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  1. As you say valued by the turning fraternity, there was a Benedictine monk who used it exclusively for huge bowls they were very impressive. Monks use Internet to market their bowls WWW.IRISHTIMES.COM The Benedictine monks of Co Limerick's Glenstal Abbey have turned to the World Wide Web to find a market for their...
  2. https://arbtalk.co.uk/forums/topic/98219-chilling-chinese-milling/?tab=comments#comment-1466130 How about investing in a cheap chainsaw mill? can be done on a budget as my link shows, great results for a few £`s may just fit the bill for you.
  3. Ideal for making house signs and the like
  4. Nice boards, makes a change for them not to split.
  5. Yes the tank did have a lot of pressure in it when I opened, when pumping the bulb it wouldnt send enough fresh fuel through so the vapour lock sounds the culprit, just wanted to check if I needed to strip and check the fuel lines for holes etc, but sounds like it just doesnt like the sun> My Thanks.
  6. Ok was running my saw last weekend, it was a hot day and was working around a marsh so pretty humid to, after the first running was a pig to start, done all the usual checks only thing I could see was air bubbles in the fuel feed pipe when I pressed the primer bulb. When she did fir ran perfectly at tickover and WOT, but again after stopping was a real pain to start. On return home in the evening I couldnd replicate the fault, no air leaks that I could find, certainly no fuel leak, fuel pick up in tank all ok and started first pull every time. Could that air have been something to do with the heat, or is there an underlying fault??? Its only a cheap DIY 14" saw but runs a dream, anything further I could check or would explain the bubbles in the fuel feed which stopped when it cooled off later in the day.... Hmmmmmmm curious!!
  7. A bit long winded but means the same.... Genesis 1:22. God blessed them — Behold the cause of the continuance in existence, and of the fruitfulness and multiplication, of the sundry kinds of creatures! It is owing to this word only that, though thousands of years have rolled away since their creation, not one species of them, amid so many, has been lost. Hence the inclination in every creature to propagate its species, and hence the wonderful and tender care they take of their young, till they are able to provide for themselves! So that, notwithstanding the daily great consumption of the creatures for the food of man, there is still such a succession of them, that the innumerable multitudes consumed for our use are not even missed. How wonderful that Being who is the author of this fertility and plenteousness!
  8. What about having replacement words - you could still be expressive without using the direct word. Most swear words create their own atmophere, you never hear "F**k off" he hinted.
  9. Stunning work as always, great finish on the stair spindles - is that straight from the tool?
  10. Wot he said or small froe or hand axe
  11. The last lot I did, I prepacked with firelighters and wrapped in cheap clingfilm to keep dry and ready to go, suprising how efficient they can be.
  12. I didnt say it wasnt a recordable offence I was commenting on the investigative paths forces take.
  13. If the garage make an agreement with you to come back and pay, and you dont, this is then a civil recovery not a criminal act, same as if there is no "dishonesty" at the time of making off, most Police forces classs as a civil debt rather than a criminal offence, may get recorded but not investigated it is up to the fuel provider to chase via civil courts.
  14. Yes what Steve said......


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