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  1. Lazurus


    Woodturning for me IMG_0169.MP4
  2. Listening to all you very professional types, I think it is most likely it will be an uneducated diy`er who is most likely to fall foul of the law and prying neighbours. Not a well versed professional arborist
  3. How do you guys get on this time of year with "well meaning" joe public complaining your are disturbing nesting birds in hedges and the like? This is a busy time so must be a PITA
  4. Couple of simple garden benches out of a leylandi that was felled in the garden
  5. Lazurus

    ArbDogs? Pics!

    Well its arrived, actually seems good stuff albeit I did put some in a plain pot - just for peace of mind.
  6. Lazurus

    ArbDogs? Pics!

    Udder cream ordered - still doesn't feel right. 😁
  7. Lazurus

    ArbDogs? Pics!

    Can anyone recommend a decent first aid kit to keep with our Cooper, hopefully a future comrade on shoots. Believe it or not he is actually a F2 Cockapoo, less poo than Cocker methinks.
  8. I generally wet shave my head or use a casette razor but I have been looking at Pitbull skull shaver and similar copies - has anyone any actual experiance as obviously all the ad blurb is so positive?
  9. A good friend of mine has been out with his eagle!!!!! (This was taken when deer in season)
  10. Lazurus

    ArbDogs? Pics!

    This littel fella came home Christmas morning, got to return to the whistle and hunting the hedgerows already. Beleive it or not he is a F2 Cockapoo - thankfully more Cocker than Poo!
  11. Our whole front garden is gravel grids covered with, well gravel they are easy to fit, goof type 1 or sub base need three cars on and off daily, states they can take lorries up to 25 tons no problem, also used for shed bases as keeps air circulating, sounds ideal for your situation.
  12. just stumbled on this post - made my day.


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