done is done and I still have no chance? If that is the case I might as well get someone to install the dropped kerb and tell council to go after Virgin first then come to me haha
  3. Update: Yesterday, Virgin media came to install new cable for us and guess what they started digging the pavement!! I asked them how come they were allowed to dig and they said they have permission to dig from the council. They dug about 1.5ft deep, surely I don't have to dig that deep to install dropped kerb. I have sent a new email to council with all the pictures let's see what they have to say about this.
  4. Update: I have submitted my appeal. Let's wait and see what happens. There were 45 trees on that roan and 40 of them had dropped kerb within 1.5m from the tree. I know LA will just say that was done before the legislation got changed but how can changing something on a paper in last few years will save those 40 trees if this is wrong? Maybe I am naive but I just don't get it. The distance between two trees is 9m and I only want to build 2.4m dropped kerb in the middle of these tree. Fingers crossed LA will offer me some lifeline.
  5. No they haven't, they just said I can't build any dropped kerb!
  6. I think planning is not needed but I do need to get approval from highway I think. Here is a email that I received.
  7. Thanks Juels. I am willing to pay a reasonable amount to carry out the survey to see if there are any roots where I want to build a dropped kerb. But the email I received was sent from council highway department to say my plan has been rejected and email their complaint team if I am not happy. It is crazy who on this planet will be happy with their plan being rejected haha. They have not said anything on what are my options. Apparently there is a new legislation where you have to build a soakaway in your drive plus you have to build your drive before council builds the dropped kerb. On this street there are 91 houses and 89 of them have dropped kerb which is why I am a little annoyed.
  8. Thank you so much. Any idea what sort of cost we are looking at for this fancy procedures that you have mentioned above? Thanks
  9. Unfortunately for me it seems every house on that street installed their dropped kerb well before the legislation got changed. Thank you John, I have requested council to send arborist to carry out survey but I think they said there is 6 weeks waiting list just to get an appoint to speak to him. Thanks Anno, I think like John mentioned above it was just blanket approach and no consideration was given. I will have to appeal their decisions but I am not sure what to write on my appeal. I don't think I can just say I don't agree with their policy haha.
  10. hahaha lots of calculation to do Kevin. Don't think it will be as expensive as Richmond upon Thames certainly lots to think about.
  11. I know it was a big mistake. I did ask council about carrying out the survey but they said I couldn't do that because I don't own the property or live in the property. Learning everything hard way unfortunately.
  12. Property prices have been mental this year and people were offering silly money. Unfortunately, we also had to offer well over asking price to secure this property. Interestingly someone also suggested to sue the surveyor and I spoke to someone who carried out the survey and he said they only carry out survey of the property and not trees outside the house to put a dropped kerb
  13. Thanks Kevin. I really hope it is not going to cost me my kidney. I have a small child and having a drive would really help going in and our the car. Plus our cars won't be hit by some careless drivers on the street. I really appreciate all your help and suggestions I have found this immensely valuable. I really hope someone from council or highway agency will try and work with me on this. Thanks
  14. I am really glad at least there are some real human being making some kind of decisions and not just computer says no. I hope I will find someone over here who would try and help me.
  15. Thanks Chris. I am not seeing any light at the end of the tunnel Sounds like celweb probably not going to work for me as the kerb is already about 5-6 inches tall. You mentioned "RPA it will need to be no dig" does that mean I can't even dig small root survey trench as some of the other guys here suggested? Thanks


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