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  1. Try it on resinous woods. Some even use red.
  2. The saw band is water cooled? Some still add an additive to the water. On some timbers it makes a big difference.
  3. You can get ball & pin rated to 4000kg but only people with a pre 19-01-2013 BE licence & a suitable vehicle could max them out. 4000 kgs 50mm TOWING TRAILER HITCH TOW BALL AND PIN (PIN AND JAW) WWW.EBAY.CO.UK 50mm Ball and Pin Towing Assembly. Towing Capacity of 4000 KG. Pin has separate R clip for added security when... This one is sold as 3500kg but actually has a 20kn rating so 4000kg Universal ball and pin tow hitch coupling towball e approved 3500kg Towing jaw WWW.EBAY.CO.UK Maypole Ball and pin towing coupling hitch 3500KG. E.U. Approved 50mm Universal ball and pin. Zinc plated... This type only suitable for 3000kg TOW BALL & PIN DUAL HITCH - TOW BALL PIN HITCH (3000KG) WWW.EBAY.CO.UK - Heavy duty dual tow hitch - Captivated quick release pin - Manufactured to a high standard - Black finish - With this tow... This one just 1500kg & not for road use. 50mm combined Ball and pin towing hitch coupling WWW.EBAY.CO.UK Combined ball and pin towing hitch (pin is mounted into towball and lifts up to allow for hook up). 150mm overall...
  4. The reversing required on a car test is pants. Basically just parking into a space or a straight reverse for two car lengths. I like to take mine on a narrow country lane with less than 1 foot to spare all round. Then reverse round a few gentle bends with good views for safety. Also teach to actively look for passing points or just wide sections. So many stop in the narrow section having just passed a wide bit.
  5. Dont get stopped. The amount of metal wont keep you from getting a ticket.
  6. The D denotes the dynamic load limits. Ring / ball combo units can be down rated if the pin runs in the middle of the ball. Look for ones with a separate pin / ball. D values The "D" value is a rating measured in kN which reflects the dynamic loading limits between a towing vehicle and a trailer. (Wikipedia) The "D" value of a Towing Jaw determines the gross weight combination of the towing vehicle and the trailer that can be used with that particular jaw. The "D" value is calculated as follows: D = 9.81 × (T × C) ÷ (T + C) T = Towing Vehicle Weight - GVW C = Trailer Weight - GVW 9.81 = Gravity For example, a towing vehicle of 3500kg GVW combined with a trailer of 3500kg GVW would require a towing hitch with a "D" value of: 9.81 × (3.5 × 3.5) ÷ (3.5 + 3.5) = 17.167 Historically, the maximum GVW of an LCV was 3500kg and the maximum GVW for an over-run brake system is 3500kg - hence why a "D" value of 17kN is the most common
  7. Down side is most small transits cant tow much weight. ] The 280 range a paltry 800kg & the 250 1000kg.
  8. Torque is more important for hills.
  9. Is that a grey import?
  10. You wont get 7500kg GTW on a post 19-01-2013 BE licence. Its 7000kg.
  11. I use the WP30. Last contract job I did we split about 23 IBC's to sub 9" in a day. Me on the processor & one person feeding the stack to my lifters & taking the filled cages away. If it cant 4 / 6 way split you can single split the harder stuff.
  12. Before I bought my Wp30 I looked at them. Lighter made & no road legal trailer were my worries.
  13. Justme

    Down rating trucks

    You would need active ie air brakes on the trailer to gross over 3500kg.
  14. Justme

    Down rating trucks

    If you are in wales I can get you 75% funding.


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