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  1. As soon as anyone describes a machine as 'mint' I automatically think yeah it's got a hole in it somewhere.
  2. Had a delayed delivery from Hermes, was container of gear oil which courier returned to depot resent out wrapped in plastic bag with additional delivery note stating basically as Hermes had accepted it courier had to deliver it. May be useful to you.
  3. Got a flail mower/mulcher, 550kg on it's way from Winchester to Rushden, £82 all in including insurance. Communications are excellent. Was going to go and collect with trailer just not worth the hassle or time. The quality pallet delivery network in the UK & Europe | Pall-Ex | Pall-Ex (UK) Ltd WWW.PALLEX.CO.UK Pall-Ex is an efficient, reliable and cost-effective quality pallet delivery network across the UK and Europe. Deliver and track...
  4. And no bad language or slagging off!
  5. Had my einhell battery saw for best part of a year it's really good came with oregon chain and bar. Have now got a lot of their cordless kit and have found it excellent especially sds hammer drill.
  6. Good point have had that happen to me on my 450e more than once even after really tightening it.
  7. Typical hunt attitude they told me I shouldn't have been allowed to buy my wood. Arrogant ignorant barstewards.
  8. Battery all day I have the Einhell 36v which is excellent, keep it in the pickup and always using it. Wickes have offer on for free battery and charger but if you have any battery power tools already look at that make. Battery saw so much better than petrol on hedge work.
  9. Hardly a cyclist about this morning but loads more cars wonder what changed?
  10. Excellent resource easily adapted for UK. I wear light gloves such as the site ones from screw fix about £1.39 a pair easy to work in. Thanks for posting.
  11. Cyclists everywhere today all over the road lane discipline non existent. As for horses had a bucketful lately first it was the local caravan dwellers stallions out on the road at five in the morning. Northants finest attended and told me they'd put them back can't count unfortunately as there were 3 out not 2. Third one smashed our fence down and got into back hay meadow. Absolutely wild and dangerous said caravan dwellers turned up and was a hoot as they tried to catch the thing which they did but not without it giving one of them a hell of a kick, just about managed to keep a straight face. Three days later the finest are back enquiring about stolen horses in field at back run by horse welfare outfit. Legal owner turns up to collect them next thing is ambulances, fire engines and police cars tearing down track at side of our paddock. Said stolen horses objected to going back and laid out two of owners. Just don't get me started on the local hunt they're in a league of their own.
  12. If you want something that can convert into a tablet as well as having a normal keyboard have a look at some of the newer chrome books which flip. They run on chrome os so no windows. I have an Asus 101 flip which has a 10.1 screen converts into a tablet and runs Android apps as well. Really impressed with how simple and hassle free it is. Bit of a learning curve as few bits work differently. Battery life is great and haven't found anything I couldn't do with it compared to a laptop. Haven't used one to transfer or process photos though. Storage is usually small as mainly designed to work online but work equally well offline. Worth looking at.
  13. End of life protocols and palliative care have their place if applied humanely and with compassion. What is dangerous is to go down the route of 'well they've had their time' or 'they're a burden on society'. This pandemic has cost the lives of not just the elderly and vulnerable but also those of highly trained and experienced consultants, doctors and nurses amongst others who we can ill afford to lose. Where would it end if we wrote off the elderly and chronically sick or disabled? My knowledge of history reminds me that the last leader to go down that route was called Adolf Hitler and by Christ that ended badly didn't it? 60 million dead if I recall in WW2. Personally I would sooner my standard of living dropped and my 'freedom' was restricted and we saved lives rather than writing the less fortunate off. I'm just thankful to live in a society like ours rather than that of some third world countries or those with masses of disadvantaged citizens such as India say.
  14. In amongst the bluebells and dogs Mercury in our wood nearly missed it only one.
  15. It's a crap filter - end of. It's crap customer service end of. Buy Greenmech in future? No way end of.


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