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  1. Why are the chains sooo expensive?
  2. Cor that takes me back - Mr Bernie CLIFTON.
  3. Simply brilliant, what a wonderful job.
  4. You could throw them my way and save you some work
  5. Will be watching this with interest
  6. You gotta have some trust in those guys pulling the rope!!!!!!
  7. I use braid for pike fishing, I started with expensive branded stuff, but i now buy bulk spools from china, never had a problem yet and sooo much cheaper. You can get some natty colours to.
  8. I have the same gun on my small blasting cabinet it will only do a VERY small area at a time. Ok for what I use it for but over a large area would take forever.
  9. for the penny resin floor or any other interesting things embedded in the resin. They can be made to look really cool.
  10. Looks the same as my Lidls mains one one, had it a couple of years and cant fault it, I got a thicker wheel from Fleabay and now does all my chains if required - bargain. I mounted mine on a scrap of 2 x 2 and just hold in the vice when using, works a treat.
  11. Lots of 1/2 routers of Fleabay, and Bangood is pretty good for planer or flattening bits to suit
  12. 1/2" router as powerful as you can afford (2200w) as the bit is quite large and any small router will let the smoke out and a suitable "flattening" bit to suit, I got one off ebay I think, pretty reasonable, may be worth getting a couple if the price is right saves down time if it loses its edge.
  13. Here is a simple to make sled used on rings Router Leveling Jig | Woodsmith WWW.WOODSMITH.COM Flattening twisted and rough cut lumber is a breeze with this Jig.
  14. One of the best sealants I have found beleive it or not is the thin brown parcel tape, seems to stick to most surfaces, a hot glue gun is a bonus to. Old lino or vinyl flooring is a good base with scrap wood sides glued and screwed around the boards then sealed. Some woods can be a problem with resin if they are oily as the resin doent stick to them well and can pull away, if the table is going to be opaque consider threaded rods to join the two boards together hidden in the resin.


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