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  1. petercb

    Where to look for tractors?

    Farmtrader Farmers Guide Ebay & Cheffins usually not good, overpriced rubbish
  2. petercb

    Recent projects video.

    Excellent viewing enjoyed that. What drone/camera setup are you using?
  3. petercb

    mcculloch dakota 442 tension

    If you haven't got a manual you can get one from McCulloch site which shows how to tension the chain.
  4. petercb

    mcculloch dakota 442 tension

    From McCulloch website There is a pin fitted to the bar in top hole which the tensioning lever engages by the look of it. Part No BR0073 Ebay bar doesn't have this
  5. petercb

    Stihl 024 bar movement

    Glad you got it sorted. Having followed this thread was turning the bar on my 026 and just out of interest removed that chain guide plate - still tightened up no problem which proves absolutely nothing LOL!
  6. petercb

    Summer Branch Drop - Tree Risk Management

    Thanks looks interesting.
  7. Public footpath? - probably have to shut it off while doing the work - about £600 for the privilege of applying iirc. Worth touching base with the local footpaths officer at the council otherwise could be a lot of hassle.
  8. petercb

    Fiskars X46 versus Fiskars X46

    Only thing I use my splitting maul for is knocking back a knotty bit of elm that won't split and gets stuck on the hydraulic splitter - nice and heavy for that but sod splitting anything with it - too old for that!
  9. petercb

    Police auction site lots of saws worcester area

    Police Property Act 1997 covers it, perfectly legal also if you see your stuff being auctioned you can claim it back. Police will have had it for at least a year.
  10. petercb


    Er its chess and board square colours aren't relevant so the joke stands - unless anyone knows different of course! Intellectuals eh what do they know!
  11. petercb


    As a Man U fan I was outraged by this and then I thought yeah that's about right, perhaps we could swap Sanchez for the hedgehog but I bet we would have to put some money to the deal!
  12. petercb

    Traditional timber frame

    You're dead right there is no need to highlight them they speak for themselves! I'm just amazed the company would post that particular photo on their website as it might encourage others to work in an unsafe manner. Nice frames though, finished yet?
  13. petercb

    house renovation forum

    Looks a lovely spot and great potential. Couple of possible problem areas to check out from your pic; Render on walls looks as if it may be bridging damp proof course. Gutter downpipe just discharging onto ground? Flat roof looks very flat - check fall and needs gutter. Wickes How-to-Guides might be useful depending on your experience level. https://www.wickes.co.uk/how-to-guides Good luck - it will take longer than you think but will be worth it in the end.
  14. petercb

    Jackson Fencing Kent

    Used once not impressed with quality or responce to complaint wouldn't use again.
  15. petercb

    ISO Certification

    Which one? Did 9001 some years back in engineering big project. Got Woodmark certification some years back lot of work no customers interested so dropped it.


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