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  1. I use this method a lot on Horse shoes prior to welding, I just chuck them in a bucket with warm water and a dollop of citric and leave to stew.
  2. Think I will stick with what I use now
  3. I am a big fan of easy composites but happy to try a recommended supplier
  4. What resin did you use and the supplier please?
  5. Yew is inherintly one of the most stable woods when drying I have found, also it is a great choice due to colour and grain for this type of furniture, one of my favorite timbers to work with.
  6. For the spheres that I turn I just use air dried timber, usually burrs, I guess it depends on what you are doing and how stable the wood is as if it is a river table or shelf if the wood was to shrink it may pull away from the resin - If I was doing a table I would do the usual of keeping the wood in the room the table was going to be used in for a couple of weeks or so to stabilise, other wise I would aim for 10 - 12% if the location is unknown.
  7. I had a EGR and DPF "delete" done 2 years later and 25k still no issues, sailed through the MOT and no more warning lights.
  8. Ok I am going to go to him qwith a price of £1400 hung in joinery softwood. As for the glazing I think off the shelf beading is the way to go rather than trying to rout from scratch - is acrylic better than glass for the glazing? Will post some pics if I get the job. Cheers All
  9. Ok a collegue at work has asked me to make some doors for his newly built cart shed - whilst I have the tools and ability to build them I have no idea about pricing. Been asked for 2x doors similar to the image below from cedar or similar as opposed to softwood, the door frame size is 2.19 x 2.74 m. I have no local supplier of exterior grade timber so ask for any help or guidance on materials and pricing would be appreciated, would like the job but dont know where to satrt as all my jobs are normally in softwood, and easy to work out how much the materials are, then I just bung on a few quid to cover consumables, but this one I would like to do "proper". If not I will pass him to a local company but I would like to see if I can be competative.
  10. You will need a very different system for turning chisels to carving chisels and plane irons - turning chisels I use a creusen slow speed grinder with white wheels and a simple sorby jig. 15 seconds and i am back on the lathe - a tormek or similar is way too slow to be of any use on turning tools - not a one size fits all when it comes to sharpening tools.
  11. On Friday was told I was assisting on a informal family Clay shoot on the estate. Hmmmmm this event needs a trophy methinks, so fired up the lathe and knocked this out. It was presented to the best shot of the day and went down very well. It was a block of spalted ash that had been kicking around the wood store as it was too split for a bowl.
  12. Great results, must admit I have never tried over more than a few inches, next time I am tinkering I will do a distance test.
  13. The neon transformer you need is one that supports an open circuit I made the mistake of buying one which is "too" safe and will not put out the voltage in the desired manner. I ended up importing one of these Conestoga Works - Lichtenberg Figure Wood Burners 2017 CONESTOGAWORKS.COM Conestoga Works Purveyor of Vacuum Systems for the Wood Worker. Vacuum Chambers, Vacuum Kilns, Vacuum Pumps... about as safe as 12,000 volts can be


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