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  1. Its for my cousins new place. They are from the hair pin leg company. I sold my mig welder a few years ago and regretted it ever since
  2. Its hard to pick it up on camera but it's a translucent grain pattern. Not saw marks 😅 20210419_173548.mp4
  3. It does make a pretty clean look. I haven't used metal legs on a dining table before but I wanted the top to be the main feature without any distractions. Its quite a bit quicker than making a table frame too
  4. I thought I'd start my own thread to post things I've been working on recently instead of always hijacking other people's. I've been spending more and more of my time making and building things recently. Its become quite a big part of my work and I'm quite excited by the way work seems to be progressing. Here is an ash dining table and benches I made from a dead ash I helped take down then milled. It has some really nice rippled grain in it.
  5. Out of interest, what do you do for a living and how much do you earn per year? Maybe we can all decide if we think you are worth your salary.
  6. I cant spend too long on that site, they sell some proper tool porn. I've only done 3 frames so my advice won't be that comprehensive. The most important thing aesthetically is to make sure the shoulders of all your tenons are properly lined up. Don't make the tenons so tight you have to fight to get them together as it'll end up being a pita to assemble. Always think as far ahead as you can before cutting anything. Use the downward cutting side of the chain mortiser when you're working on the lines of your mortises as it stops tear out. You'll learn loads by doing it yourself anyway. Don't rush!
  7. I have a 14mm and a 25mm one from here Offset Prickers WWW.TFTOOLS.CO.UK Offset Prickers Made in bright bar, improved...
  8. +1 for what Rough said. I have a military mine detector which will find metal quite deep into large logs but realistically its only really useful for finding screws and nails etc that are in the bark or the first layer of the tree because they're the ones you can pull or cut out easily. Trees that react with metal usually give away their location on the end grain so you can do your best to avoid them with the depth of cut. Sometimes I will mill down to the layer I think its on and then just cut that section out with a saw. Especially if I'm using the Lucas mill because I'm usually cutting dimensional timber so it just means you have a shorter board but still a undamaged blade. Ex Army Vallon VMH3CS Metal Mine Detector Kit Fully Working in Soft Case [TD1] WWW.EBAY.CO.UK Field instructions, Parts List, Headset and Test Piece Included. Search Head: 30.8 x 17cm. Water Tightness of... I have one of these but only paid £120 for it and it came in a bag with a peli case too. I use it on its lowest sensitivity otherwise it can pick up metal in the ground underneath the logs if they're not massive.
  9. Lovely. Is it for you or a customer? Its for a client, wish it was for me. One day, if I ever have the money, Id like to build myself a timber framed house out of larch or Douglas.
  10. It was stacked with stickers for about 5 weeks but I doubt it dried out that much. Its a fairly stable timber, Ive built with it straight off the mill before and its been fine. All the joints have draw bored pegs in to hold them tight as the timber dries just like in any other timber frame so I wouldn't expect a huge amount of movement in it. I didn't mill all the timber in this building but I would always mill Larch quite soon after felling as during the summer they get attacked by wood wasp larvae and they'll eat into the sapwood and the edges of the heartwood.
  11. Thanks, It took me about 7 days in total and a couple of hours to put up.
  12. Little Garden shed frame I made from Larch. Cosy man cave.
  13. Ah that is quite a bit extra capacity then. Nah I have the normal rails and I have a rhino roof rack that they sit on top of. A bit of overhang at each end as they are bloody long
  14. Yeah mine is 30hp. So if the carriage is shorter what's your max log diameter? Its still 1.2m although I have squeezed 1.4ish once but you end up wasting a bit on either side. I think its just to accommodate the larger engine size rather than extra capacity. Id like to get a bigger one one-day, just has to coincide with a bigger van purchase too. I like the flexibility of not having to tow a trailer for it.
  15. Yeah its 16hp, the 8 and 10 are 30hp or so right? I think the carriage is also longer to accommodate the bigger engine so it wouldn't fit in my SWB Transporter.


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