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  1. I built my own website, learnt to use Dreamweaver and CSS. If anyone wants a site doing, I charge a whole lot less than the pro's and the results are better. Couple of example sites. Canopy Tree Services - Utility Arborists - Home http://www.simplytreeservices.co.uk Let me know if anyone want one doing. Tim
  2. Would anyone be able to tell me if I'm getting ripped off by my current service guy. I have a Stihl MS 660 that is used for ringing up large butts at the log barn. It wasn't starting so I took it in and they have said that the fuel in the tank was dirty and this had clogged up the Carb filter (having passed through the fuel tank) filter and it had caused the saw to run lean and heated up and siezed the piston in the cylinder. Is this something that anyone has heard of happening before, and would the compensator device in this type of saw control this? This saw doens't get used often, and has probably only done three days of work, since the last time it was at the shop, where they told me it needed a new piston caused by 'dirty fuel'. I run 7 other saws, two 024's and 5 MS200t's all on the same fuel and no problems with this. Please does anyone know (if there is a Stihl service engineer here) if this is something that I've just been unlucky with, or am I begin bullsh**ted by this place.?? Please help!!
  3. Given that the cost of hardwood has gone up from £37 per tonne delivered to over £50 per tonne in the last two years, shouldn't the question be more about, can we actually afford wood as a fuel in the UK. Despite these cost increases, I still hear more and more people are installing wood burning stoves... Most people using these stoves are not self sufficient in wood supply, so where is this price increase going to be passed on. I still see people selling nearly a cubic meter of wood (seasoned hard wood, so they say) for £50 per tonne. How is this cost possible.
  4. Opportunity in Utility Arborculture. X2 positions available starting in January. Must be motivated, hard working and full of common sense. If you have always been told you have a lot of common sense, we want to talk to you! You must enjoy working outside in all weather, and be keen to learn new skills. All training will be provided and you will gain NPTC certification in all areas of Utility Arb. You will be working in a team of two. Driving Liscence is a must, preferably with the ability to drive 3.5 ton+. Any experience would be a bonus and CS30.1/.2 and first aid ideal. Will look at experienced grounds people as well, so if you have recently been laid off in the Utility Arb Industry and need a new full time job, send your CV. All CV's to [email protected]


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