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  1. Muck-off works really well in my experience. Just spray on let it soak a couple of mins and it rubs off easy with a rag.
  2. CutterSy


    I went to a small zoo once. In fact there was only one animal, a dog. It was a shitzu
  3. CutterSy

    Husky 346xp

    Bit of Hylomar blue helps seal the pipes to the oil pump, just be careful not to cover the holes. There is a video on youtube
  4. I remember the first full day I spent in a roof mount. When I got home and was stood in the kitchen everything was swaying! You get used to it. I wouldn’t bother messing about with legs, you develop methods of dragging the wood along the ground if it starts to tip you badly. Have had a few moments though. You will find it invaluable as a versatile tool.
  5. I really like the 9010. Yes, it is a boat anchor. But, I’m fairly sure I read somewhere, it has the longest piston stroke. It has bags of torque! Makes a big difference to open up the muffler and re-tune, or even better with port work. I had it on a 3’ bar buried in ash last week and it pulls hard. Really good saw for felling and ringing up big hardwoods [emoji106]
  6. I don’t really care about it cutting quicker out of the box. Chains seem to take a couple of sharpens before they start performing good anyway. What I want to know is, does it hold an edge better? Is it easy to sharpen (hardness)?
  7. We have seen a lot of hornets this summer in the woods. Worst was a 1ha clearfell job with 6 separate big nests! I was stung 3 times and that was enough, 21 stings must have been bad. Not looking forward to seeing the more aggressive Asian hornets buzzing about!
  8. We have been hammering the Ash for the last 2 years now. Some sites are just showing first signs, some are full of dead rotten dangerous trees! It’s everywhere here, rarely see a healthy one. Heart breaking really. I think it’s only a matter of time before someone is killed or seriously injured whilst felling them. Be extra careful, some that still look reasonable have been very bad. Hitting wedges is a big no no, shock loading is a very bad idea! We have a few estates now stating to take the risk near paths and road a bit more seriously, but many aren’t.
  9. Makita have known about this for over a year. A colleague of mine has had several demo saws from our local rep which 3 or 4 broke within a small amount of time and got sent back. The rep was reporting the issue to deaf ears by the sounds of it. Seems like they are doing something about it now. I think it is all down to the chainbrake spring being too strong and putting too much stress on the linkage and brake band as both of them seem to brake quite often.
  10. The chain on my (and others) 560 is striking the clutch drum, which is dulling one side of the chain and making it cut bananas!
  11. Yes of course! Apologies I wasn’t thinking straight, Sunday night etc. Will PM you now. Cheers.
  12. Hi Sounds like it would be something we could take on. Would you like to PM me their details? Cheers Simon
  13. I should also add, my colleague with the same problem has tried new clutch drum, sprocket, bar and chain. But it’s still happening!
  14. Have had a chance to use the 560 last week. Had it apart and the chain is hitting the clutch drum. Changed out the drive sprocket, but it didn’t cure the problem. Anyone got any ideas how to stop it happening? It’s driving me mad!
  15. I’ve had the same happen to my 560, and a colleague too! Haven’t have time to cure the problem as been in big timber for so long. Will have a check for a conical rim sprocket


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