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  1. And of course, the ones that stick the line head right at the bottom of foot high grass instead of taking it down in sections from the top down
  2. The bands that would have been around during the mod era, that the mods preferred I suppose?
  3. I lived through all of that era...including the Jam, and they were good, but nothing more than a tribute act to the mod scene. Paul weller was born in 1958 and the mod scene was the early 60s, so he was about4 or 5 years old when the mod scene was about, so they were only a mod band in so much as they replicated the era.
  4. Having read a lot of the comments, may I just say please adhere to the manufacturers recommended line diameter. Particularly if the machine is in within warranty. See a lot of 'gardener' types buying Stihl FS50 swan neck grass trimmers and the lower end Stihl straight shaft brush cutters and then fitting the thickest line they can get away with. It may not break as regularly, but will add additional load to the drive train...and the cheaper Stihls use a flexidrive, which can easily shear under excess loads, and importantly on lesser powered machine the heavier line actually reduces the rotational speed of the head, thus making it less efficient. You can fit a one inch bit of rope of the end of your brush cutter which won't break, but rest assured something else will on your machine. Our local county show used to have a stand selling this huge lump of aluminium head, designed to take 4 6 or 8 lines up to 4 mm...........two weeks later we always had a load of lightweight machines coming in with gearbox, clutch and driveshaft issues.
  5. This is correct. I have always suggested to domestic consumers who insist on purchasing a large roll of line to store it in a bucket of water......they think I'm taking the piss.
  6. Yes..that was pretty much what I was suggesting. If he committed and applied himself......and let the tory grandees come knocking, then they could get him on board. But I suspect, the middle ground, acceptable face, let's be all things to all men tories for fear of upsetting someone and fearing the loss of a vote (which I doubt) will keep him in the background..or at least try to.
  7. I just wish Farage would commit to something full time, then he may gain traction, but in recent years he's dabbled in this and that, gone over the pond and all that stuff. If he had committed full time in the UK to a political party and we knew he would be there for the long haul, then he would gain backing. Secretly, I suspect the backbone right of the tory party want him back to head up a leadership competition, but the wishy washy middle ground (or tory lite) think he would do more harm than good. Personally, I'm not so sure he would.
  8. Well, I for one would love a tenant like you OP. Having gone through a year of hell experiencing my first tenant, then someone who wants a place for 4 or 5 years and look after it would be a dream. I was lucky. I inherited some money from my late parent(s) and it sat dormant in a bank account earning nothing for nearly a year while I thought about what to do with it (yes it's a nice problem to have, and I acknowledge that) So I went out a bought a little one bed starter home.Thinking I would rent it out for 5 years or so until one of my pensions comes out then sell it and put my feet up and maybe enjoy a bit of retirement. I had quite a few applicants, some eastern european fruit pickers, some who had pets, some who were young couples and wanted to start a family....and one guy. A young lad early 20's who had been kicked out by his girlfriend after they had just had a baby and he needed a place where he could have his child over the weekends etc. I thought providing he passes the managing agents credit checks he would be ok...I felt sorry for him and thought I would help him out as he was the most deserving of the applicants to my mind. Anyway.....I was told he had passed credit checks and it was a green light. He moved in and paid the first two months on time, third month was two weeks late, fourth month same again, then nothing. Taken me 7 months or so to get him out- finally gained access and the place is trashed inside. Currently having all new carpets fitted as well as total redecoration. It would seem he has some sort of hoarding issues as we removed nearly 50 black sacks of rotting food- all leaking on to the carpets and marking the walls......not forgetting to add the smell. So all curtains and other soft furnishings now ruined. Looking at some of the opened letters he left behind, it would appear he has done this at 2 previous rental addresses and there are multiple unpaid bills being chased. In fact yesterday there was a letter on the mat from a bailiffs visit......trying to collect 12 months of unpaid council tax on my property. The stress of all this is not doing me any good at all. I just want a decent tenant.......I don't agree with no fault evictions, but I do agree it should be easier to evict quicker, idiots like my tenant
  9. Remember the screw has a left hand thread unlike normal. Same question been asked before on here. Here is a link to it. Should help you, rather than me going over old ground.
  10. Would be nice if the OP came back to us and at least enlightened us with what make and model they have. In all likelihood they have some generic chinese supermarket saw which has a more basic, earlier design of chain brake system fitted to the electric saw and is expecting it to operate as the latest brake does in the husqvarna video they have uploaded...which they dont. Even though it will still be an inertia activated chain brake. We al all guessing here...myself included
  11. Well, he did state it was an electric chainsaw in his original post, so maybe that's where some confusion is coming from down the list of comments? ...and it has turned into a mobile phone forum 😁
  12. Yes, I know Bolt, but comparing a chain brake test with a brake band system on a petrol saw against the kick back micro switch system on an electric saw is like comparing apples with pears. The test are completely different as although they both operate via the inertia of a kick back situation you cannot replicate the chain brake test on a petrol saw like in the video than you can with a mains electric- the mains electric saws need a physical pressure to the chain brake lever to operate as in a kick back situation. Both work on inertia...but are tested in different ways. If the OP is suggesting the operation of the chain brake on his electric saw can be tested in the same way as the petrol one in his video he is incorrect....and I think that is what is worrying him?
  13. See my comment above.
  14. A fair point, but I was referring to the saw being in 'normal' operating use, and the operation of it thereof.
  15. All chain brakes work on 'intertia' They are designed to stop the chain in event of kick back and are activated via the chain brake lever coming into contact with the 'knuckles' of your left hand, which with the force of the inertia kick back will push the chain brake lever forward to near immediately stopping the chain from rotating. Not having the chain fitted really isn't going to help you ascertain whether the chain brake mechanism is operational correctly. Generally petrol saws have a mechanical 'band' which grips and then effectively stalls the clutch mechanism to stop the chain rotating. Mains electric saws have a micro switch which immediately cuts the motor power- thus stopping the chain. Normally you will have a reset button to depress to reinstate power to the motor


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