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Chainsaw for small woodland


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Husky 550 is nicer to use than the stihl 261 imo. It is far better balanced, feels lighter in use and is far more responsive. 

And that’s coming from a stihl fan!


pick the best local dealer and go with what they sell, stihl, husky or echo Will all give you equal value for money 

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49 minutes ago, Peter 1955 said:

I'd agree totally. I "upgraded" an ancient 023 to a 251 years ago. I never liked it, slow to warm up, lacking in power. I've put up with it till last year, when I bit the bullet and got a 261. 

The reason why I got the 261, even though the 251 seems to have eventually bedded in, or I've got used to it? On the advice of folk on here who know these things, I bought a 400 to replace an even older 038. After using that, I had to have the 261. They're both a joy to use, I reckon either would suit you, but if you are rarely going to need a 20" bar, the 261 would be my choice. 

The one thing I would say is be very careful about buying a used chainsaw privately. I'd only do that from a dealer.  

Have to agree about the 251, I bought one have hardly used it, feels unbalanced, underpowered and its a pig to start. Sits in the shed holding the floor down. Must find a mug who'd like to buy it.

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1 hour ago, Mark Bolam said:

Peter, you don’t work in sales do you.


What you mean is ‘The 251 is a fantastic saw for a small woodland owner, and I would reluctantly part with it for the right price.’

If I knew that Mr Keen but Green lived close to God's County, I might easily have typed that. 😂

 I like your style, Sir. 

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I'd +1 the 261. 

I've got a few saws and the 261 is by far my 'go to' saw. Paired with a Sugi 20" and 050 chain. It's bloody lovely to use. 

The battery saws are also great for light use. Whether its the 540i xp or similar.

One saw i couldn't be without due to the pruning and small felling is the Milwaukee Hatchet. Before i get stick regarding the Hatchet, please try one. Paired with an 8ah battery and a sharp chain, it will dramatically reduce fatigue when up in the trees or on the floor cutting coppice stands. 

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11 hours ago, Will C said:

Husky 550 is nicer to use than the stihl 261 imo.

People do say this, I don't have much time on a 550 but I prefer the 261.


The opposite of the 550 responsiveness for me is more low torque so I find 261 more progressive and controllable. Think problem is the 261 was my first saw so that's what I'm used to and feels right.


Both good saws though, as above find a local dealer and take the saw back each year for a service.

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 ms261 or 550xp 



Then maybe also  the  new small husky for doing   the  hazel sticks would be my  ideal.




Husqvarna 540XP Mark III but its very expensive for a small saw.



Echo don't yet have a   50cc or 60cc with modern AV?


But there 40cc are 70cc models are new.




The makita EA4300 is good but no longer available.


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