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  1. My Last Climbing Hurrah !

    An enjoyable read David - thanks for posting.
  2. Hedgelaying pics

    Thanks - there's a guy listed about an hour away. I'll give him a try...
  3. Hedgelaying pics

    Have always fancied learning how to do this properly - does anyone know of anyone that does courses or would be willing to show the basics up in Fife or thereabouts? Great pics by the way - looks amazing.
  4. Review of the Husqvarna T536Li XP

    I use mine all the time - can't fault it. It's really light and well balanced. Two batteries plus the quick charger are pricey but you've no fuel to worry about and in theory fewer working parts to maintain. Takes about 20 mins from dead to around 80% - more than enough to time in the second battery to cover that. I'd say vibration seems less compared with my petrol top handle. I use the same batteries in my blower, small hedgers and extended pole pruner so could justify the extra cost of the battery set up over the petrol equivalent. Still use my 540xp for bigger stuff or in the really pissing rain. Not had any issues with batts falling out (bought mine around May last year I think). Although I probably will now...In any case a velcro strap or something would sort that issue. A final plus point is the noise - or lack of it - as was mentioned earlier. I still use ear protection but you can hear much more of what is going on around you. Also - when you've got more light in the summer you can use it earlier in the morning and later at night without pissing people off.
  5. Dolmar

    A big thanks to Andrew for sorting me a new 6100. We had a bit of a delay at the Dolmar end in Germany so Andrew sent me up one of his own saws to get a job done whilst we waited for my saw to be shipped. Customer service above and beyond is that... My saw is now here and ready to go - can't wait to give it a run out. A very happy boy so I am. Thanks again. Ed.


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