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  1. I personally wouldn't go for the front wheel drive unless you are solely on tarmac . I agree with the previous comments regarding the clutches on my 3rd transit now, mk6 crewcab and been the worst for clutches had 3 in 10 years/120,000miles only had one in each of the previous 2 doing the same amount of work and loading and same driver. I also do less towing with this one. I would be interested in peoples opinions on the Isuzu or Nissan nt400 they look like proper little trucks. Another point is that the engines are getting smaller a lot now have 2ltr in them I have seen a transit at 18 months having one replaced I think they are trying to get too much out of a smaller engine something has to give.
  2. Were they branded as woodline before I have the 20 ton horizontal pto version good splitter but I have blown the end of the ram off Had it welded up by my local welder been fine since we can average about 1.8m3 an hour through it
  3. Have you seen the timber croc ones my mate got one as he cuts pallets up just put one corner in the jaws and cuts away looks a good bit of kit bought it on line from some firm in wales cheaper than buying direct from firm
  4. The easiest way would be to buy some land get planning for some agricultural buildings then go down the conversion route of one of them to a dwelling the only thing you need to make sure is the one you plan on converting is structurally strong enough that is one thing you will have to prove so get a structural engineer to design that one and not an off the peg agricultural building. Financing it is an area which all depends on which bank you are at. I am currently looking at swapping mine as they are been stupid on development finance even having a proven track record for a very long time and having considerable money generating assets. Good Luck
  5. I sell mine in bags and have looked into various ways of reducing handling . I split them into crates which I make out of free pallets they are 8ft x4ft x 4ft they hold about 5 or six bags . I find they dry better in crates and I can move them round easily with the forklift . To empty the crates I can remove one of the sides and handball into the bags I find this leaves us a very clean sample which is appreciated by the customers
  6. The old rule of thumb is 1/2 an inch per foot of span plus 1 inch therefore to span 10ft you would need a 6x2 this is for floor joists and roof timbers I know there will be exceptions and different loadings but for most housing situations this works.
  7. Hi Ben Could send a hook lift trailer for them I fetch the logs from steve's so if you need a job clearing we would be happy to help rather than cart them back to the pile for us to clear away. Steve has my number if you need to contact me. Regards John
  8. I looked at the stiga but my fitter said the decks were prone to rot so went for the husky version been brilliant if you have some steep banks then yes go for 4wd I have just one area which sometimes it struggles . Think the husky were a tad cheaper as well
  9. another point is if you are involved with paye as long as you get the cis statement you can offset the deduction against your monthly return
  10. I agree with the honda option but can be a bit thirsty if using for a long time. I have got a lister 5kva will run all day on a gallon of cherry. If you are building something around it why don't you sound proof it a good thickness of rockwool sound quilt should help
  11. which side Sheffield could take it all if my drop off is near enough s42 6ay
  12. There are so many variables on this question. soil plasticity foundation type foundation depth If there isn't any damage at the moment have you got room to install a root barrier. I installed one on a house which was an insurance right off. It was successful the house was built on a raft and the raft was flexing. The trees causing the problem were already there before the house was built and were in an adjoining woodland which had a tpo on everything. So the only option was to protect the property. The engineer on the job made us dig a 450 wide trench 1mtr below the root level we lined the sides with visqueen then filled it with concrete up to ground level. There was some serious cracks these were monitored for about 4 years in which time the they had closed up and the movement had stopped.
  13. The posch 30 tonne wants 28kw which is 37hp I run a 20 ton splitter on a 65hp tractor and have stalled it so your tractor will be working hard but that isn't a bad thing you wont get your bores glazed up
  14. Obviously you have had a bad experience but don't tar everyone with the same brush. I am involved with a business that has been letting properties out for nearly 30 years our longest sitting tenant is on their 20th year with us they are like family . We have also built and let some local needs housing in the village which I grew up in for the over 60s. So to go about throwing abuse at people who you don't know and has worked hard for what they have got and are just trying to support themselves and family in their old age. The property which I mentioned was in that bad a state you wouldn't have got a mortgage on it so I haven't bought a property which a first time buyer would have gone for but now if I decided to sell it a first time buyer would be able to get a mortgage on it. Like people have said their are good and bad tenants and landlords.


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