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  1. AP 300 is 227wh capacity Your average second battery would be 1320wh. However you should only use 50% of that so 660wh. Even at 100% efficiency thats only 2.9 charges. Realistically 2 charges till you need to start the engine to recharge that battery & that charge will take much longer as lead acid bats dont charge as fast.
  2. Get someone with one to give you the part numbers on the pumps. Failing that look for pumps that run at 2800-3000rom with the correct flow & pressure rates.
  3. I bet you need the engine running to charge from them. Better off with a small silent genny.
  4. More to go wrong. The benifit of hydraulic is no belts & pullies.
  5. Then you will need a bigger engine to cover all the losses in a gearbox, belts / pullies. Better to fit higher rpm pumps direct to the end of the engine. Mounts are stock items ect ect.
  6. You will also need the right pumps as the PTO ones are different.
  7. I fitted my 1.2kw array right at the start of FITs (well before actually in the period you could convert ROCS to fits). That must be 12 years ago now. That array still hits peaks of 1.4kw. Our payback was much sooner as we are off grid to the cost of elec from a genny is much higher.
  8. VAT margin schemes: Overview - GOV.UK WWW.GOV.UK How to use VAT margin schemes - records you need to keep, invoicing and VAT return reporting
  9. My understanding is that as long as the selling price is less than the purchase price then no VAT is applied. Look up VAT margin scheme. Basically if you paid £10k no vat & sole for £12k you would charge vat at 16.67% on the £2k not all of it but the buyer cant claim it back.
  10. We recycle the heat from our laundry room / boiler room / inverter room / freezer room. The dryer is a heat pump one so heat is released to the room. The freezer gives off heat. The heavily insulated thermal store & pipes still give off heat. However the biggest heat source are the inverters during a battery charging session. We have an extractor fan fitted in the celling that is insulated piped to the bathroom. Initial plan was to have a sensor turning fan on & off as it warmed up. However the room is always warmer than the bathroom & the positive pressure it creates pushes air out via the extractor that runs when light is on. So having it running 24/7 worked out great.
  11. What about one of those dohicky valves if you have low flow but high pressure? They take the oil displaced from the other side of the ram & add it to the pressure side to increase no load speed. As it hits the wood is shuts & you get full power. It gives you fast return speeds & fast out till it touches log speeds. Off to google correct name. This video explains why it works due to the higher pressure in the rod side than the piston side.# This video (if you under stand hindi) shows the flow to make the cylinder faster. Still cant find the correct name
  12. The wp36 is better for short bits, very bent stuff, thin stuff & rings. BUT its very physical. The Dunn 420 is better for bigger stuff, faster on good wood & much less manual work. Having the deck & log crane are game changers. We have now made a smaller deck for bits that have been cut to hand ball lengths so thats tilting the balance back.
  13. Electric, great if you have a 3 phase supply. Limits placement within your yard due to cables.
  14. I think the WP36 is very versatile. You can do up to about 15" & bigger rings if pre cut. Great on thin, short or bent stuff. Especially if you have a deck or the lifter. The new joystick version should be less of a workout. Its hard to have a machine that does it all. Ones that do big stuff are not fast on small stuff.


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