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  1. With breaks I would do 25m3 plus with a WP30
  2. No problem. weighs about 1200kg & holds about 52kWh of energy Currently connected to 2 x 5000 paralleled inverters but if I add a third one I can set it up as 3 phase.
  3. Module 2 is a computer test on scenario you might get in work. Read it & then answer questions. We do an online course & then you go & book your test. Module 4 is a practical demo of the walk round check plus a few extra bits. You need a vehicle for this. We send you a pre course pack & then do a 2 & 1/2 hour practical course & then you take the test. Total cost £185. You have too pass Module 2 before taking mod 4.
  4. Good question. Yes you can. Driver CPC training for qualified drivers: If you miss your training deadline - GOV.UK WWW.GOV.UK When to take Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) periodic training if you're a lorry, bus or coach driver... However I would counter if thats the best option for you. 35 hours refresher = 5 days lost income £X 5 courses at £50-70 each £250-350 Take the Module 2 & 4 tests = Module 2 home study & a 30 min test Module 4 with us is a 2+ hour course, breakfast & 25 min test Total cost £185
  5. How? Heating oil is not Red its yellow, It is also a different viscosity to red (35 / 37 sec if I remember right)
  6. Old thread but how long did it take?
  7. Yes a pre 01-01-97 licence should have C1 on it. It will also have C1E with a 107 restriction to a combined GTW of 8250kg. If you are driving for non exempted reasons you will need CPC. Exemptions from needing Driver CPC You do not need Driver CPC if you’re using the vehicle for: non-commercial carriage of passengers or goods for personal use carrying material or equipment you use for your job (driving the vehicle cannot be the main part of your job) driving lessons for anyone who wants to get a driving licence or a Driver CPC driving to or from pre-booked appointments at official vehicle testing centres driving within 62 miles (100 kilometres) of your base - but the vehicle cannot be carrying passengers or goods, and driving a lorry, bus or coach cannot be your main job maintaining public order - and the vehicle is being used or controlled by a local authority rescue missions or in states of emergency You also do not need Driver CPC if the vehicle is: limited to a top speed of 28mph being used or controlled by the armed forces, police, fire and rescue service, prison service or people running a prison or young offender institution
  8. Again true but I doubt most firewood burnt is near 20%. So still about how much heat you actually gain.
  9. Power stations don't burn it seasoned. Its purely about how many useable kWh are gained.
  10. 1, I agree, its madness. 2,I think a better stat would be how many kWh can you get out of 26t of fresh felled compared to how much you can get out of that once kiln dried & how many kWh were used to dry it inc the extra handling. Then compare it to air drying. 3, I have asked this before but kilners dont seem to want to say. For me the only justification is speed & space.
  11. I have the older wp30 & can do 25m3 in an 8 hour on site day including breaks.
  12. OMG he needs to learn how to use that machine better.
  13. Ditto, should be much faster than that & you can half cycle as well for shorter logs.
  14. Mine are from a company and get delivered for that price.


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