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  1. Hello, I'm Michael Gillmor, I'm 17, I live in hertfordshire and I'm looking for a groundsman/some climbing. I have CS 30, 38 and I'm hoping to get 31, 39, UA1 and Chipper when I have the money. I'm Studying at Capel Manor and I'm a level 3 ARB and Foresty diploma The previous year I got a merit in the level 2 course. Mondays is the only day I have off of college but happy to do week ends and half terms Will work When ever I have a free day, Don't care what work is just as long as it's outdoors Please contact me on Michael.Gillmor@btinternet.com or 01279842564 Thank you very much. Michael Gillmor
  2. As I am a freash new college boy, I have used both and I will say that they bog down VERY quick. The pick up ok but not fantastic and the battery life is just a joke. In the future they obviously will get alot better, but for now... don't bother. (my opion don't bit*h)
  3. Wrong answer that's the expensive one Ok thanks, I'm getting my Ms 260 on friday and It's comes with a free stihl 2 stroke shot. I'm not sure if it's that one. Just shows you how little they teach you in school. Maths, English PAH! What about Chain oil? Thanks for help.
  4. Hello, As I was watching every video under the sun about chainsaws It occurred to me that I didn't really know what to put in a chainsaw fuel wise. I have been working on a cricket ground since i was 12 and I know how to mix petrol and 25:1 for streamers but I don't know how to do it for a chainsaw. Could somebody tell me what the best oils I need to use for chain and for engine and if there any types of oil or petrol that does a better job than others E.g. Leaded or unleaded.
  5. I might have said this wrong or people may have the wrong impression but The only reason I wont to know how much you would do the job for Is because I might be over pricing this like a cowboy and I really don't wont to get a reputation for over pricing. I have a plane and all, and I know were the chipper is going, trailer, How much there should be and what I can get rid of waste wise but the only thing is the pricing. This guys nice so I don't wont to screw him over. I didn't mean getting away with pricing I meant getting away with not doing stump grindings because there really messy and takes allot of time. I'm very sorry If I offended anybody by that statement and I didn't mean it in a abusive way. Just worded it wrong
  6. Stump Grinding can go screw it self. last week I had half term so I thought I would be the only one on my course and work all week, Bunch of good for nothing layabouts I learn with , But yer, All week I was Digging out stump grindings, Hard wood, Nice and chunky, Soft wood, Nice and stringy. I did 6 trees. They wonted everything gone, even the earth. So I think I will leave it before I do anymore. I'm immune, I'm 16 so I can do D*ck Things and get away with it
  7. Thank you very much. I am going to start doing the quote right after I stop writing this. I Will take in what everyone has said but as you said, at the end of gthe day if he is happy with the quote then it's all good. Thanks and I will keep you posted and i will tell you how the job went, If i get it. Mankey John
  8. It's just a general Idea. I don't wont to rip him off because he's A friend because I don't know how to price things. But then again I don't wont to do It for nothing because he's my dads friend If he's not happy with my quote I will just say get someone to quote it and I will cut 10% or 20% off. Thanks for reply guys, Nice to see people helping out the younger generation. Mankey John
  9. Thanks, There only about 1.5 meters around each tree, and not that much limbs on them. There is a fence behind the leylandii and the leylandii comes out 1 meter from the fence (see diagram) I will convert that into £ because I'm English but thanks for you're imput and reply.
  10. Hello, Ad I am very new to this and I'm only 16 I thought I would get a rounded opinion on quoting/pricing up jobs. So far I have had some fairly wide variety of answers from people I work with and my tutors. The job in question is cutting down 5 (4 - 5 ft) X Cupressocypairs leylandii, Leyland cypairs, taking the roots out and taking away the wood. I have been told to do 2 quotes for the job, One taking the wood, and one leaving, but I'm going to see if I can do another 2 for leaving the roots in but just cutting them to ground level. Anyway What I really would like to know is what kind of money should I be asking. Considering that it's for a friend, I am the only one doing it so I'm going to be slow. The site Is easy to accesses and I am going to be able to use a Little chipper because it's only a small tree/Hedge. Thank you very much and thanks to anyone that should reply. Mankey John
  11. What did one BlackBerry user say to the other? Nothing...
  12. You can't handle my tags!!!
  13. Neither, I would get out of bed and go order a Russian bride.
  14. Hello, Seeing as I am only 16 and I would think that the demographic for A game like battlefield 3 is more of the... Younger population it come to mind that this might not be suited for this forum but alas, I will carry and try not to offend anyone. As I am very much Into all kinds of gaming I started up A clan for battlefield 3 beta. It's called "Unknown Heros" (spelled wrong because of limited letters) and Seeing as no one is really getting the hang of platoons (clans) In BF3 I thought I would take the chance and get in while people are less knowledgeable on the subject. The Platoon/clan is for the PS3 only. This may only be for the beta. They might bring out cross platform platoons when the actual game is out, but for now, just PS3. The website is [HERE] and My PSN is MankeyJohn. If you wont join just apply. There is no age limit or anything like and I'm more than happy to just add you as a friend. The only rules are 1.) Be friendly and welcoming, 2.) No racist language, even if you are of that race, 3.) No religious chants or discrimination, even if you are of that race, As this is my first post I might as well say I don't mind helping people out with any computer problems as I hobby in computers and I don't mind helping, Just don't ask me about 'arb yet, I'm still learning at "Caple Manor", Enfield. Thanks, Take care. Mankey John


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