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  1. Recently bought an older cab star W 2000 have had new break discs and pads fitted also fitted new vacuum pump, only problem break pedal feels very hard and truck struggles to stop very well?! Any advice great fully received! Thanks in advance!!
  2. <p>Advice needed, Nissan cab star W reg 2000 new brake pads and discs fitted also fitted new brake vacuum pump, but brake pedal still feels very hard and does not stop truck that great well not great at all , any advice will be great fully received many thanks in advance!!</p>

  3. L200LOG

    flipline backup

    Just watched some of the video , yes this is America but surely once someone starts climbing and working in the tree this is Arboriculture not forestry, most forestry is ground based! Wearing part on the five year old attachment this again would be highlighted through a thorough examination! Use of two flip lines to back up to allow snagging would be solved by use of climbing line and also a lot easier and quicker to descend the tree if needed!
  4. Based just off the M40 junction 12 in Warwickshire, CTS Forestry ltd can deliver a range of Forestry and arboriculture short courses leading to an NPTC accreditation! Courses range from Maintenance , cross cut, fell small trees Medium tree felling Climb tree perform aerial rescue Chainsaw from rope and harness Aerial tree rigging Aerial tree pruning Safe use of brushwood chipper Safe use of stump grinder For more information contact CTS forestry ltd on 01926 691056 07786 390847 Chriswyatt.cts@gmail.com New website coming soon!
  5. That is what is known as a s##t job why is it there are so many people/ company's out there that call themselves tree surgeons or arborists yet they allways do a sub standard job if they are going to call themselves arborist then be one, anyone can lop a tree like that and say look at me I'm a tree surgeon! There is so much sub standard tree work I have seen on my travels across the uk i dread to think, alot of the timeouts down to lack of experience, constant pressure from bosses who have under priced and tenders that are so tight on budgets speed is of the essence! Quantity is the key point not quality and alot of trees I have seen on my travels have been done by approved contractors! I personally wouldn't call them approved going by some of the trees I have seen done but then you get some out there who do an excellent job! Private clients need education take time to talk through the ins and outs of the operation intended and explain the benefits to the tree and long term management!
  6. I thought it was you, nice to meet up sort of, yes your right your son is a nice lad I assessed him last year for his cs30&31 and work with him on occasions a piece of metal is just one of those things that happen it was prob shitty ground and horrid day, worse things happen at sea,may meet you one day take care! Chris
  7. Your not Iain's dad are you! My friends chipper had a metal stake go through it yesterday!
  8. Hi there I have a mitsubishi L200 tipper reg no is L200LOG have owned this plate now for 7 years and has been on my 2 previous l200s
  9. Looking in older brothers magazines when I was younger and look in Ann summers!
  10. It's amazing what you find whilst cutting hedges back but it seems quite apt that you found a dildo when your forum name carries the same name as a make of dildo!!!
  11. I come on arbtalk on the odd occasion just to get a bite normally from landrover folk but then I read a thread like this! There really is alot of people out there who have not got a clue what they are talking about and should not be let loose within this dangerous industry! Where possible I will always try to promote health and safety and industry best practice, when the approach of "why waste money on ppe " then all I can say is you are prats! When working on your own land do as you wish but when industry working there is certain acts to adhere to where possible formally the health and safety at work act then on puwer loler ppe regs 92 ! I have seen and heard of many incidents involving chainsaws, why take the non ppe approach it's common Sense really or are some people that stupid that they don't understand this! Type a instead of type c again risk assessment dictated, chainsaw use wearing normally work boots not really a good control measures!!
  12. You all might aswel be wearing Bermuda shorts!! Knob heads!!!!
  13. L200LOG

    logs wanted

    £80.00 per cube meter bulk bag!!!


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