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  1. Lazurus

    How d'they do dat?

    Wot he said or small froe or hand axe
  2. Lazurus

    Any tips on making Swedish candles?

    The last lot I did, I prepacked with firelighters and wrapped in cheap clingfilm to keep dry and ready to go, suprising how efficient they can be.
  3. Lazurus

    Bilking, don't worry

    I didnt say it wasnt a recordable offence I was commenting on the investigative paths forces take.
  4. Lazurus

    Bilking, don't worry

    If the garage make an agreement with you to come back and pay, and you dont, this is then a civil recovery not a criminal act, same as if there is no "dishonesty" at the time of making off, most Police forces classs as a civil debt rather than a criminal offence, may get recorded but not investigated it is up to the fuel provider to chase via civil courts.
  5. Lazurus

    Teak oil

    Yes what Steve said......
  6. Lazurus

    Teak oil

    Mark, I have recently been using Rye Oils Decking oil, seems to be pretty good and I have used on both soft and hard wood gates and furniture, my be worth a try in the future. S.
  7. Lazurus

    6 June 75 years ago

    My Step Father Mr Peter POTTER is one of the last surviving Lancaster crew members of 626 squadron - he still goes flying albeit as a passenger now - well in his 90`s a privilidge to be related to one of our countries heros.
  8. Lazurus

    Elm chopping boards

    First job get it cut or split along the grain and in stick to start drying - green wood will not be suitable for chopping boards. Once you have it planked a simple job could be done with hand tools and a jig saw.
  9. Lazurus

    Pigeon Shooting

    This is the little beastie, cheap as chips built like and possible from tanks, ideal hedgerow gun and around farm buildings and live stock, ticks all the boxes for me, and a nice change from an O/U.
  10. Lazurus

    Pigeon Shooting

    That's a heavy load, what you putting them through?
  11. Lazurus

    Pigeon Shooting

    No 30g no 6`s, the moderator on the single barrel is far longer than on the Mossberg and similar so offers far more suppression, thought I would struggle not having that extra shot but it has improved my shooting no end, I also choose my birds more sensibly and one shot one kill, averaged 1.5 to one last night with a bag of 30 + from bale hide on the flight line, no decoys.
  12. Lazurus

    Pigeon Shooting

    Same for me, got the license to cover spread of disease, still waiting for the crop license but carrying on - just got a fully moderated hushpower 12b for over the peas, cracking little thing and is sooo much quieter, single shot so it sharpens you up to.
  13. Lazurus

    Pigeon Shooting

    So with all this hoohah over the general license debacle - is anyone managing to keep on top of the woodies now the peas are up?
  14. Lazurus

    House warming present

    Very nice, cool present.
  15. Lazurus

    When you've fallen out with your own lot

    I have two teenage kids who I have not seen or heard from in over 5 years, they live with their mum less than a mile away - I have tried but ex is a very controlling person - If you can put oil on troubled waters would be good, but sometimes there is nothing you can do, don't do or don't do, anything that you will regret in the future.


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