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  1. First milling, wild cherry

    I have problems with all fruit woods, hit and miss as to usability after storage, but I isn't no expert, I just have more issues with fruit than any other timber, oh Holly comes close.
  2. Log Clock

    Wot he said, looks cool.
  3. Sanding a bowl

    As spalted woods can be soft the grain damage can go pretty deep, I learned a lot from Lyle JAMIESON on YouTube regarding tear out and how to avoid it, his series of videos I think are a must for any wood turner. he explains not only how, but why he uses the techniques he does. Well worth a peek. Oh yes and his boring rig is brilliant, I purchased it a couple of years ago and its the best system I have ever used.
  4. Oak egg

    I did a bowl full of eggs as a practice idea, a simple shape that is sooo hard to get right and actually look like an egg, a fair few of mine went airborne over the field next door out of frustration. Great practice though.
  5. all my woodwork so far

    Ok I`ll ask "what's a Moses staff"
  6. Opinions on this cutlery please

    Are they for go or just show, patient work.
  7. Ford Ranger " Limited "

    "Its a JEEP If I had wanted a HUMMER I would have called your sister" I love that one
  8. Angled tool rest

    Sounds like the banjo lock is a bit squiffy, it should lock anywhere you put it on the bed bars. I had a similar issue on an Axminster lathe, a bit of tinker time sorted it. Check all is straight and square and clean. Hope you get it sorted.....
  9. Barn Owl in water trough .

    Owls well that ends well!
  10. Angled tool rest

    What lathe are you using Mick, most should go up to and over center to allow for really small spindle, pens, finials etc......
  11. Alaskan milling cost per hour

    Now that is the question.........
  12. bowl turning thread

    I did a similar thing Mick with some oak work tops that were going to be skipped, found it hard to get a good finish though.
  13. 'NEW' (sort of!) Eco Mill 36" Chainsaw Mill

    I set mine about 1/4 inch from the sprocket edge and clamp on, if the chain becomes tight to turn your too close to the sprocket, bar and chain should work the same as when the mill is not fitted.
  14. Stenner Bandsaw and Kirkbride Resaw

  15. TimberPro 26cc Top Handle

    Mt Timberpro just keeps on going, sub £90 - Bargain


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