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  1. Ahhh....pity. Right at the other end of the country for me. Good luck though.
  2. Where abouts are you. If you are near me I would be more than happy to cut it up for you. Gives me an excuse to fire up one of my big old school shelf queens for a workout.
  3. Difficult to make out the diameter of the largest parts, but a 16" bar really only has a useable length of 14 or 15" . Therefore if the max diameter of that trunk a lot wider than 28 or 30" then even if you sawed all the way around the diameter the full depth of the bar it would still be attached in the middle. More importantly is the saw up to it rather than the length of the bar.....you can fit a 16" bar to an ms211 but i wouldnt want to cut a huge trunk with one
  4. The 'third' cap in an A/V mount ......although it is wildly optimistic fitting av mounts to one of those as they have to be running for a reasonable time to counteract the effects of white finger....which it wont. 😂
  5. Its not a clone of any recognised manufacturer im afraid. These were brought out several years ago under various chinese internet 'brands' then the same model was cloned to be a fake stihl, although aside from the colour scheme it looked nothing like any current stihl model. It will never run or if it does it will never run right for long. With respect, they are just landfill....which really annoys me.
  6. pleasant

    461 value

    Difficult to say as not all 461's are the same regarding condition, hours on it etc. Would you be selling it with a bar and chain...if so what length? See it makes a lot of difference. Its predecessor, the ms460 in good condition are still going for good money....4 to 500 quid mark for a good one, but they are now a good collectors saw and still a good saw in its own right. Best judge of what something is worth is 'the bay' watch a few that are listed that are similar to yours as see if they sell. Best if you can find one listed as an auction rather than a buy it now that takes offers.
  7. The pawl return springs are available. I remember you had to wind them on over the pawl, as the pawls were factory fitted to the flywheel via those 'pins' If you note the IPL doesn't list the pins seperately https://www.motoruf.de/mo/ersatzteillisten/FTP/McCulloch/Ersatzteillisten/IPL, McCulloch, Mac 335, Mac Cat 435, Mac Cat 440, 1999-10, Chain Saw.pdf
  8. Remember when I started smoking we had one of those wooden draw pull out cigarette vending machines where i worked. Cigarettes were 40 odd pence a pack and the machine would take 50p pieces and you received something like 10p back taped to the packet of cigarettes. This kind of thing...anyone else remember the change being taped to the packet of fags? THB2990 Cigarette mulitcoin Vending Machine “Five-0 vendit” with Phoenix Tower Cigarettes (20s) • Trevor Howsam Limited (Boston) TREVORHOWSAM.COM
  9. They are blind riveted in place.....a press fit if you like. The pawls are metal with a return spring on each. Why do you need to replace them? If you have a valid reason then a new flywheel comes with them already fitted as unless to have some special equipment to remove and install you won't be able to do it..hence why flywheels come with them factory fitted. There's a good, used flywheel on the bay at the moment with pawls fitted for only £20 McCulloch Mac 335 Chainsaw - Flywheel (F3) WWW.EBAY.CO.UK <p>McCulloch Mac 338 Chainsaw</p><br><p>Flywheel </p><p>Please see photos for...
  10. Part number for the heated handle stator is 537 07 18-02. Not cheap though
  11. I dont disagree with the previous comments. Although as a matter of course i would hook out the fuel filter and change that for new and whilst doing that i would inspect the pick up pipe for cracking/crumbling. I am no expert on what fuel grades are used in canada but if it were the uk and fuel had been left in the tank that long the ethanol in the fuel would have begun to compromise the integrity of the hose and the filter.
  12. Your should get a few quid back from the 028 as parts for those are getting rare and they are a popular collectors saw...and still a good saw for hobby/occasional/demo use. When i got mine for my collection it needed a brake band, but they are obsolete and are rare as hens teeth as they did used to break quite often. I found one on the bay and had to pay over 20 quid just for the band I still need a better condition orange air filter casing for mine as it has a small bit of plastic missing from the one on it on the lower part where it curves over the rear handle....
  13. A jobu. There are jobu collectors out there, but as an investment purchase they never make great money. Its not a rare model in the range either...to the right person maybe worth...£50-£80.


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