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  1. Spiderjack 3

    Yes. I've not used SJ3 but the wooden brake is used to control the descent. So to descend you release the cam with the metal lever and control with the wooden brake. It just takes practice to get used to.
  2. Spiderjack 3

    Are you using the wooden brake?
  3. Domestic insulated power cable

    If it runs from a pole to the house it's still part of the network.
  4. Domestic insulated power cable

    For non UA arbs doing tree surgery the 9m is given as the distance at which you should contact the network operator (15m or two tree lengths for felling), it is known as working in proximity. This distance is often over the top and is there allow a discussion to see if a shut down or line drop is necessary or not. sometimes it is not but it is better to get the proper advice. For non UA arbs vicinity and live zone should not come into it. We should not be working that close. If in doubt contact the power company. For the OP the line is too close. Contact the power company and get their opinion. This is a useful thread:http://arbtalk.co.uk/forum/utility-arboriculture/39602-how-close-too-close-when-contact-local-network-operator.html
  5. Fungi ID please?

    I was thinking more in terms of altered ground level. It would be interesting to see what was going on a bit below the surface.
  6. Fungi ID please?

    Not much visible root flare on the tree I notice.
  7. Fungi ID please?

    Use the force seemed like an incomplete response... ...anyway, I have a magic wand to help me...
  8. Decay images

    Hi Paul, Thanks for you reply. Yes it does make sense. Another useful tool in the kit. Am I correct in thinking that you need specialist training to practice statics?
  9. Fungi ID please?

    Probably Perenniporia fraxinea. Cut a wedge to confirm.
  10. Decay images

    That might depend how many units there were.
  11. Decay images

    Just thinking out loud here (or thinking online as it were) but it seems to me there is quite a gap in the knowledge of the transition between a hollow stem where a t/R can be calculated and a tree where it has started to separate into semi autonomous functional units. As the functional units separate then the residual wall at many points becomes 0, yet the tree could be perfectly stable.
  12. Haloing around and reducing veteran pollards

    Is that a cheeky lunge I see
  13. areal rescue on a zigzag

    If you install a rope wrench above the zig-zag the wrench will take a lot of the load off the zig-zig.
  14. Life of art rope guide

    I'd say it's damage not wear. In that respect a bit of kit lasts as long as you look after it.
  15. Open Space Arboriculture - Urban tree conservation videos

    Interesting how the tree appears to change direction as it falls.


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