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  1. Also nowhere to stow the lance - perhaps I can zip tie on a length of pipe somewhere?
  2. Got the Berthoud 16l 2000 pro model. Only observation so far it that the pump handle doesn't seem to have an upright stowed position - one has to remove it and reposition it on the splines?
  3. After your encouragement, I've just bought the very same. Many thanks!
  4. Which Berthoud do you have? Thanks for your help!
  5. Apols for bumping again, BUT need to get a knapsack pronto for occasional spraying round the farm. Trawl of threads on here and elsewhere indicates... Berthoud: User straw poll here indicates these are No 1 by some margin, but at £160 (inc vat) not the cheapest. Cooper Pegler: Not far behind and a tad cheaper. Solo: Mixed reports. Bit cheaper at ~ £110. Quite a few supporters but leaks seem to be a problem. Stihl: A few favourable reports of these, only 12Ltr but a LOT cheaper, £55 at Jonesie. Is there a catch..?? Jacto / Shindaiwa: It seems these are the same, the odd favourable review, cheaper than some at £100. Any Comments / Additions Please!! TIA
  6. Could we have a 'Like' button? That would achieve this purpose.
  7. As said depends, but I've had 40,000 miles on the rear wheels, down south. Front tyres wear quicker esp with front wh drive.
  8. Needs to be well-seasoned.A guide to which wood burns best in your wood burning stove
  9. Yes many are poor quality, been stacked outside uncovered for several months. So would you expect the end-grain measurement to be less than a newly exposed centre measurement? And what about the bark - seems to take a lot of drying out? TIA
  10. Recently bought a cheapo £20 digitial meter from my chimney sweep. Seems to give reasonably consistent readings for any given split log. I've been measuring various h/w cut logs from freshly cut/split, to 'kiln' dried for a coupe of days beside the stove. Have the following observations: Readings are usually higher measured on the ends of the log (often a lot higher) than on the sides, including when freshly split before measuring. When measuring the sides, no significant difference across or parallel to the grain. The bark invariable has very high readings usually >30%. Peeling off the bark often reveals visible dampness underneath. Any comments appreciated - Happy New Year
  11. What's the probs with the compact in the woods? Happy New Year to one and all!
  12. Disconnect one of the battery cables - see if it holds its charge.
  13. See also: Old Elkem Winch Gives link to parts list.
  14. I believe Norse is the same as Igland. So might be worth trying JASP Wilson Forestry & Firewood Equipment & Machines | Jas P Wilson
  15. Idiot proof sounds good to me EasyFile should be quicker as it does the depth gauges at the same time. Or is there a risk of oversharpening the depth gauges?


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