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Stolen equipment register for chainsaws and other arb equipment

Steve Bullman

Arbsafe equipment register feedback  

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  1. 1. Why haven't you registered your equipment on Arbsafe?

    • I'm not organised enough
    • I can't be bothered
    • Its pointless and probably won't work
    • I don't want to list my details with a third party
    • I never knew it existed

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I have several items on the database, including two that were stolen from the old firm in 2017.


I also have a couple of pieces of Stihl equipment that were marked and micro dotted as part of a Stihl trial with the cesar plant database. I see now you can buy a bulk registration, get q code transfers, microdot paint and rfid tags  for small equipment for about 15 quid a saw.


According to cesar the biggest deterrent is painting the kit non standard and the problem police have is identifying stolen equipment and returning it to the owner if the serial number has been removed. In which case they have to return it to known thieves.


No matter how convincing the reason given for a serial number to be missing 90% of the time the machine will have been stolen.

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With Husqvarna the owner registers the saw, however when saws are dispatched  the bar code it taken , so the system registers the dealer the saw was supplied too, I think your data base is excellent and can only be a good thing, and it’s free as well we just need owners to spend a few minutes to enter their equipment, unfortunately it’s too late once it’s been stolen.

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I don't have any up to date experience of Echo or Husqvarna, as I ceased being a main dealer for those brands more than 15 years ago and registering machines wasn't even thought of back then.


The only other manufacturer that I am a dealer for, that insists a product sale is registered with them via a secure dealer portal is Hayter/Toro- again for the same reasons Stihl stipulate. Both systems work well, particularly if we have a machine brought in under warranty that we haven't originally sold and the owner has mislaid paperwork. With a recognised form of ID we can confirm ownership and crack on knowing we will be paid for our work.


Sure, a manufacturer will get a lot of valuable marketing info via us registering machines, but unless we tick a box when registering a machine stating the customer is happy to receive marketing material, then it just doesn't happen and they are not bothered by the manfacturer or their associates


Both systems work very well. We have had a few 'dubious' call from people with a nearly new Stihl or Hayter/Toro that they state are under warranty, but they can't find their receipt but can we look at it anyway? We point out to them a receipt isn't necessary, but proof of ID is that matches their details on the database before we can look at it, and we more often that not never see them bring it in. Is that because it's stolen- I don't know, but it could be a deterrent to bringing them in, rather than a deterrent having them stolen in the first place.


Authorities do/should know about these invaluable databases held by manufacturers, and the help they provide tracking owners.


Your database is a good idea, but I can see members being concerned as to the security of their details and the possible misuse of their data. Admittedly that could be no different from what could happen from a manufacturer, but at least there's a good reason to register a product (the warranty) and manufacturers are held to a legal account regarding data. If a machine is out of warranty and insured, then stolen, it probably has paid for itself and been written down to nothing on the books anyway (I am not referring to large plant here- more your mowers and hand held stuff- the most popular stuff that is lifted) so after three years or more, if it's nicked it's not quite a big deal aside from inconvenience. lets' be honest we rarely get emotionally attached to a chainsaw (well some might) which could be another mitigating factor to register it with you.



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One of those things I always think that's a good idea when it comes up in a post then promptly forget to get the serial numbers together and do it. As already said all layers are useful. So kicked my own bum will get on and do it. It's free after all.

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I bought a 10 pack from Datatag, was just over £100 for what I figured about 6 grand of kit labelled, so all the saw serial numbers are registered with them. Having diligently collected and filed all those details I forgot about arbsafe but it would obviously be an indoor job to register on there.


It is frustrating, when you see the pictures of tools at the car boot sales and know a good portion of that must be nicked.

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I'm only a 'homeowner' type of user (admittedly now with a small woodland) and keep my own asset list of power tools etc but I'd be interested in this, however I've just looked at the site and the fact that there's no details on the contact us page of an address or similar would immediately put me off (if I'd not found it through seeing this thread which explains it's Steve).


Also Steve the links at the bottom of the site to the For Sale and Forum sections of Arbtalk are no longer valid.


And the fact that there are 427 items listed as stolen out of 1917 registered is really scary, have over 20% of all items listed really subsequently been stolen?

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