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  1. Public rights of way: landowner responsibilities - GOV.UK WWW.GOV.UK As the owner or occupier of land with a public right of way across it, you must keep the route visible and not obstruct or endanger users. Does the bridleway belong to owner of trees to be extracted? If not permission is required from landowner. Motorised vehicles not permitted on Bridleway except with landowner's permission. It is a right of way and does not belong to local authority. Talk to footpaths officer they are usually very helpful regarding special situations expensive to close even for short while.
  2. Excellent company to deal with, when items I ordered turned out to be out of stock was phoned promptly received apology and received without asking upgraded product at no extra cost.
  3. Can confirm my 026 still on original drum bearing can't remember when I last greased it lol, used regularly in woodland maintenance/felling/firewood. Owned from new, has been a good saw, no issues whatsoever.
  4. petercb


    You need to get a chartered surveyor to look at this and advise.
  5. Only the top two look to be doing anything presumably his is one of the lower ones.
  6. Why not just ask him what he wants? Will save that disappointed look when what you get him isn't quite what he wanted.
  7. Note to self get new calendar thought it was end of November not April 1st. Never heard such rot - pun intended!
  8. Wood is 128 acres in old money. Its in North Bedfordshire, actually two woods but joined together. Yes we do manage it ourselves though others may disagree! Like you came to woodland mgt later in life. Just seen your comment ref Badger - similar experience with two youngsters on a beautiful summer evening weeks after buying the wood.
  9. Very interesting and sounds so similar to our woodland (PAWS) with Americans donating huge amounts of concrete (Nearly 5 miles of the stuff) which as you say makes it great for getting around all year, was used for bomb storage and ammunition loading in Nissen type huts. Was originally oak predominately then clear felled after war replanted with Norway Spruce and Corsican Pine as nurse crop for Oak by FC. They then decided to spray off the oak as 'uneconomic', they have the grace to look embarrassed about it now. Wood passed through a couple of previous owners with some thinning being carried out but they took a lot of the 'king' trees out and we had some windblow in compartments as a result. We've owned it for the last 20 years and mainly light thinning with a mix of regen and hardwood planting. Little sign of Ash dieback yet. Dogs Mercury is prevalent and primroses and bluebells are prolific in the southern end of the wood. Have some big elm sadly suffering from DED but still lots left. Few patches of hazel and about 5 spindles which are just flowering. Will post some more when time permits and will follow the thread with interest.
  10. +1 for the loggings and small offcuts use them regularly in the smaller stove burn so much better than bigger logs in it and yes they last really well
  11. Thinking of getting one of these, where did you get the green skip from looks a useful addition? Like you I have some spruce to extract with no clear drop lines so I also bring them down sectionally.
  12. 18v drill with 2 batteries £85 wickes less 10%£76.50 Same drill on toolstation is £99
  13. Toolstation also do Einhell have some good offers 2 x 3ah batteries and double charger £49
  14. Get yourself signed up for Wickes Trade pro 10% off everything both in store and online. Easy enough to sign up instore. Bloody autocorrect again!


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