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Found 64 results

  1. Hi All This is coming from a very happy amateur, I've had my MS211 (with a 16" bar) for 4 years now and am very pleased with the machine, albeit a bit under-powered I find when cutting some heavier stuff. I wonder if someone can assist me with which parts/what needs to be done to give the machine a complete overhaul. I've listed a few things myself below (including some repairs), any assistance would be great: - Will change the oil hose (small black hose underneath as oil is seeping out from there when sitting on the shelf, seems to be a common fault with this model) - Is there an oil filter to be replaced here or just cleaned? - New spark plug - Fuel filter? Again, just a clean or replace? - Sprocket? Gone through a total of 3 chains since new (2 wore down and one I broke). There are some grooves on the sprocket. - Clean the airfilter. Anything else? Many thanks!
  2. 2 new special offers added this morning as a weekend treat! Firstly, we are now offering 30% discount on the NEW STIHL MS201TC-M, featuring an M-Tronic engine, and you can grab this brand new saw straight away from stock! Secondly, the price on the Prabos A1RB class 2 chainsaw boots is now £149.00, and as well a the free waterproofing spray and spare laces, you'll also receive a free KitDRY with every purchase, worth £19.99! Check out both of these offers online now!
  3. Hi All, I may be a little off topic here as I would like to ask a question about a Stihl FS410C strimmer I have an engine problem with, I saw some of you guys are pretty knowledgeable about Stihl products and engines so I thought I would try... I have a Stihl FS410C strimmer that seems to start fine and ticks over very nicely but as soon as I squeeze the trigger to add power the engine seems to struggle and almost get choked to a point it sounds like it is going to die. I'm not very good with engines but the fact that it ticks over well leads me to think it is a minor problem but wondered if anyone had any advice. I have a video on youtube of the issue if anyone is able to advise please: https://youtu.be/gWUIy_5_64E Many Thanks for reading and any advice would be really appreciated and if you are local to London Oval can stand you a few pints or lunch if you can fix it. Cheers Alex
  4. Hi all, I'm hoping someone can maybe point me in the vague direction of potentially being able to fix a starting problem with my Stihl MS181, otherwise it's going on eBay for spares..... Basically it's a sod to start and sometimes just won't start at all. When it does start it takes 12-15 pulls and revs its tits off until you touch the throttle, when it dies. Its been fully serviced with a carb re build and ultrasonic clean. My Stihl dealer that did the work said it may need a new carb, but that seems ridiculous seeing as its only 3 years old and the cost without fitting is £100!!! i could buy another saw second hand for that, nearly. So before I resign it to the scrap heap of eBay, any ideas anybody??? Much appreciated in advance.
  5. [ame] [/ame] Had to strip down some douglas firs as part of a logging operation to minimalize damage to the surrounding trees. it was a Fun and exiting job
  6. Hi all, I've gotten to a stage where I need a fairly decent sized saw, approx 24". It will be used mainly for a few fells, chogging down and then logging firewood every so often at the yard. I'm thinking either a Husky 372 or Stihl 460/461... Can I have your wise opinions on either of these 2 or an alternative... I'm wanting half decent power, reliability and not too heavy... Ta,
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gbGjpRk-3OQ Watch in HD for the best experience P.S. the camera survived(for another day)
  8. Morning! Day 8 is here, and its a big one! Today only you can grab the Stihl BR600 Backpack blower for £335 + VAT!(£402.00 inc) This is a huge bargain, so grab one quickly! Remember phone orders only, until 5pm!
  9. Here's the 6th deal! Tomorrow(Tuesday 16th December) you can grab a Stihl BG86 handheld blower for £175+VAT! This will be available from 8am, so give us a call to grab a bargain! The exclusive code, to go with the famous carol will be "Geese". Number here is 01962 857951
  10. hi people. whats the best reccomended chainsaw to invest in for tree felling. i dont want to pay second hand want to buy new but want to invest in something worth while and thats good to work with and durable and good for the money what would you recomend stihl or husqvarna and what models please// any help would be greatly appreciated i am new to the tree world just on my cs30/cs31 course using a stihl ms180 i know its a domestic saw but does for the course like i say any advice and reccomendations well appreciated :
  11. sime42

    Cooked MS200T??

