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  1. Ms661 or husky 395 for Milling.

    I am familiar with Stihl models so would go for the 661 but to a large extent I think it is personal choice between these two. It also depends a bit on what your other saws are - the bars are interchangeable from the 261 to the 661 which helps (subject to sprocket). I would be inclined to see if I could do a deal to get the 661 with a 24" bar and make sure it has a rim sprocket (not a spur sprocket). I would then buy a 36" 3/8" lo-pro bar, chain and matching sprocket. The 24" bar balances much better for general work and will allow fairly easy felling up to 48". The lo-pro bar will cut a lot faster for milling. Alec
  2. woodchip vs mulch

    It is chip, what you do with it is mulch. Mulching is laying down a layer over a surface. I would have a quick chat with your potential 'clients' to find out what they would and would not like. For example, if the allotment holders are looking to form paths then high levels of woody material are most useful whereas if they want to compost it down for use around plants then plenty of leafy matter will go faster. Horse owners may be more picky about what they can and can't use. You may find you can offload most of it, but perhaps into different sites/different piles. Not much extra effort and it will keep the site available a lot longer if your 'customers' are happy. Not many will take blackthorn, hawthorn or holly (you need a farmer for that lot). I use it on an arable field where anything goes and around fruit trees so for the latter I actually welcome thorny stuff as the rabbits don't like it. Alec
  3. Crop ID...

    It could well be being grown for Premium Crops - they have a branch in Braintree. Alec
  4. Sycamore logs Chatham kent

    How big is the tree? Alec
  5. Best nail varnish for a tree surgeon

    I suggest using hot wax to mask off your fingers and then plating your nails with a flash of electress nickel, followed by electroplating with hard chrome. Shiny and very durable. Small issue with the highly toxic plating salts, but what price art? Alec
  6. Oak Timber - Decay? Bark?

    Yes, the white bit is sapwood. The sapwood is the 'living' part of the tree so tends to be thicker in healthy, open grown trees in good soil in their prime and thinner in cramped trees in poor soil which have died slowly. It also varies with species - sweet chestnut is usually only 1/8" while a 2' walnut can sometimes have no heartwood at all. I wouldn't say that is particularly wide for oak. Sapwood is not durable. On oak it will often rot away, even on standing dead trees. The whiteness and softness on that bit strongly suggests decay is quite advanced. It might be possible to stabilise it by soaking it in acrylic resin but generally the best option when it's like that is to remove it. Hacking it off with a hatchet or a chisel and then removing the rest with a horse rasp across the grain or a sanding disc on an angle grinder is the easiest way I have found. Alec
  7. Universal log debarking tool for chainsaws

    Well that would be one use for it. Alec
  8. LinkedIn

    OK so totally different industry but I find the main use for LinkedIn is as a convenient cloud-based address book. Unlike Facebook etc it has a purely business function and seems to have kept this. This is of course reciprocal and being easier to find helps put me nearer the top of the pile when people are looking for someone to help. If I was a stubby I would link to all the people I subbed for, then add skills and get them endorsed. If you then post something every now and again your contacts are more likely to think of you, just make sure notification of messages is turned on and directed to an email address you check regularly. Alec
  9. Youngster's ignorance of recent history.

    Is BGT bacon, grape and tomato? Alec
  10. Youngster's ignorance of recent history.

    A straight line? Alec
  11. I am presuming from the species and flag that you are in the US? This site is mainly UK-focussed so there may not be much specific information, however it looks to me like your tree is stressed due to being dry. I suggest mulching around the base, out as far as the drip line, with cardboard covered in chippings and giving it a good watering whenever there is a dry spell in the growing season for the next couple of years until it starts to grow away. Alec
  12. Whats the weather like near you?

    Cool and breezy. Rain earlier but although there are some ominous clouds it is still a nice sunset. However, I am in Helsinki and it is midnight! Alec
  13. A pair of pike

    I can probably do most of that; all of it in fact except the dips bit. Dairy intolerance means he'll take me out at the cheese and chive. I shall retire to the back benches and heckle. Alec
  14. A pair of pike

    Try poetryarchive.org - there's an audio recording of Ted Hughes reading it. Alec
  15. A pair of pike

    It's my bid for the position of Culture Secretary in the Arbtalk cabinet Alec


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