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Most disgraceful customer supplied refreshments.

Mick Dempsey

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7 minutes ago, Conor Wright said:

It's better than the result of putting the milk in first, then the teabag into the cold milk, followed by luke warm water and a limp wristed stir without even squeezing the bag on removal.

I figured it'd be more polite to not drink it at all than chance spewing it across the kitchen table.

A teabag and milk must never touch.

Pulling a teabag out of a mug of tea where the milk has already been added is visually akin to the morning after a Barrymore pool party.

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Milk in the Tea ,what u all up to , it is Tea or ****************ing Milk , and of story, usually I say to customers that I am very Fussy about my tea or coffee and if they don’t making it to my standards better do not waste time🤣I like any tea once is leaf tea not those nasty bags, and only ground coffee considerable strength and no milk if I want milk I’ll get milkshake from Macdonalds! Only few regulars can provide that!

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So long as it's warm and wet, that'll do for me. I kinda like the fact it's different everywhere you go.



Always makes me smile when the sweet little old lady comes out to the garden with a tray containing what looks like the entire contents of the kitchen:



Tea pot

Tea cosy

Milk jug

Sugar bowl


Plate with carefully chosen selection of "posh" biscuits






Cuddly toy




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As a general rule, if a customer says “do you want a tea?”, it’s best not to ask for coffee and vice versa. Folks tend to offer what they like/feel comfortable making.

I remember someone fetching our brews once, I’d asked for coffee, my colleague for tea. You literally couldn’t tell them apart by looking at them. Both got sloshed in the hedge at the first opportunity!

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bunch of whinging old bar stewards.


if theres a cat or a dog in the house, its no for the brew anyway. 

tea is harder to screw up/buy cheap than coffee.

usually say no anyway apart from regular and trusted customers.


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One really cold day at work, customer asked if I’d like a hot drink.

Before I’d had the chance to ask for my normal “Builder’s tea, bit of milk” the guy had shot off into his kitchen. He emerged after a few minutes with a mug filled with a dark brew, with definitely no milk in it - must be a black coffee, I thought.

First gulp nearly ended up sprayed in the guy’s face… BOVRIL !!!


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