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  1. Fast driving / heavy braking? Is heat coming from bearings or brakes? Hand brake rods stuck, cable stuck, oval drums, seized brake parts. Tyre pressure too low, wheels badly aligned.
  2. But here you say they are limited already.........
  3. Er you said IF they get close you will take them limited. QUOTE I run 3 businesses, tree services, Saw milling and timber merchants. If I get a turnover approaching vat, I’ll just set up each business as a ltd. Each stays under the vat threshold.
  4. How? They must all use combined equipment ect. I run two very different businesses. I would like one to be VAT & one not but as i am self employed & not Ltd its ME that goes VAT registered so both would have to be or none.
  5. File has two cutting edges, upper & lower & the bottom (third) edge has no teeth. _>
  6. Justme

    Trailer towing

    Hardly putting the boot in when the actual law says that BE should have been under the adi scheme & most good BE trainers are still ADI. Same law in NI & they have to be ADI (they have the same driver issue & still have BE) NI is part of the UK so should have same rules. The rules were crazy that to instruct someone in a car be they a learner or full licence holder for money or payment in kind you had to be an ADI, yet add on a trailer & now you dont yet there are increased risks. Why wonder? try asking me. But no you prefer to be Mr angry & abusive instead. I am sure you voiced you fully informed position on the issue. I guess now you will campaign for the removal of the H&S in your industry too? I agreed with some of what they wanted to do. I even had better suggestions on how it could work & keep the safety & reduce costs for everyone but still increase tests for LGV. They have made announcement yet still dont have a date or a plan on how the changes will work. So now loads cant tow over 750kg / 3500kg combined until the law changes. Sadly by the time the gov do consultations all they are looking for are stats to back up what they have already decided to do.
  7. Justme

    Trailer towing

    totally agree but training gives people the core skills gets them started on the right path to gaining practical skills.
  8. Justme

    Trailer towing

    Thanks, The towing test was def not a rubber stamp job.
  9. Justme

    Trailer towing

    You mean people like me that was also on stop start during covid? Yes I am still an ADI & after just one FB post the phone is hot with work plus I am adaptable & will never go hungry. PS ADI's will eventually be out of work. So helping someone gain a car lorry or bus licence is not productive? Odd stance.
  10. Justme

    Trailer towing

    Wow you've been on the brave pills or stopped taking your meds.
  11. Justme

    Trailer towing

    Ah that old pile of rubbish. You will actually find that most vocational trainers can actually do it / have done it but have also skilled up on teaching skills. Most people that can, cant teach is more accurate. true which is why I am regulated as a trainer as I kept my ADI status up. I also campaigned for it to become regulated but the DVSA would not do it even though the actual Act says it should be an Adi to teach it. Oddly their responce was your only teaching them to do the trailer bit yet their own test is heavily weighted for the driving & most fails were for the driving. oddly the better marker for a trainer is how their clients do on test & afterwards. Lets all hope that you all dont get legislated out of a job / owning a company with 10 days notice........
  12. Justme

    Trailer towing

    Remember you dont know what you dont know.......
  13. Justme

    Trailer towing

    There are definitely safe & unsafe ways to hitch a trailer. Its not just about using an approved method its about risk reduction. Horse (and other sectors too) people without fail wont apply the brake before un hitching for example. Honestly my best clients tended to come from the Arb world. Which is why you all think its not needed. You understand risk, you take your time & mostly have already towed / reversed prior to taking the course. About 10% of the rest will take all day to almost get reversing & can only do it by "painting by numbers" rather than understanding the process.
  14. Justme

    Trailer towing

    If you take a second & stop thinking about you & start to think about the rest of the population you would see why its needed. People that can are very much in the minority. Over the last 6 years & about 1000 tests I have had TWO clients that could have passed the driving bit with no help, both would have failed the hitching bit. Get plenty that would pass the reverse once they know the rules but almost none that would have passed the hitching without the training or the pre course docs / videos.


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