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  1. Tree Of Life. BBC1. 11/02/18. 5:00pm

    Nice one Timon. I bet you were praying hard that fell went right 😀 Respect for telling your inspiring story.
  2. Tree Of Life. BBC1. 11/02/18. 5:00pm

    Nice one! Will have a watch.
  3. It’s possible. If there is water and oxygen down there then yes. I’ve heard of instances in London where roots have been found down to around 5 metres.
  4. Open Space Arboriculture - Urban tree conservation videos

    Superb! Did you choose a high-line because it was easier and cheaper than a MEWP? Or just cos it’s way cooler?!
  5. Tree Officer Oxfordshire County Council

    Sounds like a great opportunity to work in a nice area!
  6. Residential Extension Proposal - TPO

    It’s fair enough for the council to ask for a report despite the foundations being outside of notional RPAs - there are plenty of other ways trees can be damaged during construction other than directly by excavating for foundations. Perhaps get some more quotes for the report if £800 seems a bit much for what could be quite a simple report.
  7. SIA- the tree pulling test/theory

    These seem great - I’ve looked in to them in the last. The only thing that put me off was relying on wind speed data from a local weather station which could actually be quite different accounting for gusts and shelter. Do you use an anemometer placed nearby? And do you interpret your own data or send it away for analysis? I’m keen to know how ‘user friendly’ these are.
  8. Loony Lefties

    I watched the extended interview on YouTube. He is brilliant!
  9. SIA- the tree pulling test/theory

    Interesting post, thanks for sharing David. I don't have any first hand experience with pull-tests, but a few questions! As already asked by Darin above, do you know how the test and interpretation of results accounts for soil and rooting conditions. Obviously the stretch of wood fibres under tension is measurable, but surely the cohesion of fine and structural roots to the soil medium is critical when considering whole tree failure? Are the values provided by the test compared with some kind of benchmark data - e.g. the 'normal' elasticity of Platanus wood? I notice that the tree was a multi-stemmed tree but that the cable was attached to one of the stems rather than linked to all of them. How does the test allow for the flexure of that stem at its junction with the primary trunk? I would have thought that this junction would flex and therefore dissipate some of the load from the base - or would that only be true of a dynamic test rather than a static load? I realise that you were an attendee rather than the demonstrator - but you're about the smartest tree nerd I know so I reckon you'll have something to say in return
  10. Accounting software

    FreeAgent - it's excellent. Here's a referral code to get 10% off (for you and for me!): http://fre.ag/434xo4m9
  11. Tree ID please

    Not great pictures! Possibly a Whitebeam?
  12. Site Specific and generic Risk Assessments

    Are you a member of the Arb Association? There's a bunch of guidance documents on their website which may be what you are looking for. https://www.trees.org.uk/Help-Advice/Help-for-Arborists
  13. VETcert

    Have you got a link you can share to that?
  14. GPS Tree Survey Systems

    Well the CAD app would save you having to mark up a paper copy on site but not much else. Just need someone to make a simple app that links a DWG with a survey form.... ArbEvolve looked good but won’t work on Mac’s so won’t work for us.
  15. GPS Tree Survey Systems

    On an iPad mate. It’s a simple free CAD app called DWG Fastview.


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