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  1. Excuse my ignorance on this, but if I screw in both to fully loaded, I'm assuming that fully loaded would be turned anti clockwise all the way and then turn them both 1 turn each ???? Many thanks
  2. Hi again guys, Some of you may remember my issue with my husky 141. ( pulse seal was knackered) Anyway I replaced the pulse seal but the saw is still playing up slightly and I'm pretty sure the carb needs a bloody good tune up. All filters and spark has been replaced with new ! The saw doesn't tick over nicely at all and pretty much dies down after its started, and seems to smoke quite a lot. The top cover of the saw is also starting to get very warm. (Never did before) Now this carb problem could be my fault to be honest as my previous chainsaws have always been run at a 25:1 ratio. I'm pretty sure huskys are 50:1 ??? I was told before that this shouldn't be a problem as its better to put more oil in than not enough. As a novice to all this malarkey I should really take it to a pro to get the carb tuned up but if I can save myself a few notes, and its an easy enough task then I'd rather have a shot at it myself and learn a few things in the process. So..... Having seen various ways to tune your carb on the web, YouTube etc, I would like you guys to voice your opinions on the best way to do it please. Regards Grant
  3. My local supplier actually had one in stock. Happy days

    <p>Doesn't say that iv got any PM's. Oh well never mind. I'm sure ill get hold of one</p>



  5. <p>See your PM,s Grant, it will show you who I am.</p>


    <p>Hi Barrie </p>

    <p>Thanks for the advise regarding the husqvarna 141 pulse seal. Being new to this forum I can only assume that you work at Aspen garden and machinary ???</p>

    <p>I have been on the website and cannot seem to find the part. Is there any chance you could forward the part number to me ?</p>




  7. Well you guys were spot on, this green tube is split bad. Anyone know where I can get one Thanks once again for the advise
  8. Took the carb and carb plate off and can't seem to find that pulse tube at all.
  9. Deffo worth checking out. Iv stripped it down and didn't really look at that. Many thanks
  10. Spud, you're an awesome help. The screen isn't there anyway so the previous owner has more than likely taken it out. The saw dies off pretty much immediately after releasing off the trigger. I have ordered new filters and spark plug, they should be here this week. I will try a tune up, you're probably right and is most likely the most simple explanation. One thing I did see upon breaking the saw down is that the piston cylinder looks a little scored. I will try the tune up and let you know
  11. Hey guys, I have recently been handed down a husqvarna 141 saw. Nice little saw but I was using it yesterday and after around 30 mins of using, it decided to stop idling and cut out. I can get the saw started but as soon as I stop revving the saw cuts out. The husky does need a general service and I have just ordered a servicing kit. I have been advised that the problem could lie with the spark arrestor screen. Could this be the problem ??? Advise please I will take out a and clean the screen anyway
  12. Oh and that Mikita is seriously over priced. It's up for sale at my local suppliers for over £100 less
  13. Thank you fellas. If I had to I would slightly lean towards a husky as I have been told the stihls are not what they used to be. Will check out those recommendations. Cheers spud
  14. Looking to pay around the £350 mark. Could stretch a bit more. I am more than happy to buy a decent second hand saw


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