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  1. Dose anyone live near Harrogate that dose log splitting I have someone that needs some work doing pm for details
  2. Vax do one very good we use one in our bird room
  3. Check the the front callipers are not stuck on common fault
  4. Take the hit get someone who knows what they are doing as you may make it worse
  5. This is one of the best threads I've read in ages I had my 3 year old son done my yard to entertain himself played with 2 compression straps and my trailer for an hour not sure what he was doing but he was using his imagination
  6. Ask your accountant mine offers this service for a few pounds
  7. Billy68

    About time!

    They will pay and the next day get a grant for about the same amount
  8. Not sure how many m3 the poly tunnel is about 40ft long the rows about 7ft high 1and half rows the the logs are 2ft long and also 8 half metre cages of small bits and we did this in 8hrs
  9. Todays job for Mike. I'd like to take the credit for the neat stacking but that was Mike and his wife!
  10. It's the spring inside the valve needs replacing not a big job
  11. If you want to see big trees then Minster acres have some big red woods
  12. Try erocamp we use them all the time great value for money and you can have short stops with them we always go from hull
  13. Hi mike I have a processor with operator to hire and I'm in Houghton le Spring
  14. Hi there some dodge people out there who have no morals I would suggest that you have a chat with your dad and get a power of attorney and then you can have youseft added to the cheque book as they may be back scum bags
  15. Try 123 domain they are only a few pounds to buy
  16. Did you say if not on then leave at back door if so its your fault if not it's the sellers
  17. I fell out with the barrister over the same thing I was pleased when the case was settled out of court I don't think I'll be on his xmas card list he asked me why I was charging that amount for a day rate so I asked how much he was getting payed and other words not aloud on hear


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