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  1. There is huge structural differences between species.Take YC 24 Sitka spruce V YC 8 scots pine or larch totally different?? Also take an untreated or poorly treated spruce fence post you'd be lucky if it hadn't rotted away at the base after 5 years when untreated larch would still be sound.
  2. .85 would be a sensible conversation so 180 x .85 = 153t (6 lorry loads) biggest variable is probably the person that's estimating the standing volume.
  3. Petrol Chainsaw | Scheppach Chainsaw | ALDI UK WWW.ALDI.CO.UK Keep your garden in top shape this summer. Buy yourself a new Scheppach petrol chainsaw and make quick work of cutting... Can anyone see what's not quite right about it? Would be quite entertaining to see a video of it in use!
  4. Thanks for the info guys. Always good to learn about different types of wood.. Just noticed that with the title, predictive text again!
  5. Thanks matty, it's got the fruity slight pineapple smell. I was fairly sure it was WRC but someone thought the wood looked different that just added some doubt.
  6. Hi guys, I think this timber is WRC but isn't something that I normally deal with so if anyone could confirm it from the photos that would be appreciated. Cheers
  7. Been flat out this year with firewood, hopefully it'll quieting down as every bit of machinery I have is screaming out to be serviced. Prices will be going up for the first time in 6 years so will see how that goes down.
  8. The price has went up massively. Cut it at 3m unless you can find a customer who doesn't mind the lengths
  9. There's no come back unless they felled without a felling licence and you'll find that out on the Forestry Commissions website (type in LIS) In Scotland if the felled area is to be fenced of for restocking the boundary fencing costs will be split 50/50. If the trees were to fall onto the fence and damage it then that would be the owner of the trees who would liable cover costs of repairs.
  10. Hi John I think my forwarder is slightly longer than it states in the manual. But the drawing gives you an idea of overall dimensions for transport. Running costs are always an issue with older machines this ones just done over 12k and mechanically fairly sound. Cheers Mark
  11. Cheers, can't fault the thing it runs spot on. I think its just under 12t will take a look at the manual. Its fairly short as the back bolster slides out to take 2 bays of 3m.
  12. Best thing is to look at the vat notice for solid fuels, Just google it. As trade sales go if you sell to a garage forecourt and they sell it on then you charge them £20%vat. But if you sell to a hotel or business that's not re selling it then its 5%vat. I think there might be volume limits per year but best not to think about that
  13. That facebook thing was mad. It just highlights how stupid people can be. Looks like this one fell over? the tree huggers may go easier on you:lol:
  14. Some terrible advice, Just get on and get the trees down. Why would you ask around trying to find objectors, madness First question would be can you actually fell the trees in questions? if in doubt get a good cutter in to push it on.


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