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  1. Yep dealer is right. Motors take a lot extra to start up & get to speed. Rating is running not startup.
  2. One thing to remember is that battery saws need a different way of working to petrol ones. You need to keep chain super sharp & let the chain speed do the work not forcing it in.
  3. I have one. Its great. Bought it local for less than your price.
  4. If the site, wood, weather & helper are all good. You can do 25m3 in 8 hours on site. Taking of breaks & fuel ups call it 7 hours running time. Your standard lorry load of softwood should take two days. Hardwood a little longer as its just not as straight / easy to process. Smaller or larger bits slow you down.
  5. 3 to 5 loads is barely 2 weeks easy work for a wp36.
  6. Sell the 40 tonne off & get rid of that bit of the problem.
  7. Always worth checking out. Will have to wait till things improve anyway so no rush.
  8. I think they just changed the trailer & got them IVA'ed. But they might be trying to use the plant exemption which does not apply. I cant find any hard evidence either way.
  9. Just remember the early versions are not road legal.
  10. How much is there? Max size? Access problems? I have family / friends in Leicester.
  11. Yep thats what happens to me too lol. The only way I am selling my wp30 is for a newer 36 or if they bring out a better model. In the road tow self powered sector they are the best.
  12. There is a reason for that
  13. Hire in as you need it. The WP 30/36 are great on arb stuff but it does mean more manual work as its all cut too short for the lifters. PS the Combi looks very slow / labour intensive.
  14. I could process the stuff that fits in the processor & you / helper could ring up the rest to either put through the processors splitter chamber which is faster or on the hydraulic splitter for the difficult bits. You would need a way of moving the lengths & the split logs mechanically or the labour costs would kill you.
  15. Looking for a climber with own kit that will do 1 or 2 days work in exchange for a BE C1 or C1E training course & test. Near Pwllheli. Got a big Beech that has got to go. Most can be cut & dropped but a few will need rigging / redirecting. Once on deck if you can ring up any over 14" & the rest I will deal with. Might be possible to fell after removing a few branches. NO dragging NO chipping All branches dropped will be pulled out with digger & I will deal with them. Social distancing no problem as you will be in the tree lol.


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