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  1. Thanks for posting. I wonder how they would treat sole director/employees when they haven't been taking a salary in order to either give the firm some extra cash or to pay off existing creditors more quickly?
  2. Saw this on FB earlier. The Land Army - Connecting Farms & Workers WWW.THELANDARMY.ORG.UK Our goal is simple; stop harvests rotting in our fields. To do this we're pulling... Could be of use to folk.
  3. Thanks - that’s what I’m working off and why I’ve chosen to cease work. I can’t really work and guarantee I can observe the social distancing measures 100%. I don’t know any other tree firms round here working either but I guess there may be some. Clients to a great extent have made the decision anyway for us all.
  4. No offence meant or taken either. It is a forum though. It would be pretty pointless if we kept our opinions to ourselves. I don’t post that often that’s true. I find myself with a lot more time on my hands currently though.
  5. It’s just an opinion. Why’s mine less valid?
  6. Interesting. I’ve not seen that stance repeated by the Scottish government- has anyone else?
  7. Never said you did. And you haven’t.
  8. I do get that. But surely everyone’s work is essential if you look at it like that?
  9. It was directed at you only - that's why I quoted you. Others on here when explaining their need to continue to work do so with a sense of humility and a wish that they had a different option. I'm afraid you come across as not giving a stuff or directly confrontational when people explain how and why they're not working.
  10. I'm genuinely sorry to read this. We need to keep lobbying our elected representatives so that they more fully understand our circumstances. I know up here (Scotland) there are lots of jobs being advertised in the delivery and agri sectors. Might be worth a look until tree work becomes viable again? I also saw that forestry and other related aspects of the industry that provide for fuel wood and pallets can continue as the need for this is deemed too critical to stop.
  11. At what stage do you think you might consider putting others before yourself?
  12. Bloody hell. There are loopholes in almost everything - but hardly surprising in the circumstances. I wonder where travel insurance will stand re those folk that don't get money back? I see over here it's been made harder (and a longer process) for tenants to be evicted. It's being done for all the right reasons but as we know there are those who will take full advantage. Glad you're managing to still work safely - rural France does make it simpler I suppose to work in isolation. Was doing some ground clearance for a mate in the northern Ardeche two weeks ago. Seems like a lifetime ago already.
  13. Stuart - out of interest how does the French government's financial package work for you over there (or not..)?
  14. I'm in the same position as you Spud in that I can eat into savings etc. I don't qualify for any of the grants on offer or for Universal Credit etc. The wife is a teacher so for all the shit that she usually faces on a day to day basis at least her wage is secure. If I really had fuck all to fall back then I would hope that the state wouldn't let us starve. But I've always made sure I've kept enough put by to tide us over for a bit regardless. My guess would be that for those still working that aren't key workers, that option will be legally taken off them in the coming weeks. What a bloody mess.
  15. You've moved on? Hopefully to a position where you've stopped work and observing some form of lockdown like the majority whose work is not essential to beating this thing back. Sooner you get it, sooner we can all go back to work.


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