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  1. Olight are a good company with quality products but I cannot comment on the head torches but every thing else I have had is top drawer.
  2. Lazurus

    ArbDogs? Pics!

    Just got this little fella from a local rescue centre. A 2 year old pomeranian cross called Zippy. As smart and obedient as you could ask for staright ot of the box. It has been many years since I have had a dog, looking forward to the future.
  3. If they are worm holes they may not be active, look for fine sawdust exiting the holes as the little bu88ers eat!!!
  4. Oxalic acid - used to clean fidre glass and bleach wood, great for stain removal on stone, concrete etc, and cheap as chips off Fleabay
  5. No timbers all appear sound and dry, just the wood munchers little holes. Bring back DDT!!!!!
  6. Just moved into our new place and I cleaned out the single garage that the old boy before us had used as a small workshop. I noticed some active woodworn in the rafters (flat pent roof) so I gave it a good dose of Cuprinol wood worm killer 5 days ago. I noticed today there is still some active critters in the wood. Do I need to reapply or will the original spray act on and kill those still munching?
  7. No idea tried every card I have all are declined never had a problem before so now at a loss ?
  8. No good can’t open an account!!!!!!
  9. But they have such an uncomfortable driving position with the window so close to the steering wheel, when I drove the works defender I had to have the window down all the time
  10. Many thanks will have a look when i get home
  11. I have just purchased a new to me Kity 1629 - however I am unable to locate a manual on the interweb. Can anyone assist with a scanned copy please?
  12. We need to get a price for one of these, could be a good take up @Johnsond
  13. I lost my ol Pops back in 2005 to cancer, he was my friend and Father things get easier over time but I still go to phone him now and again when I have something I would have shared with him. Then lost my Step Father at the end of last year, he was in a home for a few months, very sad after his long and eventful life. We are all terminal, its just a case of when! Tributes to Second World War hero Peter who has died aged 94 WWW.GAZETTE-NEWS.CO.UK PETER Potter made it one of his life’s missions to keep the memory of the Second World War alive.
  14. Holly is very difficult to dry without splitting or turning grey for woodturning blanks, I ususally get less than 40% useable.


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