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  1. I'm thinking if thats what turns you on, " what a way to go".
  2. Recent experience with my 066 proved that scored piston and rings caused no start,it is dead easy to check, take the exhaust of and have a look. I found the piston and cylinder easy to change but a worrysome job.
  3. woodbodger

    Stihl 066

    Yep badly scored but it had loads of compression,to my mind.
  4. woodbodger

    Stihl 066

    I have learnt a lesson: the local Stihl shop charged me £25 to tell me that the cylinder and piston were shot to bits. Parts would come to £300. With my tail between my legs I slunk out, not convinced, however a bit of ebay time a little bit more money ( £62) and I have rebuilt this saw and incredibly it started 3rd pull. The lesson: always take of the exhaust and have a look at the cylinder. Thanks for all the advice I thought that as long as there was compression all was ok on the cylinder front and the sparked looked weedy to me. I think I should stick to making Windsor chairs!
  5. woodbodger

    Stihl 066

    Right just to confuse matters I have tried again; moved the coil as tight to the flywheel as poss and now I just get a blue spark but only by pulling the starter cord at a speed I couldn't hope too match with the plug in even with the decompression. I would prefer to see no spark then I would KNOW that the coil was at fault.
  6. woodbodger

    Stihl 066

    Yep the earth wire is connected I guess the other wire is for the off switch?
  7. woodbodger

    Stihl 066

    Compression we have along with new spark plug but no vroom it seems that the ignition coil for the 066 can be problematic because earlier models had a speed limiter, I am just caught between going out and buying an expensive new coil and finding that my diagnosis is wrong or going to bodgit and sons down the road and having them change every part they can think of until they find the problem and sticking me with a huge bill
  8. woodbodger

    Stihl 066

    Yes I sort of thought the coil would be **** or bust: I have just striped the saw down cleaned it and re-assy and no spark now. The ht lead looks fine but is part of the coil assy
  9. woodbodger

    Stihl 066

    Hi I have a 1997 066 which is a non runner, I have cleaned all the carb and pipes, I have a spark but am not convinced by it as it requires a really fast pull on the starter cord to produce it so am suspecting the coil (marked 1122 1312). Searching on line I can find no one selling a coil for this model and wonder if any of you have any experience, How good should the spark be? I have previous experience of useless and expensive repair work by a dealer and am reluctant to go that route. Know anyone reliable around Carmarthen in lovely Wales? Thanks


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