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  1. I would lput a layer of polythene then ply sheets straw bales strapped together then an old carpet on top will stop the bales disintergrating
  2. Pva will be ok to some degree but if you want to make a really good job and make it easier to clean afterwards use a good quality block paving sealer I would reccomend pattern imprinted concrete supplies at dinnington be more expensive but if you are stopping for a while be worth it I would reccomend pressure cleaning it then apply once dried in this weather probably the next day
  3. What size net bags do you all use for logs had a few enquiries for nets I usually supply in bulk bags so a new line for me
  4. what floor finish are you having if you are covering the concrete over you could use a tanking slurry we used to do a lot of floating floors on the housing sites before underfloor heating came into vogue that was insulation on top of the slab dpm and weyrock on top you can have carpet or even timber floor finishes.
  5. Have you thought about a twin coiled cylinder one coil for your oil boiler and one for the stove
  6. would you be interested in selling the grapple looking for something for picking up arb waste and putting on splitter
  7. Ive got a woodline splitter from fuelwood which I think is its predecessor same layout as that doing arb waste if you are doing rings on your own then go for a vertical. I have the wife on the leavers and I feed it. It is quick and and the log lift is good but if you have nice lengths of timber you have the option to billet the timber then run through the saw bench once seasoned. If the wood is ringed up and ready to just put through the splitter we can do about 1.75 to 2 loose m3 an hour which I think is a good output. Mine is the 20 ton model and it is well up to the job.
  8. Ive just gone down the finance route always had 3 year old vehicles and paid cash last one has done me 10 years but after 1st year of owning it had to put new short engine in 3k bill . So been looking this timeat both 3 year old and new gone for new Nissan cabstar 5 year warranty the minimum you have to pay is 10% plus all of the vat gone with Lloyds asset financing and got 3% flat rate over 3 years. However Isuzu were offering 2.19% if paid over 3 years or 2.79% over 4 so for around £120 a week for the next 3 years Ive got a new truck and its not swallowed up all my working capital.
  9. I have done a couple with an engineer monitoring the works . He made us go down 1mtr below any roots we found which in the last case was 5mtr we lined the trench with polythene and filled with c25 concrete to within 50mm of ground level. the width of the trench was 450 wide that was the narrowest we could get away with at that depth with the machine. Both jobs were successful but took a couple of years to balance themselves out. As regards cost it obviously depends on the depth you have to go to that one was around 30m long and was around 5k in 2005. Took 3 days total so not to big a job.
  10. Which size engine did you go for 130 or the 140 there are still a handful about but mainly 130ps
  11. I am looking at the moment for a replacement was told yesterday that they have stopped production on the cabstar . A friend of mine runs one in his roofing supply business and rates it highly it never stops all day that is why I am considering one in the double cab version. Isuzu don't do one in double cab. How do you find the ride in the Isuzu? I like the look of them as they look like a little truck rather than a van. Most vans in that size are only 5500kg gross train weight which would only let you carry around 700 kg or less on the towing vehicle.
  12. Is there room for a hooklift skip or farm trailer would collect timber if that helps
  13. Have you tried Welbeck Estates they own most of the woodland around the major oak


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