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  1. Justme

    Trailer weight

    You might need a tacho & you might need an operators licence. You need to red the regs to find out as it can be very case specific.
  2. Justme

    Trailer weight

    You can have your vocational driving licence take away too.
  3. Justme

    Choosing the right size trailer.

    Fit shocks.
  4. Justme

    Trailer weight

    An lgv trailer has its own registration and would be listed / identified via that registration. A trailer in class O2 does not have an individual registration. You might have a trailer listed on your O licence (not my area of experience) but not individually listed.
  5. Justme

    Trailer weight

    Its not the trailer that is O licence registered its the trader or business. The type of brakes on the trailer won't affect registration. Unladen weight does. Again I must admit I have not looked at how a 5th wheel set up would be affected by the O licence and the regs as so few are out there that are based on a cat B / BE licence. I would also have to consider if the applied load part of the trailers unladen solo weight is counted or not. Interesting puzzle.
  6. Justme

    Trailer weight

    That's a situation I must admit I have never considered or looked through the regs to see if thats right or not as why would you? I think the assumption is that sub 3500kg trailers will be over run type.
  7. Justme

    Trailer weight

    Currently sub 3500kg do not need to be registered or tested at all even if used with a C1 or C vehicle. You might need to be registered as an operator.
  8. Justme

    Another tachograph thread...

    The new DVSA contracts are for weekends too
  9. Justme

    Another tachograph thread...

    Makes no difference as the "work" is still your own.
  10. Justme

    Another tachograph thread...

    This was what was thought and implemented. It has now been through the court processes & you do not need a tacho for this type of use.
  11. Justme

    Another tachograph thread...

    If he is just doing driving work on each day there & back I would question that. With that length of trip it would be hard to say your not a driver.
  12. Justme

    Processors? What are you using ?

    Check out the Riko WP36
  13. Justme

    Trailer weight

    Registration & testing for sub 3500kg trailers is currently under consultation.
  14. Justme

    Firewood Processor Hire?

    Not many will hire processor & no operator.
  15. Justme

    Firewood Processor Hire?

    Message me. I have family near there so could stay with them to keep costs down.


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