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  1. How much you got that needs doing? Max diameter? How soon?
  2. Posted on its own thread but would be good to post it here too. Added a hydraulic take off point for external spliter for the stuff that does not fit in the chamber. Checking this thread reminded me re the foot operated lever & the middle roller so might look at them next. Also been looking at a fitted log deck.
  3. Yes but there is a limit to the size that fits / you can pick up & place in the chamber. Also with the 4 way even dropped all the way down really big stuff can be difficult as the wp30 has a lower tonnage splitter. I have thought about upping the splitter power to the wp36 level but think its a new double pump set up & bigger ram. I also use a pull starter cord & handle to split from the chamber.
  4. Extra parts arrived & have now been fitted. I can either have processor running as it was, splitter on its own or by setting the lever just right leave enough flow to keep the conveyor running as well as the splitter. Still have the issue that hitting the end stops with ram fully in or out and holding it can stall out the engine. Not sure if a pressure relief valve works whilst the lever is being pushed / pulled or only when in the middle. Going to try re setting its pressure to see what happens. On the up side the cycle time is much faster & stronger than it was on the tractor hydraulics. I can live with the end stop issue if needs be.
  5. This was one of the WP30's that had the later twin speed pump & bigger cut length. Yes with petrol engine. Whats a couple pump? Do you mean a twin stage? If so then yes. I looked at power packs. They all cost a bomb plus its another bit of kit to carry. Price wise I will have spent less than £100 on bits. The plan is to now have a change over diverter with an open change so its never totally off during the change over (ie position 1 input to port 1, position 2 input to port 1 & 2, position 3 input to port 2) so should not lock pump up. Return is direct to the tank 3/4" bpp fitting return so after all the rest of the machine so should not cause issue (I hope).
  6. Update. Fitted bits. Not great result so far. With external splitter plumbed in the machine will not split & the splitter will not split either as pressure is too low. I am assuming that both by pass valves are reducing the pressure so that neither will work. If I plumb direct to the external splitter then that works great (better than when on the MF165 it was on). BUT at full travel it starts to stall out the engine. Which again I think means the bypass valve is set to high for the processor. But not sure if bypass is active whilst its actually in use. I have ordered a 3 way manual diverter that has an open center so during change over it does not shut of all the flow so should protect the pump. Not sure how to fix the full travel stalling out issue just yet. If that does not work I will then take the feed from the input to the processors splitter ram then its own bypass system should be working. I think
  7. Justme

    Price point

    I already do £10 per m3 for vetted clients that dont slow me down by bad site, wood or helpers. They are expected to clear all cut logs & keep the wood pile right up to the processor so I only have to roll onto the lifter. Currently do about 1/2 lorry per day but thinking of changing processor to up that to 1 or more. Due to investment & larger running costs not sure if that could also bring down the per m3 price or not.
  8. Justme

    Price point

    Inc taking logs away to be stacked, or piled? Or would it be your responsibility once its off the conveyor?
  9. For those of you that are processing lorry loads of soft or hardwood. 1, At what price per m3, tonne or lorry load would you stop processing your self & use a contractor to process for you? Assume that you still need to help to remove the split logs & poss move logs to the contractors machine. 2, Would the price differ if the contractor could do larger diameter logs than the sub 35cm / 14" typical processor feed stock? a, up to 50cm b, up to 80cm 3, What length do you typically cut the logs too? a, 8" b, 10" c, 12" d, 14-18" e, up to 1m billets 4, How much production can your handling side cope with per day? a, 1/2 lorry b, 1 lorry c, 2 lorries d, other 5, What else would encorage you to change over to using a contractor? a, log cleaner b, log pallet bundler / wrapper c, self loading so you dont need to load the log deck d, site left clean e, contractor bringing a loader/skidsteer / tractor etc f, other
  10. Not sure you have the right end of the stick. I was on about using a ratchet strap as a winch to move heavy stuff. You can def apply more than 500kg of force.
  11. You dont tie to a chassis you hook into the designated point. The 500kg limit is telling you not to exceed it. A 2t ratchet that won't actually snap till 4 t can exceed it.
  12. To get a swl of 500kg it would be tested to 1.5+ times that amount. I have seen plenty ripped out over the years.
  13. Correct but in a crash not all straps will be in the direction of force. Plus a 1000kg load will have a force far greater.
  14. Thats interesting. Never seen that before. There must be some stronger points like the chassis rail or they expect you to use a heck of a lot of straps.
  15. Have you never used one to move or lift much more? I know I have. Plus even if you cant apply much force while tightening the load will if it moves.


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