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  1. blades

    ArbDogs? Pics!

    MultiOne operator.... he's a natural
  2. blades

    ArbDogs? Pics!

    He likes to keep the chickens in check.
  3. blades

    ArbDogs? Pics!

    Well we collected Angus and then decided he was more of a Jack. Lumber 'Jack' or 'Jack' Sparrow... the jury is still out on that one! He's great, sleeps right through the night and gives a little whimper when he wakes up to go out for a wee! Top little dog
  4. blades

    Ford Ranger

    With BFG AT tyres fitted... No problems towing off-road so far:thumbup:
  5. I second the Costco shelving. I have 8 bays, cannot fault it. They do mail order now as well.
  6. blades

    ArbDogs? Pics!

    This is Angus... 9 week old Miniture Poodle. Collecting him on Saturday!
  7. Many thanks to you all
  8. Can anyone help me ID this tree please? It's a lovely established tree on my land and I'd really like more of them. Thanks in advance
  9. Spot on and exactly what I did. Bought a Takeuchi TB216 Just to add, I think you may be surprised at just how 'nimble' it is on its tyres. Its quite gentle on grass.
  10. Loader end attachment fits... Hydraulics need either an adapter or a different hydraulic fitting.
  11. Not 360 rotation... But pretty good I would say... The back hoe attachment
  12. 35hp Yanmar Diesel Engine 1670kg
  13. Cheers Bob... Had a few machines demo'd to me and did a lot of research... certainly for our needs the MultiOne 7.3+ out classed anything of a similar price. Have to say, I'm delighted with her so far
  14. Cheers... Lift Capacity is 1550kg


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