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  1. 7.5 ton iveco

    Yes but that was not your claim. You claim was to de rate a larger vehicle MAM to 3500kg, Keep the higher rear axle loading to take the trailer weight even if that put the total vehicles weight over 3500kg. Not sure how you can get a 6 tonne load on a trailer plated to 3500kg as that would be an applied load of at least 3 tonnes due to the trailers actual weight too. Or they hold pre 97 BE, still need active brakes but can have a lower applied load. Not enough detail in your post to comment on specifics. Or are you running air or elec brakes?
  2. 7.5 ton iveco

    Donnk, Read this link. http://www.transportoffice.gov.uk/crt/repository/CONT067324.pdf Any weight transferred to the vehicle by the trailer is an applied load so counts as vehicle weight. It is not magically lost.
  3. 7.5 ton iveco

    The only people that can tow a trailer plated to 5000kg are pre 19-01-2013 BE holders or C1E (without 107 restriction so no pre 01-01-1997 licences unless they took the test) or CE holders.
  4. 7.5 ton iveco

    Why does the plated weight have to be 5000kg? With a 5th wheel trailer 3500kg plated vehicle 3500kg plated trailer vehicle actually weighs 2000kg inc fuel & driver so is allowed 1500kg load. Trailer actually weighs 1500kg so is allowed 2000kg load. Total load on trailer 3500kg
  5. 7.5 ton iveco

    Sorry crossed wires here. On a pre 2013 the plate can have any weight. The nose won't be weighed but if its over the axle would be over too. for licences using plate or doc weights Pre 2013 vehicle plated up to 3500kg. Trailer any plate Post 2013 vehicle plated up to 3500 and trailer plated up to 3500. For c& u using real weight No axle can be over its limit No vehicle (car of trailer) can be over its mam/ mlpm No combination can be over the GTW / gcw
  6. 7.5 ton iveco

    Re the brakes. As the trailer is plated at 3500kg its not a factor as the rest of the weight is applied load.
  7. 7.5 ton iveco

    Yes if the trailer is plated to 3500kg a post a19-01-2013 would be better OK but you said 5000kg. There is no way a post 13 can do that due to the plate weight. Remember you have to comply with licence and c&u. If your 5th wheel was plated to 3500kg and hand a real stand alone weight of 4500kg and 1000kg of that was applied to a vehicle that had a payload of 1000kg you would be OK. Pre 2013 the trailer can be plated to 5000kg as long as the real weight is within vehicles capacity for GTW and applied load.
  8. 7.5 ton iveco

    You won't get a 5000kg trailer down to 3500kg if the vehicle only has a 1000kg payload. Not sure on the o licence rules from the top of my head.
  9. 7.5 ton iveco

    Donnk Read this post from our local police. It clearly says that the rear axle load must be withing the vehicles total weight limits.
  10. 7.5 ton iveco

    As posted above MAM is not GTW which is now called GCW. Mam is just the max the vehicle and load can weigh. GCW is the max the combined vehicle and trailer can weigh. MAM Maximum Authorised Mass GTW Gross Train Weight GCW Gross Combined Weight.
  11. 7.5 ton iveco

    Not sure why you think what I put is wrong as it does not contradict what you have put. Edit to add. The weight applied to the rear axle must keep the total weigh of the tug within it's Mam. In your case it won't.
  12. 7.5 ton iveco

    Perhaps they now get IVA testing done, but thats for trailers not fixings.
  13. 7.5 ton iveco

    I would guess that as the Eu regs approve it where it is made it has to be accepted here.
  14. 7.5 ton iveco

    Any weight that is transferred onto the vehicle is NOT trailer weight. If stopped they do not uncouple you. They weigh each axle. So the 100kg will be on the rear vehicle axle not the trailer axle. If the vehicle has a 3500kg MAM & the trailer is plated to 3500kg then a post 19-01-2013 BE is ok. The vehicle could weigh 1900kg. The "load" from the trailer be 1500kg. The trailer axles weight be 3500kg but with a disconnected weight of 5000kg.
  15. 7.5 ton iveco

    The 5th wheel trailer at 5000kg is not a 5000kg trailer as some of the load is an applied load onto the vehicle.


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