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  1. Simple way to find out ring your local planning office they will tell you straight away
  2. You will find that you will need planning permission
  3. As soon as you start to make money somone will shop you
  4. I gave an old dear £3.49 in asda as she was short at the till she asked me for my name and address I said it was okay but she insisted so I gave her a card week later a thank you card and a £5 note . Hope the cops get him
  5. I like it what part of the country are in
  6. If you have kids take the time off
  7. We have a 2 year old 4 days at nursery 2days out with me delivering logs he love it at Christmas came home with a big bag of goodies nursery £800 a month
  8. Someone is as we are selling 2ton a month of bird feed in the shop
  9. Contact his landlord good place to start
  10. Check with the wrights of way officer at the council
  11. Where did get them and much did you pay for them
  12. Go for the 10 put hiab on
  13. Are you the only one driving it or have any of your other staff got hgv
  14. I think before you commit yourself to a 10 hour day do your 50 ton buy yourself to see how how you feel after it are you working alone or taking someone to help the Farmi works well with two people I've had mine for about 5years and had a jappa before this I've been cantracting for other people for about ten years best of luck with your new venture if I can be give you any help pm me
  15. 10 hrs on site with the Farmi that's a long day
  16. Hi I I'm close to you will you sell 50
  17. The car will tow the processor but she still says no
  18. I'm off to Cornwall in 2 weeks time but wife won't let me do a detour
  19. I have a friend who lives like this he has a generator drinks the rain water off the roof boiled first has compost toilet it's no picknic hard life built his own cabin it's about 40ftx20 heats it off a woodburner


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