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  1. Yup total pain the the butt. Loose tipped volume just seems the easiest way.
  2. If the wood is all at the same % moisture then kWh per kg is almost the same for all wood types. It should not be hard to calc a price per kWh & then adjust for %moisture x by actual weight sold. But what a pain weighing it all & getting an average % for each load to work out the price. Cant see Joe public being happy with being told your delivery will cost between X & Y & you wont know till its loaded.
  3. Per delivery not per order. The 2m3 has to be all at once.
  4. That def does need a redesign so that it drops fast to where it hits the log & then adjusts speed / pressure to suit log diameter & hardness automatically.
  5. I think I might have remembered wrong on the 0.6L per kWh. More like 0.36L per kwh on smaller units but still bad. From memory diesel engines loose 1/3rd to wet heat, 1/3rd to dry heat & noise & 1/3rd to rotational force. Then add in the electrical efficiency & you can see why its not very efficient to use a genny.
  6. That is a very interesting question. Currently my info is that the insurance world was not happy with the removal of the test & that they are looking at what they will do re this. Things that have been mentioned are, insisting on training (which is assumed will be the gov scheme), increasing premiums (which is what I think they will do as its the easiest for them & makes more money) or not covering towing without further costs & or proof of training. Time will tell. They might do nothing but I can see that it would be an easy way to increase fees that I cant see them missing. The other big question is how will the rest of the world treat people that have been given the BE when they have to take a test to get it. Currently no one knows. Re the cars the test was for all vehicles up to 3500kg. You can take the test is most sub 3500kg vehicle, I have seen a few do it in vans. The few learners I do take to test do it in a 4x4 thats about 2800kg so not your standard learner shopping trolley car.
  7. Home made weren't regulated till 2014.
  8. You just love making personal insults dont you. So sad.
  9. You Might Not feel the got it right when your insurance asks you for proof of certified training, loads your policy or refuse to insure. All of which is being talked about by Underwriters. But then seeing as you have been towing uninsured so far I guess you wont care.
  10. Its 67% reduction in trailer crashes. On the same dates other vehicles reduced by about 47%. So yes its a 67% reduction but only 20% can be purely attributed to the BE training and test.
  11. Taken into account when you look at the stats for all other vehicle types which is about a 20% lower reduction.
  12. Prob before I saw the baronesses very recent reply. I knew we had more recent data in the 2018 trailer report but had never seen data pre 97.
  13. Plenty round here you can loose your door mirror on even with all the wheel on the black stuff.
  14. No worries. Used to hate clients like that, now I would be happy to have any clients at all.
  15. Ok found it. It was a reply that Baroness Vere gave & she referenced the 2019 accident stats.


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