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  1. Had the Stein and had the same thoughts as Joe. Ended up selling it for pennies and upgrading to the Jameson.
  2. I used to work with this jumped up know it all. Not a particularly good climber but seemed to think he was an expert on anything. Had done a million different jobs, you know the sort. One day we were talking about Latin names and he said theres no wrong way to pronounce Latin as its a written language and not a spoken language. Although that didn't seem to stop him from correcting my pronounciation pretty much every single time I mentioned a tree or fungus in Latin.
  3. This is a bad day for justice. Whether you like him or not you'd have to be an idiot to not see that he talks sense about certain things. He's just the wrong person to be speaking those things, thats the problem.
  4. nath

    Down rating trucks

    Are you seriously suggesting that being overweight would have no bearing on the braking times? I've heard it all now 😂😂
  5. If you are going to Invent something for the sake of inventing at least come up with something useable and practical. Looks nothing but a massive ball ache to me.
  6. Well eggs went strangely quiet on the plus side
  7. Did your wife run off with a serviceman by any chance vespasian?
  8. I may be wrong but i'm pretty sure it was paid work he was after 😀
  9. nath

    Compact Bulldog Bone

    Nice write up. Are you still using this Rich?
  10. I'd be surprised if it doesn't come back with a flourish. However it does look to be a bit stressed so perhaps you'll have the 1/1000 that dies after a pollard. Regardless it looks like you have to do something
  11. I really can't work this one out either. One things for sure though, some people are making a huge stack of cash out of the biomass bubble(?)
  12. phone started ringing after the early frosts last week
  13. Not a miller personally, but have cut down plenty of Hawthorns in my time. Can't see you'll find many that will provide you with any useful sized planks. The bigger ones are generally heavily ridged and cracked in my experience. As I said though im not a miller so probably talking out of my backside
  14. I can't see how any legitimate company with an actual interest in growing could possibly consider not being vat registered. The thing that put me off more than anything was the extra paperwork involved, but a good accounting software takes care of it all for you.
  15. That second video is ludicrous. Surely you don't even need to be an experienced climber to look at that situation and see all the dynamics involved. The weight of the lump being rigged, the size of the anchor point and the angle its at. Some idiots even suggested it was the groundies fault for not letting it run!
  16. Anyone know anything about this? Other than it looks ugly and fragile, any thoughts?
  17. rightio, because thats exactly the same sort of scenario isnt it
  18. 2 different animals. As was said before, if you are only getting one of them choose the winch
  19. Climbers who seem to think its a massive hardship to climb a tree with a chainsaw and insist on having it tied on once they get to the top. This seems to be a newbie thing, or a company specific thing. I'm all for making things easier for my climber but does strapping a small saw on his waist as he climbs really cause too much inconvenience? Then they get to the top and everything both top and bottom has to grind to a halt while he the groundies work is interupted to tie his saw on, then the climber hauls it up. Might be being a bit pedantic, but its a completely unnecessary pause in the work flow.
  20. What a good idea! Would you be within your rights, doubtful. Can't see it being a problem though unless someone stitched you up
  21. nath

    Which new saw?

    No, its not one of the classics. Its a good saw though. Not sure why its not more popular? It always feels a bit more of a lump than the husky equivelant, not so stream lined. I would take it over the 560 though anyday


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