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  1. I removed some from a listed building ended up the customer needed the roof taking off new gutters etc we had to cut just under gutter as ivy had wrapped around the gutter into the roof and around slates seven high conservation officer was happy for removal big bill for customer
  2. just in case you're all wondering why there's bird seed in the raffle......I wanted to donate a prize since it's such a good cause, but thought a bag of logs would be a bit pointless on here, so our shop has donated the goods instead. Here's to beating last years raffle total. Billy
  3. It would be interesting to find out who paid for the reaserch
  4. Install it yourself and pay your fee get the building inspector to sign it off
  5. im sure it's on its way and I'm sure we will break last years amount
  6. When I did mine they told us it wasn't about the money however there was 25 of us there and they had three a day !!!!
  7. Mine goes in the bag aswell could do with a briquette press for all the sawdust
  8. Bacon and egg pie lots of black pepper
  9. Tourgh by an expert my nana great cook
  10. To save time sending all the pms why don't you just post a list so we can all see what you have forsale
  11. I'm always happy to help customers with lighting their fires, I've sometimes sat down and shown them while they make me a cup of tea. New customers get a free bag of kindling so that they get the idea. I always recommend they get a flue thermometer too.
  12. Get your partnership sorted first make sure this is leagal this is the most important thing
  13. I charge up front for tpo applications then when the job is completed I take the tpo fee off the price of the job
  14. I guess that makes me a cowboy as I sell unseasoned wood and I burn whatever comes off the pile and I've been doing it for a long time and have a lot of happy customers it's all about education
  15. I'm lucky give my blade to a man with a clever computer lazer cutter


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