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  1. Stickers!

    Try a local sawmill, they could probably cut you a whole load for cheap. I cut some every now and then from hemlock on my Woodmizer. Get enough from one log to do a whole bunch of stacking.
  2. New Panther Chainsaw Mill Prototype - Raw Sneak Peak!

    Yes I was planning to go on the 8th, do you have a stand there?
  3. New Panther Chainsaw Mill Prototype - Raw Sneak Peak!

    Wow Rob that looks awesome!!... If you need someone to test one for a while I'd happily volunteer
  4. Bore cut failed. What did I do wrong?

    Could you have cut through the hinge on the other side? That would cause it to pinch even if you have hinge on the powerhead side. I would just do the downward cut but a bit higher up so you don't cut near your bar
  5. what to treat oak with

    Wow that sink is epic!
  6. milling pics and vids

    You could cut them down the middle, plane both sides then glue them back together. A lot less wastage that way
  7. milling pics and vids

    It was felled about a month prior. Was a perfect straight stem though. Often can tell if a board is going to crack from what the butt end looks like. I milled 2&1/4 and 1&1/4 boards and they hardly moved. Oak on the other hand....
  8. milling pics and vids

    I've had the opposite and found it pretty stable even when I milled in green in the middle of July. Did paint the ends straight away and stuck it under cover
  9. Green Beech Splitting.

    I would imagine you still need to air dry beech for a year or so before it goes into a kiln. If you really are wanting to do it straight away I would bring the wood into your house for at least a month before you do anything. That way a lot of the movement and cracking will happen first then you could design and build around whats left - Maybe stack it up with stickers and ratchet strap it down super tight to reduce the amount it warps. The other thing with green timber is that it doesn't finish very well. Not ideal but sometimes you gotta crack on!
  10. 'Desk Sized' Slab Wanted

    Thanks Mark, Various sizes all 2 inch thick. they are mostly 2m but are between 50cm and 80cm wide from what I remember. Probably around £40 a cubic foot I made a table/desk for my tv to sit on out of a bigger bit a while ago when I first properly got into woodwork.
  11. 'Desk Sized' Slab Wanted

    Cheers bud, Ive made a few things out of the boards but there is only so much burry wood you can have in your house!
  12. 'Desk Sized' Slab Wanted

    Ive got some burry oak boards that have been air dried for over two years, plenty of character. I could flatten them for you if needed. The best one looked like this when I cleaned it up. Im in Wadhurst
  13. Photo Competition - Win £100

    Some pictures for the woodcraft and milling sections:thumbup:
  14. The worst thing you can hit with a saw

    Found a mummified cat in some ivy around the base of a tree in Germany the other week. Crispy!
  15. Alaskan Miller wanted - Warwickshire

    Does she want it milled and turned into a table at the same time? I could possibly do it. Be worth it if its a couple of days work though.


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