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  1. You might want to put your views across

    This bit might be an issue if you need to road register an older vehicle that has not been registered before. 1.8 For those registering fast tractors, the requirement for type approval will take effect from 1 January 2018. It will also apply for tractors entering into service after this date that are not registered for road use. Or this for quads etc clarification that “side-by-side” utility vehicles and all-terrain vehicles (ATV, “quad bikes”) can be approved as tractors. Depending on their construction some of these vehicles may 11 instead be approved under the new Motorcycle Framework, EU Regulation 2013/168. Or this bit re existing fast tractors (poss some Mogs?) 1.26 The Department recently consulted on a new requirement affecting certain fast tractors in use, rather than new fast tractors: this is an annual roadworthiness testing scheme for fast tractors (capable of exceeding 25mph) used for commercial haulage and other nonagricultural purposes, as part of implementing new EU rules on 15 annual roadworthiness testing. For more details of this please see: https://www.gov.uk/government/consultations/roadworthinesstesting-for-fast-tractors-and-other-technical-changes-to-vehicletesting This is an important clarification, For the purpose of this consultation the following categories have been considered. These are the same as the categories specified in Article 4 of 167/2013. Trailers and trailed equipment are considered agricultural if they are mainly designed to be towed by a tractor. (A trailer designed to be towed by a Land Rover, for example, is not categorised as an agricultural trailer in this context). So virtually all sub 3500kg trailers are not covered.
  2. You might want to put your views across

    Just reading it myself now so cant comment yet on its potential effect.
  3. Some of you might want to reply to this consultation re impending changes in legislation re Agri & Forestry vehicles & towed equipment. https://www.gov.uk/government/consultations/agricultural-vehicles-implementing-eu-regulation-1672013
  4. Want to take card payments over the phone?

    My customers have to also supply their registered postcode to allow payment plus I need their driving licence numbers to allocate the driving test to them. The system would not accept a false number. I would see a wrong name, re card, licence, FB account, email etc etc. So would be hard to say they dint auth it when I have their other details.
  5. Want to take card payments over the phone?

    I do but prefer not to as they can be recalled up to about 6 months after being paid. Took one on Sat last week. However its from a trusted source.
  6. The Layman's Guide To Towing In The UK

    If it has ref to 94/20 then its out of date as the reg that applies is Reg55. Again not my area so not to be taken as gospel. It is also worth noting that most towbar sellers seem to imply that Reg55 does apply to commercial vehicles. I would guess that if you can buy a bar it will either a, be approved or b, not need approval or they would not sell it.
  7. Want to take card payments over the phone?

    Some want to pay on credit. Its just options. I take cash, bank transfer, paypal, card in person and now cards on the phone.
  8. The Layman's Guide To Towing In The UK

    Not my specialist area but I do know that lots of vehicles that were outside of towbar type approval have recently come inside it since 29th October 2012. Like Campers / Motorhomes & commercial vehicles. A defender would be in class N1 (under 3500kg) & I would expect that to have been caught up in the latest changes. Any info you have to docs re this would be most welcome. This PDF says (page 15) that the towbar is now part of the criteria. https://www.dft.gov.uk/vca/additional/files/vehicle-type-approval/type-approval-for-goods-vehicles/n1-enhancements-scheme.pdf
  9. The Layman's Guide To Towing In The UK

    That is an interesting point. A full C1E would still be the same tow weight as the pre 2013 BE as the GTW of the C1 would be the same in both cases & the C1 vehicle can its self be more than the B so a greater total load capacity. Also I would assume that the down plating of the MAM would also down plate the GTW / GCW but still cant find any hard facts. Also remember that all trailers over 3500kg mlpm must have active brakes not overrun brakes.
  10. The Layman's Guide To Towing In The UK

    The article says vehicle not cat B Vehicle. The article is trying to cover all of the pre 97 cats not just BE. I have asked the author to change it to make it clearer but not sure if that will filter down to the article. For clarity. B 3500kg vehicle & either a 750kg trailer to a total of 4250kg OR a combined plate weight of 3500kg. BE pre 19-1-2013 is 3500kg vehicle & any plated weight of trailer with the real weights within the vehicles GTW. BE post 19-1-2013 is 3500kg vehicle & 3500kg trailer with the real weights within the GTW. C1E pre 1-1-97 (107 restriction) up to 8250kg GTW C1E post 1-1-97 12000kg (in some cases the trailers real weight cant be more than the vehicles real weight)
  11. Do any of you take payments over the phone? I have just signed up to this as its the only one I can find with no monthly fees. If you sign up from this link you get the first £1000 of transactions fee free. If phone payments you dont need any card reader just the phone app or PC dashboard. https://squareup.com/i/TRAILERTRA/?s=fb&lang_code=en
  12. The Layman's Guide To Towing In The UK

    You are correct that all BE licences gained prior to 19-01-2013 have no licence limit on the plate weight of the trailer. That should have been amended lol. It is sort of correct as the C1E bit is limited to 8250kg.
  13. Mini Artic

    Had a customer last week that passed his BE test but then I had to tell him he needed a new van as his T280 only had a 7-800kg towing capacity if the van was full.
  14. Mini Artic

    Sorry I forgot.
  15. Thats at home with a slow charger. Works vans will have access to 3 phase faster chargers like forklifts use.


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