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  1. Trailer snaking accident

    Brill Thanks for that. Nice to know they are now approved.
  2. Tractor exhaust extraction

    I was not sure at what temp the galv starts to cause problems. Does it actually need melting or just getting very hot? Also dep on how close the pipe is to the engine.
  3. Trailer snaking accident

    I believe that to be the reason too.
  4. Trailer snaking accident

    True. At least one must be lock for road use. Not both.
  5. Tractor exhaust extraction

    Not everyone gets it plus you do build up a tolorance. I have had it & its not nice.
  6. Trailer snaking accident

    Cant even see it implied. Yes it is in addition to CE marking. I think you can sell it as there are some vehicles that can use it legally. If however I asked for it to fit a post 98 M1 class car then they would be in breach if they supplied it & I would be in breach if I used it. Needs an EU number to show compliance with european type approval 94/20/ec
  7. Trailer snaking accident

    Yes I know they are tough as old boots. I used to use them. Often the best tool for the job is not aproved for the job. PS most dont now that they should be locked when on the road. Which was the reason they were sugested to be used as they allow rotation. Road use must not rotate.
  8. Trailer snaking accident

    No mention of aproval?
  9. Tractor exhaust extraction

    One thing to watch with scaf is the galv coating. Get it too hot & it makes crappy gasses. Google galv fever re welding it.
  10. Tractor exhaust extraction

    by changing the profile from round to a flat slot you create more flow restriction, counter that by upping the hole area.
  11. Tractor exhaust extraction

    Make an adapter to a long slot exit pipe. Double the cross sectional area of the pipe should do it.
  12. what logs have you been chopping today!

    Use an over center bar at each end that gets moved via your lift arms.
  13. Trailer snaking accident

    Most army vehicle wont be type aproved so dont need type aproved towbars.
  14. Trailer snaking accident

    Is the nato hitch type aproved?


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