    Hello all I've got a bit of a problem with my trusty climbing saw, (Stihl MS200T, 2008 model). It doesn't want to tick over nicely at the moment. When I first start it the idle is a bit uneven and after a while it cuts out altogether. When hot its even worse, it just dies as soon as I release the throttle. Apart from that it seems fine, it revs as good as ever and has plenty of power for cutting. I should mention that I may be responsible for this problem! A couple of weeks ago I was doing a reduction on a leylandii hedge, and using a skip to get rid of the waste. I was getting short on time and skip space so decided to mill the brash down a bit with the chainsaw. I went at it pretty hard and after only a few minutes the saw started cutting out on idle. I figure I must have overheated the poor thing as it was a stinking hot day and the exhaust was pretty stifled as I had the bar in the brash up to the hilt. The exhaust housing was smoking afterwards. I feel a bit stupid writing this now! I'm loath to take it to my local service place again as I feel that since I'm normally pretty mechanically minded this is something I should be able to sort myself. Judging by a lot of other posts I've read on here I reckon this is the best place to come for advice as of few of you blokes seem to be chainsaw Oracles! What does anyone think;- have I indeed overheated the thing and caused some damage to something? (or maybe the smoke was just resin burning off on the exhaust. He says hopefully!). Or is this just a question of re-tuning the carb? If anyone could give me a quick tutorial on the three screws that would be much appreciated, (H, L and LA). Thanks. I've always wanted to get my head around these but never plucked up the courage to fiddle with them in case I muck up a fine balance of something. Thanks in advance. Sorry about the long post!
  12. So... I ran over my "relatively" new Stihl 362C a little while ago. Managed to avoid any serious damage as it went under the car rather than the wheel and the fore-grip acted as a nice sturdy rollcage. It has however buckled this handle and I need to replace it. -Could someone point me in the direction of a good parts supplier I could get a replacement from? -Are they interchangeable with older models? -How much of a ball ache is it to swap out? Cheers.
  13. Hi. Having some issued with a couple of years old ms250 running an 18 inch bar. It seems that sometimes the nose sprocket on the bar gets jammed solid, enough that the engine sounds like the chain brake is on and you have to switch off and get the sprocket moving. When this happens the sprocket area of the bar appears to be quite hot. The saw was using half a tank of oil to a tank of gas which seems the norm. I took it back to the dealer who sprayed the oil off the bar and declared it was normal. With the bar removed you can see the oil pumping out. I thought the problem could be a lack of oil so I purchased and installed the bigger oil pump thinking this would be the answer. It now dispeces about 25% more oil but I still have the problem. I am cutting ash currently and have had problems with beech (beech was quite sappy). Tried a new chain and 16 inch bar and the same problem. I think I have the chain tension right, if anything on the loosed side rather than tight. - added a picture of a cut that resulted in one of the nose sprocket jams. Any thoughts? Thanks
  14. Hi I need to buy a new harness for my hedge trimmer and was just wondering if any one knows the best one that Stihl or another company is offering and any pros cons to these harnesses? thanks Jolly
  15. I'm selling my MS880 and 48" Alaskan mill as well as some chains and a spare bar. All good condition. Have a look on ebay or PM me for details. Cheers (PS I hope this isn't against any rules!)
  16. I'm selling my MS880 and 48" Alaskan mill as well as some chains and a spare bar. All good condition. Have a look on ebay or PM me for details. Cheers (PS I hope this isn't against any rules!)
  17. Does anybody know how to remove the captive nuts from the cover plate of an MS261 or if its even possible? Thanks
  18. Hi, recently bought a Stihl 024, stripped it down and cleaned it! Really nice buy! Only trouble is the exhaust has been punctured! Will this affect it, also smoke comes from underneath the exhaust. ! What should i do? Replace? Cheers, Rob
  19. Hey, new to the forum looking for some advice, i brought my 365 special into a hire shop/husqvarna dealer for a new chain, without asking me he ground out the oregon bar to suit a stihl chain, i wasn't to happy about it but he said its normal he dose it all the time and he has a special disc to do it. Has anyone heard of this? is it ok? Now the engine has sized after not much use since then, He says it over heated from being worked too hard, said the clutch was black and the barrel and piston seized, and wants me to pay for the repairs. It was defiantly not being worked hard and he checked the fuel himself and said the mix was perfect. What do you think?
  20. Hi I have been given an old chainsaw to mess about with. Unfortunately it doesn't start ( probably why my boss gave it to me for free). The chainsaw is 8-10 years old and has been sitting around for a year or so now. I have checked the spark plug and there appears to be a spark there, fuel line seems to be in a reasonable order. Could somebody please let me know what could be up with it and if its worth spending a few quid on getting it working again. Thanks, Luke
  21. I have a Stihl a41av and was wondering if this was classed as a vintage chainsaw, and if so, what kind of price could I get for it please? It has a 24" chain. Many thanks Steve
  22. So, looked and then got a job where a big saw is needed. Have a husqvarna 576xp with a 24" blade and to be fair it always been enough. 48" by the time you go round both sides:thumbup: Any way this time it's not gonna cut the mustard. There are half dozen dead horses chestnut trees to come down. All my ground saws are Husqvarna so I enquired about the395xp but the max bar length is only 28" wtf. The stihl equivalent is the 660 and can come with 36" bar Didn't really want the 3120 seems to be over kill for what I want. Don't get why the 395 can only be brought with a maximum 28" bar? Never used a stihl ground saw except the 260. How does the 660 fair to the big huskies.
  23. The all new STIHL MS150 TC-E Top Handle Chainsaw. Ideal for cutting back trees, professional pruning, limited crown reduction and working from a cherry picker. The lightweight champion of STIHL arborist saws delivers high cutting performace for its class with fine cut surfaces and has a good power-to-weight ratio. Comes with Ergo Start as standard! Click here to see the new STIHL MS150 TC-E


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