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  1. Yep thats parish councils. They nearly always have their own pet tree surgeon and just get other prices in to check boxes.
  2. sausage factory, brighton area. No idea what he could mean
  3. Because times have moved on! 20 years ago chainsaw trousers were thick heavy things, the option to go for chaps which were a little lighter was a feasible option. Now chainsaw trousers are lighter, and quote wearable, which has made chaps a thing of the past. Probably worn more in the states than over here, and that was probably always the case anyways
  4. Whats with the split? Good work
  5. Where colleges focused on training top tree surgeons, rather than focusing on pass rates. Where only 10% of students(if that) made the grade and found themselves out in the workplace doing tree work, whilst the other 90% eventually found themselves in a job more suited to them. Your turn!
  6. The dairy milk and marmite I can understand, but the cheese and beans? Do they not have baked beans in France? And the cheese? I thought France was supposed to be the mecca of cheese
  7. Tree surgeons prices vary drastically, but even so I'd say £4500 is a bit OTT for that tree. You'll be able to get that done by a reputable company for half that price easily.
  8. Yep, the only winners out of this are the rope manufacturers and dealers. You have to wonder if one of them was even instrumental in getting this pushed through.
  9. I like that hes getting out of the house, an hopefully getting a good work ethic into him, its just now what I want for him for the rest of his working career
  10. My lad has just turned 16 and has recently starting coming out to work with me on his days off from college. I never really thought tree work would be the thing for him but he seems to really be enjoying it (and the regular money), and has even hinted that he might want to do it as a career rather than the engineering course he's on. Personally I want better things for him than working in this industry and have tried to explain to him that theres easier ways to make money without destroying your body. He's got a better head on his shoulders than me and I want him to be more successful than me. But he's his own person and as much as i'd like to try and steer him in a different direction with my wisdom on the matter, ultimately it will be his choice. I was wondering if anyone else has their children working for them, and if so would this have been your chosen career path for them?
  11. I don't post much but I have learnt an absolute stack from this site and have spent many hours reading its archives. I think I can commit to at least one new thread per month. In fact i've put it in my diary!
  12. Had the Stein and had the same thoughts as Joe. Ended up selling it for pennies and upgrading to the Jameson.
  13. I used to work with this jumped up know it all. Not a particularly good climber but seemed to think he was an expert on anything. Had done a million different jobs, you know the sort. One day we were talking about Latin names and he said theres no wrong way to pronounce Latin as its a written language and not a spoken language. Although that didn't seem to stop him from correcting my pronounciation pretty much every single time I mentioned a tree or fungus in Latin.
  14. This is a bad day for justice. Whether you like him or not you'd have to be an idiot to not see that he talks sense about certain things. He's just the wrong person to be speaking those things, thats the problem.


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