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  1. Yep bigger sited processor will do loads more. This is a little 750kg road tow WP30. Peak rate is 3 to 4 m3 per hour but stoppages reduce the rate over the day.
  2. Stop for two or three tea breaks dep on re fueling/ chain swap / sharpen needs & a lunch break.
  3. WP30 road tow using Honda for power.
  4. Actually not. The processor loads it so you dont handle the wood that much. Yes its a good days work but not killing yourself if you set up is right.
  5. I can do 25m3 per day with one person helping & good wood.
  6. Hire one in till you can afford it. 200 cubes is less than 2 weeks work.
  7. We charge £250 per 8 hour day for one man, fuel & one chain. Local no travel charges but do charge for further away.
  8. Vin plates dont say how much you can tow. They say how much the vehicle can weigh fully loaded. They also say how much the vehicle & trailer can weigh. Taking the vehicle max weight from the GTW does not equal the max the trailer can weigh. It only does that IF the vehicle is fully loaded. Lots of pick ups have plates like this MAM 3500kg GTW 6500kg So it look like you can only tow 3000kg But could tow 3500kg IF the vehicle is under loaded by 500kg.
  9. Bigger issue is, has the towbar got type approval for use with a drop plate?
  10. Yes a simple job for Svtec to sort.
  11. To many of them were imported with no GTW weight so you cant even tow a kids toy with them.
  12. Justme

    3.5t to 7.5t

    It only has to be under the declared MAM to be able to down rate. Even my empty Iveco Daily 5200kg weighs over 2500kg. Add all that extra kit & I cant see much change from 3000kg.
  13. Justme

    3.5t to 7.5t

    How much usable payload left?
  14. Justme

    3.5t to 7.5t

    If someone with little or no experience wanted to get to C1E with work use ie CPC The courses would stack up like this C1 Medical from £50 Theory & hazard course & one attempt at each test £60 CPC module 2 course & one attempt at the test £45 CPC module 4 course & one attempt at the test £140 Practical driving course & one attempt at the test £610 Total £855 To add C1E Practical course & one attempt at the test £380-610 depending on how the first course with us went & how long since the C1 course. Our courses have on average a 93% first time pass rate. We can secure major funding for these courses for all Welsh registered forestry businesses.
  15. Justme

    3.5t to 7.5t

    Not sure how they are doing that. The fixed costs for getting as far as C1E run to over £450. Thats without paying the instructor. With the 3 hours needed for the two driving tests there is not much left for actual training time.


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