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  1. They look like strip cankers. Whats the soil like? Drought stress can cause this.
  2. It looks like Mycena galericulata.
  3. If you could persuade the owner to instal even a low fence around the rooting area that would probably help massively with the compaction. 2 - 3 ft post and rope fencing looks nice and whilst it doesn't stop people, most won't cross it, great for highlighting and protecting the tree. There is little point in decompacting if the compaction can re occur. What sort of site is it?
  4. The non ce cougar is a good all-rounder.
  5. It looks like expanding foam on a Lime tree to me, unless it's a very rough barked beech. As far as the orange blob goes, maybe cut a wedge from it. That will help to find out what it is.
  6. That's not massaria. It looks like an old would or possibly a bit of Inonotus canker.
  7. It looks like a slightly over ripe Meripilus.
  8. Not really a clear enough photo but it's likely to be Fistulina.
  9. They say it's 3:1. Not sure how that works but what do I know?!
  10. If you clip a hand ascender with a krab on it onto your rope before you go out, then feed the end of your rope through the krab you can make a 2:1 system so you can pull yourself in. If that makes sense?
  11. That would look to me to be resinaceum.
  12. Yep, you are probably correct.


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