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  1. I have a spiral cutter head on my 12" planer thicknesser. Its well worth going for something with one of those if you can, the quality of the cut is unbelievable - especially in difficult grain. They don't require setting and the teeth have 4 sides on them which you rotate when its dull. Apparently each side lasts 4 times as long as a normal planer blade but I've not owned it long enough to find this out yet. Its also very quiet when it cutting.
  2. Just finished this knock down trestle style oak dining table for a client. I milled this oak from a tree in their garden a few years back. I put bread board ends on it to keep the top flat if I moves seasonally. The tusk tenon design allows it to be taken apart and moved easily which was part of the criteria. When the tree was originally milled the table design was different which meant I milled it into thinner boards, hence why the frame is made from wood that has been glued back together.
  3. 6m long piece of oak I milled today for a client with the Lucas and Alaskan combo. It was a dead tree which was amongst a long line of old Yews.
  4. Yeah I get that on bent knotty pieces it tends to cause the saw to bog out but I just fiddle it through those bits using the winch as a pivot point. Personally I dont mill any logs without it unless they're really short or very narrow. Everyone finds what works best for them I guess.
  5. Get yourself a winch on that mill, makes chainsaw milling a whole lot easier on your back
  6. You can be quite a dick at times Andy and it's a bit of a shame as you're clearly quite a intelligent guy. Instead of using that positively you seem to use it to berate others on this forum almost daily. It doesn't seem like a post goes by where you're not trying to antagonise people with sarcastic emojis or just by being rude and assuming your opinion on everything is final and the only thing that matters. This is a forum for everyone not the triggerandysopinionabouteverything forum. Perhaps you should try be a little bit nicer to to people and it will not only make the forum more enjoyable but it will probably make you feel better. I think you have an addiction to arguing with people on the internet.
  7. A wind blown oak log i milled a little while back for a client who wanted to use it to build a tree house. Milled in one day on my own and was 1.4m wide. To give the stack scale, the bottom row of timbers are 2x6".
  8. Does this come standard with setworks? I've been using a 3 phase LT20 Woodmizer for 5 years or so now and I don't think I would buy a mill that didn't have setworks or a similar set up. That said, most of what I would usually cut consists of dimensional lumber rather than waney edge through and through boards. I have also used the Diesel LT40 Woodmizer with hydraulics and also a woodlands HM130 which I wasn't really that impressed with. If you want to be cutting large wide timbers all the time you really need a powerful mill, running a smaller mill at 100% capacity all the time will end up wearing it out very quickly. Most importantly you would benefit from having something to load and unload the mill with
  9. I've worked as a groundy in Helsinki and Bavaria and enjoyed both very much. Planning to head back to Helsinki as soon as I can. The work is fairly easy going and most things are mechanised, most speak good English and once you get used to Finnish people they are really easy to get on with. Germany was great and the pay was good too!
  10. Out of interest Andy, what qualifications do you have?
  11. Western Red Cedar is widely regard as one of the most stable timbers available, it it has one of the smallest percentages of shrinkage from green too. WRC has a tangential shrinkage of 5%, Douglas fir is 7.3% and oak is 8.3% for comparison. The only problem with WRC from England is that it grows very fast and is quite fluffy and pulpy as the growth rings are so far apart.
  12. I have a military mine detector that I got off eBay with a peli case for about £120. There was a guy selling a whole bunch of them. Its saved me more times than I can imagine but its only really useful if your trying to find stuff on the outside of the tree in the bark or sapwood. Not much you can do about stuff in the middle.
  13. A small Larch timber frame I milled and made most of the kit for. I only did a few of the braces as I went away for a couple of months and ran out of time It was finished and assembled by the Buxted Scout group with Scott Fraser. The jowl posts were milled from the bottom ends of the trees to utilise the slight flare the logs had.
  14. Thats gonna be some properly smart flooring when its done. Great work
  15. You could house the tenon by 1cm and then use dowels. You'd have to be very accurate with marking where they are to make sure it fits properly. Only problem is with gluing it all together is that itll be hard to move around. I recently made a dining table which had draw bored mortise and tenons on the long rails and then festool domino connectors on the short sides so it can be taken apart. If you knew someone locally with a domino machine it would work well for your bed.


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