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  1. My car has dedicated towing electrics. This activates the towing pack that has anti sway, altered ABS & traction control settings ect. I have not had a chance to play with this car but on my last car from the same maker I did. In deep snow going round a car park I bottled it before I could make the car or trailer slide out or jack knife. I use lots of power & heavy brakes / turning sharp, each time the cars electrics kept the car & trailer on track. I also parked it on an icy slope. With TC off you could not pull away no matter what trick you tried. With TC on it pulled away with minimal spin / slippage.
  2. You would need the class of licence that covers the weight of the vehicle, C1 3501kg up to 7500kg C up to 3501kg up to 32000kg typically put possibly more. Just because it is registered as a specialist vehicle does not mean that when you use it it is a specialist vehicle. So watch out for needing MOT tax Tacho & O licence. I have a sneaky feeling I know the vehicle you might be looking at.
  3. 12T crane is C. C1 is only 7.5T The C1E whilst taking you up to 12T does not let you drive over 7.5T vehicles.
  4. I think the usually is more about the fact that not everyone with a pre 97 licence will have all those categories. Some might have medical restrictions. Or had an exchange licence that does not cover the same as ours. The guidance has to cover all instances. That said the gov website is crap. The 107 restriction guidance says "weight" must not be over 8250kg. But the law says the combined plates cant be over 8250kg. Most of the towing errors on the website have now been corrected (till they add new pages) but it took a lot of effort over about 2 years to get them to re word it. Actually not looked recently but I am not getting calls from people quoting it when its wrong. Unlike the calls I get from people that have been told by the help line incorrect info.
  5. For licences its always the MLPM. Its just that for a BE holder its normally the actual vehicles capacity to tow that is the limiting factor. So a car limited to a 5000kg GTW that weighs 2500kg can tow a trailer plated to 3500kg as long as the real GTW is under the vehicles limit. The wording on that guide as usually, is crap yes. Its like they dont want you to know that actual law. ps the DVSA know about the view a licence being wrong re pre 19-01-2013 BE licence limits but have no plans to change it.
  6. I often wonder why the BE does not also have a 119 weight limit does not apply on it. It is clearly on the gov site but does not show on the view a licence. Category BE You can drive a vehicle with a MAM of 3,500kg with a trailer. The size of the trailer depends on the BE ‘valid from’ date shown on your licence. If the date is: before 19 January 2013, you can tow any size trailer on or after 19 January 2013, you can tow a trailer with a MAM of up to 3,500kg
  7. There have been two important dates. 01-01-97 & the one most dont know 19-01-2013. We all know about the big changes on the first date. On the second date they removed the unlimited trailer plate weight from the BE (along with a few other bits too). So in your example of the landrover, someone with a pre 19-01-2013 licence can tow a 4000kg plated trailer assuming all other rules are followed, the big one being active brakes. You can not do so with a post 19-01-2013 BE or a C1E one even a CE licence as they actually have a lower weight limit before they apply. You could even tow a trailer plated to say 10000kg as long as the real weight was within the capability of the vehicle with the older BE. With the new BE you cant tow a trailer plated to 3501kg even if the actual weight is under 3500kg / within capabilities of vehicle.
  8. When it changed everyone was notified, they did a media campaign about it & ignorance of the law is no defence. It is clearly on the website that a pre 97 has a 107 against the C1E. Does your D1E show that the weight limit does not apply? Or that your BE is unlimited trailer not 3500kg?
  9. Sadly the on line checker is not definitive. It has my BE as limited to 3500+3500 yet its not. Your c1e is pre 97 not from taking test so it is restricted to 8250kg.
  10. If you now take the C1E you dont get your D1 upgraded to D1E on post 97 licences but you do get BE that you can keep at 70. If you take CE you do get the E added to any of theses you already hold, B D1 C1 & D. I actually dont know what would happen if you did B the C then CE, you would get BE but if you then did D1 or D. Not sure if they would give you D1E or DE or not.
  11. I was explaining what would have happened if you had a later licence without the other +E's & that his D1E & BE are better than the new versions after 19-01-2013. If you have a pre 97 C1 then it expires the day before you are 70. If you took the test its every 5 years after 55 but they did a covid extension so that can move the dates or just taking a medical late / early. You still have the c1 107 as that is still valid if you dont take a medical for your CE.
  12. For normal D4 medicals for licence applications its 3 or 4 months. So i would assume the same.
  13. The restriction re the trailer cant weigh more than the vehicle was removed. When you pass C1E you get all the lower licences up graded to +E as well. When you did it you would have also got the D1E if you did not already have it. Your D1E is actually better as "weight limit does not apply".
  14. Then you have the 107.
  15. Available nationally. Search for D4 medical


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