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  1. Regarding collecting the fallen apples from the ground, with our single apple tree I found a good technique was to kick the apples into small piles just a few feet apart, then crouch down and load into a bucket before chucking them over the fence into the field behind. Apparently one of the neighbours kept wondering how the apples got into the field from the tree. Alternatively walk round with the same bucket whilst stooped over, making sure you stay stooped rather than bedning up and down during the walking, far less uncomfortable for your back.
  2. Mr. Ed, this is by far the best thread I've seen on this forum, and the internet still seems to be working since those posts back in February, and with the world how it is I think some niceness is the perfect thing for the internet. It's also a thread that's managed to keep fairly on track on the topic for 68 useful pages whereas many on here rapidly get towards that length with bickering and the sort of offensive messages that would get posters banned on many forums. So please play nicely hey?
  3. Ah, I see what you mean now. Doesn't sound very efficient to me, but that's only a guess. Not watched the video.
  4. What are you then planning to do with the hot air once you've blown it across to the other side of the house? Release it and gas everyone or use the piping as a radiator before venting out?
  5. Nope, I'm not involved in arb, just happened to get involved with helping East Bros for a few days. And since bought 4 acres of woodland for conservation purposes so came across Whitelands through the Sawmill Directory, potentially may take some logs to Tom for milling at some point.
  6. Just for info, East Bros are definitely still in business, I did a few days labouring for them last year as I only live a couple of miles away from them. Might be worth getting in contact with the Whitelands Project near Petersfield, if nothign else they may be able to point you in the right direction locally.
  7. I'm not an arb person but am rapidly learning about trees after buying 4 acres of woodland with my siblings this summer. I was just tapping out a big long reply explaining what I learnt somewhere about a week ago (either in a book or some obscure old Radio 4 programme I found on BBC Sounds?) when I found this which explains it far better... https://www.woodlandtrust.org.uk/blog/2020/10/what-is-a-mast-year/ Essentially, every few years they produce more fruit (linked to weather conditions) than the squirrels and other acorn lovers can munch meaning that some spares get left, potentially hidden by squirrels that either forget where they left them or succumb to squirrel munchers meaning more saplings grow over the next few years. Apparently mast years as they're called can then lead to a population boom in the acorn munchers. Don't think I've even seen an acorn this year (either from our 4' DBH oak in our garden or in various woodlands in Wiltshire and Hampshire).
  8. @Chrisdisco, I'll PM you re solicitor.
  9. Together with my siblings I've just bought 4 acres of stunning ancient woodland in Hampshire through Woods4Sale @ 13k per acre, nothing to do with Covid but because of receiving a legacy from an elderly aunt. Earlier this year we'd found a 10 acre piece just 2 miles from my home in Wiltshire for sale through a land agent which was sold with sealed bids and we were told we were significantly outbid at our bid of around 12k per acre. We decided after that to just accept that buying through a wood lotting company would add a premium but at least they've got the woodland for sale and otherwise we could be waiting years to source something suitable. Yes there probably are ways to find woodland at cheaper rates but we decided to take the easier option, even though I'm personally not actually keen on the splitting up of larger pieces.
  10. I did split it over several sessions over a couple of days. Glad to be able to make your day!
  11. Google search about ash dieback in woodland brought me here, and as someone who is not actively involved in woodlands other than a spot of volunteering here in Wiltshire I ended up reading and enjoying all 63 pages and having to sign up to the forum just to say thanks. Loved your clairvoyant comment at the top of page 51 on New Years Eve 2019 about viruses...


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