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  1. Ok brilliant, cheers for that. I’ll drop it in soon. I don’t think it’s ever been back since the day I purchased it
  2. Hi All, Recently, I've been having some issues with the running of my 560xp. It's a 2011 model and done minimal work really. The other week, was working away brashing some softwoods and the saw cut out. Very much like I'd caught the on/off switch and the saw stopped. Checking the saw over, I seemed to have no spark. Ordered a new coil / ignition from Listers and fitted it. Since then, then saw will now run but only on full throttle. If you let off the throttle, the saw dies. I've tried a calibration, 3 mins cutting in a log. This seemed to make no difference. Checking the (new) spark plug after it seems the saw is running lean. I'm looking for some advice. Do I need to reset the carb some how? Am I not calibrating long enough? I read somewhere else that it could be an air intake leak, but can't see anything out of position that would cause an obvious leak. Thanks in advance.
  3. Painshill Park in Cobham are currently seeking a Gardener/ Estate worker to work on the 168 acre estate. essential criteria is a full UK driving licence. Please contact Mark ebdon for more information on the role. Email: markebdon@painshill.co.uk
  4. Not sure if this is in the correct section (hopefully it is). I am looking to hire a small forwarder, similar to a riko/ alstor or a small timber trailer with crane for 1/2 weeks work. No need for operator with equipment. We are based in Cobham, Surrey. Anyone near who hires or know of anyone we could get in contact with? Many Thanks. Rob.
  5. Cheers guys. Will order a pair up.
  6. been looking at rock exotica ones. Not looking to spend too much as they won't be used daily, maybe once every few months. These seems a good bet? /Rock Exotica rocko oval
  7. Hi there. I recently took part on a mewp operator course and CS47. I now have both tickets along with others. As a ground person, i've never really taken any notice of arb equipment, however I'm now getting confused! We will be hiring a mewp at work from time to time, and will be collecting a mewp kit. e.g. harness, lanyards, karabiners etc. I've been handed the task of trying to find some karabiners for a decent price. After talking to the person running the course, he recommended 3-way locking karabiners for the lanyard. After looking around, there seems to be a lot of scew-lock too. So my question is, can you use screw-lock karabiners, and what should I be looking for in them for using with mewp's? Any help would be greatful. Many Thanks. Rob.
  8. I'm currently looking for part time employment, and full time employment from around Mid-June. I am studying on a level 2 diploma in forestry at Sparsholt college this year, and hopefully looking for a job at the end. As it stands, I currently hold tickets for CS30 chainsaw main. cross-cut, M01 tractor driving operations, Stumpgrinder, brushwood chipper and trimmer/brushcutter/clearing saw. By the end of the course, i'm hoping to add to these with CS31 small fell, CS32 medium fell, pole pruner, and windblown. At the moment, I am free on fridays and weekends, as college runs monday-thursday, however at the end of the course, i would be available full time. I do also have a full driving licence + car. I am based in Farnborough, Hampshire, but willing to travel around 20 miles for work. If you would like a copy of my CV, please PM me and i'll send a copy over. Thanks. Rob.
  9. Thanks for that. I'll keep the sealer away from it then Many Thanks. Rob
  10. Thanks for your reply spud. I'll get a picture up ASAP. From what you've said about it being a breather for the tank sounds about right. Just seems to be a small flow coming out when the saw is running.
  11. Hi Guys. My first post on here. This week I decided that it was about time to get my own saw. In the end I settled for a Stihl 025 for £150, vgc from looking at it and running. I've noticed that on the front of the saw, to the left of the muffler (if looking towards the rear handle), there is a small rivet/screw type thing where I have oil leaking from. Does anyone know what this is, and is it an easy fix? Cheers. Rob.


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